Postpace Review: Best Content Writing Research Tool?

Are you looking for help with content writing research? If so then you may have heard of Postpace. I bought the tool, so I can let you know how good it really is! 

The platform claims writers and bloggers can save 20 hours every month with workflow automation. Sounds too good to be true, so is it legit or a scam? 

postpace review

What is Postpace?

Postpace is a platform for writers that reduces hours researching using workflow automation. It helps content creators save around 20 hours per month apparently. Postpace is designed for writers of all types, whether that be freelancers, bloggers or marketing strategists.

Postpace utilises an automated system to locate the most suitable content for the keywords inserted. There is also a content brief editor that collects relevant information, allowing you to gather information quickly and efficiently. Another key component of Postpace is the sharing feature, where writers can distribute their work out to clients for approval and feedback.

Overall, Postpace is a convenient tool for writers struggling with time management. Thanks to the intelligent workflow automation, vital sources of information can be made available within minutes.

What are the features of Postpace?

Postpace operates using 3 procedures, which covers the brainstorming stage of writing to the completed phase.

The first thing writers need to do is insert a keyword into the search engine. After 2 minutes, a review is provided. This review includes a list of the most suitable content related to the keyword chosen. Additionally, Postpace also gives other keywords applicable to the area of research. There are URL links to easily locate the information source.

One of the most attractive features of Postpace is that it gives the word count and level of difficulty when it comes to reading the content. This allows writers to decide what to glance over, or which ones to go further in-depth in. There is no longer a need to waste time reading 10-thousand-word articles which are irrelevant to the topic you are looking at.

The keyword input that comes with Postpace saves time by condensing content which allows writers to have a firm grasp on the work they are researching.

Another useful feature of Postpace is the content brief editor. This tool enables writers to be provided with guiding instructions that leads to structured work. The content brief includes a word count recommendation and potential questions that should be addressed. Additionally, there is a guide on suitable references to include.

The content brief editor on this platform is automated, and does not require the writer to physically click copy-and-paste. Simply select a source from the review and it will be systematically included in the brief.

A convenient tool is the sharing feature. This allows writers to display their content brief to managers and customers. Postpace creates a URL that can be distributed to others with a manual copy-and-paste. By sharing the content brief with others, feedback and recommendations can be added before commencing the actual work. This saves time, and reduces the likelihood of disagreements in the future.

What are the benefits of Postpace?

The most widely advertised benefit of this platform is that it is a time saver, which is incredibly convenient for all writers and content creators. Up to 20 hours a month can be saved, and spent interacting with clients.

The reports curated by Postpace allows writers to find important information, without spending hours endlessly scrolling down an article. Additional tools such as word count and relevant keywords make it easy to have a firm grasp on the subject, even before the writing has commenced.

The sharing feature on this platform helps stimulate provider and client communication. By sending a URL of the content brief, customers can provide feedback and share any concerns with the work.

How much does Postpace cost?

Postpace has 3 plans available which cater to individuals, large groups and corporations.

The Basic package is available at $17 per month, or $170 annually. With the Basic plan, a maximum of 20 topic reports and 20 content briefs are provided each month. There is no limit on the number of users with this plan. The Basic package is highly recommended for freelancers and publishers.

The Growth package comes in at $27 each month, or $270 yearly. It is ideal for those operating within a team and affiliate marketers. There are up to 30 topic reports and 30 content briefs generated each month. Like the Basic package, there is no limit on how many people are on this plan.

The Business plan is designed for SEO professionals, agencies and companies. It is available at $57 per month, or $570 annually. It shares the same features as previous plans, but has a maximum of 100 topic reports and 100 content briefs per month.

There is a free trial for all plans, which does not require a credit card.

Who is Postpace designed for?

According to the platform creators it's built for writers, bloggers, marketers and teams. It's definitely a cheaper version of SurferSEO and other content creation and research platforms. 

Some of the use cases as for freelance writers who can study topics faster and create content briefs fast that will help to rank content higher by eliminating manual works. 

I can definitely see how Postpace would be beneficial when it comes to generating briefs of content to write. It can help with structuring post layouts, laser targeting keywords and content to focus on, to outrank your competition on search engines such as Google. 

What’s On The Postpace Roadmap?

As a fairly new startup, they are constantly adapting and improving their service. You can use their Trello roadmap to make a suggestion for a new idea or request. 

A lot of these requests relate to different language packs for things such as Hebrew, Arabic etc. Additionally there's requests for Google Docs to WordPress posting, as well as reporting based on categories/folders, a content editor with guided SEO optimisation and more. 

Final Verdict - Postpace Review

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this platform and it offers a lot of great features for creating content briefs and strategies, as well as generating topic reports for your keywords based on AI. Within 2 minutes you can receive a detailed report on everything required to create a killer article. 

You then send your content brief to your writer who can follow and churn out amazing articles (of course it depends on the writers ability too). In a world where content is king, having the best structured articles is very important.

For the low monthly price, with a free trial, it's definitely a tool you should add to your arsenal. 


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