Pizza Money System Review: Does Ben Adkins Deliver?

Are you looking for a Pizza Money System review? Today I'll be going through Ben Adkins course to see whether it's a business model that actually works, or if it's another overhyped marketing pitch. 

Available to buy for $77, it's an impulse buy for most, but still it's quite a lot given we're battling Covid-19 and most people don't want to be lynched into another scam. 

Name: Pizza Money System

Creator: Ben Adkins

Price: $77

Content: Over 10 Hours

Refunds: 60 Days

Official URL: Click here.

What is Pizza Money System?

Pizza Money System is targeted at helping boost sales of restaurant from all sectors, whether that be pizza joints, steakhouses or sushi places.

It provides the blueprint to create a unique SMS marketing system that attracts and maintains customer loyalty.

pizza money system review

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no sign of slowing down across several countries, restaurants bear the brunt of the force.

Even with some places operating through take-away, restaurants are still struggling with the prospect of possibly shutting down. The Pizza Money System is designed to take away all these concerns.

The Pizza Money System reaches out to potential customers through SMS messaging where promotions and deals are advertised. Restaurant owners can use their phones to contact a subscription list within seconds.

This course teaches people how to set up this system and provide services for restaurant owners, within just 5 to 10 minutes. It is said that learning the Pizza Money System can bring in $200 per month for every restaurant operator who uses this service.

Within 6 months of hard work, $5k per month can be earned. One of the best aspects of this system is that one an SMS system is set up, there is very little maintenance involved. It is mainly up to business owners to text promotions and have more people subscribe to the service.

Whether you’re a complete beginner with no marketing experience or an established marketing agency, Pizza Money System is user-friendly for all. Absolutely no coding is involved in setting up the system.

Who is Ben Adkins?

Ben Adkins is a product creator and mastermind behind Pizza Money System. Currently, he is the head of an agency that specialises in digital marketing, where he engages primarily with restaurant owners. Before that, he was a chiropractor which is why he is sometimes referred to as Dr Ben Adkins.

Ben Adkins came up with the Pizza Money System when he saw that restaurants were struggling with social distancing measures and restrictions on in-person dining.

He helped restaurant owners set up but could not help everyone. Thus, he created this course as a way for people to make money working from home whilst also helping businesses during this pandemic.

Ben Adkins also designed this course to be as simplistic as possible, getting rid of coding requirements and making it accessible for everyone with a computer.

What’s included in the Pizza Money System?

Pizza Money System is divided in 5 parts.

The first part teaches students how to construct an SMS system with a full list and broadcast service. There are SMS List Building Ideas provided, in addition to SMS Broadcast Templates.

In part 2, Adkins gives lessons on how to find clients that may want to utilise an SMS marketing service. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. A complete checklist is provided to help select desirable clients and cross out those not worth looking into.

In part 3, there are tutorials on how to successfully engage with clients that may be interested in this service. This is done using emails and the ‘I Need That’ flyer provided by Adkins. Again, this can all be done at home and just using a laptop.

In part 4, Adkins teaches students how to interact with clients and close a deal. He provides the ‘Done-For-You’ template which gives steps on how to successfully secure a client. 

In part 5, there are lessons on receiving payments and fully ensure that clients do not back out. More technical aspects are involved, such as structuring the business. There is a ‘First 3-Months Timeline’ provided to help maintain services and build up a client list.

How much does the course cost?

The Pizza Money System is available for $77.

This course can be purchased using major debit and credit cards. This includes MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Alternatively, payments through PayPal are also accepted.

Pizza Money System has a 60-day money back guarantee. Purchasers must have gone through the complete course before requesting a refund.

Testimonials for the course

The Pizza Money System has been praised for its simplicity and easy of use. It provides a complete breakdown of the steps required to first, build an SMS system and subscriber list.

Besides that, this course has also been applauded by Youtubers for the flexibility it provides. Users can choose to hustle and bring in thousands in sales, or just keep things low maintenance.

Final Verdict

It's a simple but highly effective method, but like all business ideas the hardest part is actually getting clients and these courses make it sound very easy to do so, but it's not! If it was, and given the low price, wouldn't everyone be targeting the same sort of businesses?

The one upside is that there are a ton of businesses out there all over the world that need this service. Ben Adkins has created many other training courses and is a powerhouse when it comes to Facebook Ads, so you are learning from someone who clearly knows what they are talking about. 

Given the price and the money back guarantee, it's definitely worth a shot! 


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