Passion 2 Profit Accelerator Review: Samir Chibane’s Course

What a mouthful of a name but P2P Accelerator isn’t anything to do with peer-to-peer file sharing, in fact it’s short for Passion 2 Profit Accelerator, another Shopify drop shipping course to hit the market in recent months taught by Samir Chibane and Juan Valdez. Here’s my Passion 2 Profit Review.

Passion 2 Profit Accelerator Review

I’ve been meaning to post this article for a few months but after watching Samir’s Youtube videos for a while, I’m unsure if anyone over the age of 18 would actually buy into the hype so never got around to writing about it.

Since then I’ve had numerous requests to review their course, which is currently closed to new members. It regularly opens and ranges from $997 to $1,997.

Apparently, they started off as door to door sales men, selling 20 million dollars of solar products before discovering Shopify and most recently sit around in Versace robes teaching others how to make money online.

When they’re not making videos to promote their course, you’ll find Samir posing next to supercars, helicopters or rolling around in a rented double R. Some people buy into this hype, others know just how fake it really is.

If you put the hype and clickbait to one side (see below, Samir definitely hasn’t made millions), is this actually a good drop shipping course or not? Well there’s only one way to find out.

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Passion 2 Profit Accelerator Review

Once you leave Samir’s Facebook, Youtube & Instagram page behind you are presented with a more discreet sales page for their drop shipping course. They’ve chosen to base their membership using Teachable with Clickfunnels Integration, a nice combo.

After joining the course you’re greeted with a few modules of what you’re getting.

Firstly the videos are a mixture of Samir and Juan in front of the webcam or using their laptop screens with a fairly detailed powerpoint presentation. To be honest the quality of the recorded video is horrendous, Juan must have filmed most of his videos on his 0.3 megapixel webcam. Rather than that $1000 robe, maybe a decent camera would have been a better investment.

Module 1: Mindset

The first few videos start off quite well, Samir comes across as professional however you can tell it’s coming straight off the top of their head. This is from the pauses, umm’s and difficult to follow videos.

The first five videos focus on your mindset and setting the scene, if you’ve read some of my other drop ship reviews you’ll know this is the most cringeworthy videos of the course namely because most guru’s actually have no success at all from drop shipping, that’s why they resort to mentorship.

The last video focuses on Albert Einstein and how failure is the key to learning.

Module 2: Shopify

This module is all about setting up your store with Shopify and includes hours of video on everything from branding to picking a money making theme where Juan recommends using ‘Supply’ which is a free theme.

Videos go on and show you how to setup a payment processor, setup the checkout system, shipping settings.

This is all very basic with videos lasting around 5-15 minutes, again the videos all sound like someone has made them on the fly, no editing and when they make a mistake they simply keep talking.

At this point I’m beginning to wonder how on earth they can charge nearly two thousand dollars for this content.

Moving on videos on how to get familiar with your Shopify dashboard, manual and automated drop shipping. This is an old course, there’s no mention of Oberlo or Dropified. Instead Juan recommends sending a bulk csv file to your supplier at the end of each day.

Module 3: Product Sourcing

If you’ve read some of my other drop shipping reviews you’ll know this section is skimmed over fairly quickly by these so called guru’s as bottom line is that there is no easy way to find winning products other than testing.

There’s four videos in this section with two additional live streams. The first three videos focus on Shopify products. The first video Juan reveals his store indirectly which is which after visiting appears to have no products available to purchase.

The next video focuses on types of offers, free plus shipping and retail offers before going on to a video about how to find products to sell. The last video focuses on using one of their upsell products on spying on the competition.

Module 4: Facebook Ads

The next module focuses on Facebook and to be fair they have included a wealth of information here (although there’s still lots lacking) with 7 videos and 2 live streams. The videos start with the basics including an introduction and setting up Facebook ads manager and an account.

They then go on to discuss the difference between a passion page vs general page and testing Facebook ideas using the insights tool. I definitely didn’t appreciate the video of Samir here when he invites his friend into the chat, swearing and constantly using foul language as if this was a boys chat over Skype.

You’ll see what I mean if you buy this course.

A live stream on FB page hacks and getting likes is included here.

The last few videos include utilizing different Facebook creatives and choosing ad placements. A few streams of how to analyze and scale campaigns or kill the ones that aren’t performing are included too.

Module 5: Email Marketing

There’s five really basic videos here on email marketing using a free Mailchimp account. You’ll need to upgrade to premium once you start to get serious numbers of people joining your mailing list.

The first three videos focus on getting setup before going on to a free+shipping template and abandon cart swipe files and how to set these up. It’s a bit of a mish mash if you ask me. You can also download the swipe files.

Module 6: Live Videos

I’m unsure how this module fit’s in as it’s a bunch of live videos (or streams) where they deal with a range of different topics from throughout the course, here’s a quick run down of the videos at the top of writing:

  • The top 9 apps you should install
  • Product research like a boss
  • The five levels to dominating FB targeting
  • Increasing store conversions
  • Rapid fire Q&A
  • Advanced Live Q&A
  • Two FB Tools You Need
  • How To Increase Average Order Value
  • Intelligyence Tool Training Part 2
  • Launching Your First Ad
  • Black Friday Special w/ Brandon Fink
  • What It Really Takes To Make 6 Figures.

Module 7: Instagram Marketing

The last module which seems to have been thrown in at the end is on Instagram marketing and contacting influencers for marketing your link in their bio. It’s just a video of ‘student success’ and seems very out of place.

Facebook Mastermind Group

I didn’t even bother looking at the mastermind group on Facebook, it’s clear from the quality of the content in this course that no benefit could come from being in a mastermind group with either lecturer.

Profit 2 Passion Accelerator Review

Personally this course is worth nowhere near $2,000 and if I’d paid that I’d be asking for a refund (we used a customers account for review access) straight away (good luck getting one). If I compare this with courses such as eCom Elites or even free videos on Youtube, this feels like a complete ripoff.

The videos aren’t edited properly, they are speaking off the top of the head, i.e. not much thought has gone into what they are saying and with hardly any proof to back up any claims they are making it’s a course I’d avoid.

Best Drop Ship Course For 2020
I’ve reviewed a ton of courses over the last year and the best course for 2020 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 100 videos of powerful content on everything from the basics through to product selection and Facebook ads. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.




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  1. Cool to see you link to Teachable. We reviewed them and thought it was an excellent service, definitely one of the best. Just a small handful of people with negative experiences.

  2. Avoid this course at all costs!!! It’s not worth it. All it is, is basic info on setting up your store, basic facebook ads and email marketing how tos! You can find better info free on youtube. THEY ALSO SCAMMED ME OUT OF A REFUND!!!!!! They clearly stated on their website a 30 day money back guarantee and when I asked for one, they refused. They over sell the course on the phone, so don’t buy into their crap.

    Honestly worst buying experience.


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