Online Income Academy Review: Greg Gottfried Course Worth It?

Online Income Academy is the latest course from Greg Gottfriend that claims to help you start making online income from scratch. The course claims to take you through every step of the way to start making income online and includes various different techniques.

The course currently costs $495 although purchasing through Greg’s Youtube channel gives you a discount of 20% bringing the price down to $396. You can also purchase a 5 month subscription for $99 per month but logic would say the one time fee is more acceptable.

Who is Greg Gottfried?

In just over a year, Greg Gottfried built a $15,000 per month business from scratch. It’s not clear what type of business, whether that was from print on-demand, affiliate marketing or selling courses (or a combination of all three) but he created Online Income Academy to share his experiences.

Greg is a Udemy serial course creator who has 25,000 students and 27 courses. Some of these courses include affiliate marketing, using WIX, creating sales funnels, drone business course. It’s clear then that Greg makes all his money through teaching others how to start businesses online.

On Youtube he has 21,000 subscribers, where he shares a few videos every week on similar topics. It’s clear he knows what he’s talking about.

Greg claims to have won numerous online awards.

Online Income Academy Review

online income academy review

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform which means all videos are decent quality and load fine on various devices including mobile, desktop and tablet. Whatever device and internet connection you’re using, you can be sure the content will load fine.

You get access to 30 value packed video tutorials, which does mean this course is pretty short. Some videos are only a couple of minutes long, while others are 21 minutes. Most of them are less than a few minutes though.

The course is $495 so each video is $16.50 of content.

There are many testimonials on the sales page claiming this is a ‘masterclass’ and worth every cent!

The modules of the course are split up into the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Print On-Demand
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Information Products
  • Conclusion.

The first module includes videos on how to join the private Facebook group, a brief introduction to the course, common questions asked and how Greg went from $0-to-$15,000 per month in just 1 year.

Module 1: Print On-Demand

The content starts here with an overview on what print on demand actually is and how to find design ideas.

You’ll then learn how to create designs without any skills.

This is then followed by three print on-demand income streams labelled, #1,#2 and #3.

There is a video on how to market your products as well as making a custom storefront to sell from.

The course recommends using mockups from Placeit to get your logos onto clothing designs.

Lastly there is a free social media automation tool and strategy key points.

It’s a decent module however I think you’ll be left with a few questions about how to actually get started. It’s easy to get a design, setup a page. Getting traffic is the hardest part and there really was no information on how to do that.

Module 2: Affiliate Marketing

If you decide print on-demand isn’t for you, then you can watch this affiliate marketing module which gives you a basic insight into the industry.

You’ll learn what affiliate marketing is and how to find affiliate offers. There’s also a list of great affiliate programs to use and how to signup with these companies.

There’s videos on how to apply – personally I think you need an active website before doing this but Greg didn’t seem to think it mattered.

There’s videos on how to share affiliate offers, what kind of content to post and which equipment to use.

There’s an example you can copy too.

When you’re ready there is a full affiliate marketing website tutorial. These two over the shoulder trainings are approx 1 hour long in total and give you a good insight into how to start an affiliate website from scratch.

Again there could be a lot more information on actually getting traffic.

Module 3: Information Products

The last module is all about creating digital info products such as eBooks or cheatsheets.

You’ll learn how to master your skills and what to do if you don’t know what to teach.

You’ll learn where to sell your information products, how to create and share coupon codes and a marketing strategy.

Again there is limited information on driving traffic. You can easily create a product, list it for sale, but without sales you don’t really have a business.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t guessed by now then the first important issue with this course is the lack of clarity around traffic. Without traffic, whether that’s free or premium, you don’t really have a business. There’s millions of resources out there that tell you how to create a product, a t-shirt or a website, there’s very few that actually show you how to drive targeted traffic and convert those people into customers.

Greg does converse well and it’s clear he knows what he’s talking about, but for someone who claims to make $15k a month, I was expecting the level of knowledge shared to be much higher.

I think Greg’s course, Online Income Academy is a brief overview into the world of print on-demand, affiliate marketing and information product creation, but if I was a beginner, I’d be a little bit lost as to what to do next. Where’s the Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, free traffic sources training?

It wouldn’t have been difficult to include a robust marketing section for each method. i.e. Facebook Ads to your POD products and sales funnels for info products.

Given the price, $495 I was expecting all of this and a lot more, given the value he provides in those $10 Udemy videos. If you compare this to Savage Affiliates which has 150+ videos on all these topics and all those marketing topics (read review for yourself), at $200 cheaper, it’s easy to see how much value you’d get from other courses compared with this one.


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4 thoughts on “Online Income Academy Review: Greg Gottfried Course Worth It?”

  1. I’m currently taking this course and Greg Gottfried delivers on his “claims”. Even though I’ve just started the class, I’ve already had $175 in sales. I haven’t even begun any of the detailed and totally free marketing methods he teaches in each section of the course.

    This is a new course, and Greg has been adding to it as we, his first group of students progress. He’s added several additions to different sections, as questions arise.

    He does a fantastic job of breaking everything down, so that it’s not overwhelming, especially for beginners. He literally takes you through things one step at a time. He has made tutorial videos, to help students do things like creating a Instagram account. From the beginning, he has made it clear that he will continue to update and add to the course, that it will evolve as we go through the course, and as the market changes.

    If someone is curious about Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO, he does address them in the course, their effectiveness, and the costs compared to ROI. He has address Google AdWords and will provide as much additional information that we would like.

    Greg does not go through and tell you exactly where he makes every dollar, honestly, it’s no one’s business. He does teach everything he does, and how the principles apply across the board. I’m grateful that he teaches how to use the best of the best (where we’ll get the best returns on our efforts) and mentions the others, instead of trying to teach them all.

    The very best part of the course Greg himself. He is readily available for questions, both in the private FB group and via email. He is very supportive, encouraging and understands the anxieties and worries of beginning something new. It doesn’t take him days (or even hours the vast majority of the time) to reply to questions or requests for help.

    • Adding content means he sold you an unfinished product for the full price, that’s what my university did with my course of study. It might still be a good course for his fans but you’ll never get your money’s worth. Him helping you outside his course sounds nice but let’s be honest, that doesn’ say anything about the quality of the course and it sure doesn’t scale well. No way he could devote that attention to each student if he actually had a lot of students.
      He seems to be a great guy but he is obviously mostly focused on “how to make quick money giving a course” than “doing a course to teach others how to make money”.

  2. I have another perspective to offer. When creating a “product” whether its digital or tangible they are, or at least should be evolving and growing. Therefore, no course or product will be 100%perfect out of the gate. Thats why you will see items that are version 2.0, 3.0,etc. The fact that he continues to add to his course and is easily accessible to his students are great things and then continues to add to the value of his original course.


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