No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Review: Taylor Lane Course

Today we’re going to go in a slightly different direction from our usual three topics that get a feature on the blog and this course isn’t to do with eCommerce, affiliate marketing or online business, but it is related to travel and remote work which has been a topic discussed here before.

Taylor Lane is a digital nomad who recently launched the course, The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work and today we’re going to take a look inside, what you get, whether it’s worth it and if it’s something you should buy or avoid.

Currently the course is priced at $397 or 2 x $210.

Who is Taylor Lane?

Taylor is the owner of which is a travel blog where she also offers worksheets, courses, eBooks and various tools you might need to become a digital nomad working remotely.

Taylor Lane’s background starts back in Connecticut, USA where she started traveling to Guatemala in 2014 for volunteer work and from there she was hooked and now calls this home. She’s been all over Latin America and Europe and worked remotely initially as an email marketer.

She’s started a Facebook group called Remote Like My Community and claims to have helped many people start a remote career. Since then she’s started to create courses, Facebook Groups and eBooks on how to land a remote job.

It’s fairly obvious from reading the blog this person knows their stuff.

No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Review

No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Review

This course claims to be her signature course and is different from her mini course which is called, Resume Reboot course which is priced at $97 and is only focused on updating your resume.

The course is split up into seven key modules:

  • Module 1: Discover Your Ideal Remote Job
  • Module 2: Find Your Remote Job
  • Module 3: Apply to Stand Out
  • Module 4: Boost Your Application
  • Module 5: Ace The Interview
  • Module 6: Negotiate Dream Salary
  • Module 7: Action Plan, Mindset, Extras

The first thought I had was how short the course was given it’s $397 or 2 x payments of $210. I guess you can be your own judge on the value you place on such content.

Most modules only included three or four videos, in short steps but they were no more than 10-15 minutes in length. I did like the way Taylor Lane communicated and it came across as professional.

I felt like she knew what she was talking about and tone of voice easy to understand.

Final Verdict

I enjoyed the course, unfortunately I’d say this is more of a $197 course than $397 given the price. However you can be your own judge and decide if the course is right for you. She claims the course can take a week but I’d say you could finish it in half a day. You will learn the entire process of finding remote work from the very start through to interviewing.

I haven’t really seen another course like this on the market.

If the course was cheaper I’d say more people would buy No Bullshit Road to Remote Work.

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  1. Thank you for the review! Excellent detail for your audience. The Remote Like Me team appreciates each student experience. It’s recommended that students go through the course action steps Module by Module and not watch the course passively. In the workbook there are 3 action steps for each Module that should be finished before moving onto the next, for best results. In order to land the remote jobs, it’s necessary to edit your resume, cover letter, online profiles like LinkedIn, network with remote companies, and practice video interview skills. We hope each student takes the time to pass each action step!


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