NAS Academy Review: Can You Learn Anything?

Are you thinking of buying NAS Academy courses? Before you do, take a read of our review on what you get, how much it costs and ultimately what I think about it. 

Touted as the platform that creates creators, they have a huge following on social media, and help people tell their stories using video. Unique courses from $79 in various categories is their main focus, with a wide range of free and paid courses. 

nas academy review

What is NAS Academy?

NAS Academy is an e-learning platform, designed specifically to help those interested in content creation. It is aimed at both those looking to make videos for personal enjoyment, and corporations looking to advertise products.

Unlike other websites, NAS Academy does not run pre-recorded classes. All classes are live and taught by high-profile videographers and editors. It is stated that 90% of students enrolled in NAS Academy successfully finish the courses.

nas academy classes

For example these one day classes are starting at specific times. 

NAS Academy came about due to 5 years of hard work. The main driving force is Nuseir Yassin, commonly known on social media as Nas Daily.

He received widespread attention for his 1-minute videos on Facebook. The instructors in this course are high-profile and respected in their own fields. This includes Artes Ferunaj, a film producer and Will Carmack, a special effects creator.

What’s included in NAS Academy course?

All NAS Academy courses show the process of content creation from filming, editing and uploading. As classes are run live, there is a set schedule for this course.

Beginners are recommended to take Intro to Storytelling which covers scripting and editing. It runs for about 4 hours and taught by 5 instructors.

There are about 100 students in each class. Students get to watch instructors build content from the script to the editing process. A certificate of participation is provided afterwards.

After Intro to Storytelling, students are invited to join, Create Your 1st Video. There are 4 sessions which run for a duration of about 10 hours.

Besides just watching the 2 instructors work, students also get to create a script and learn how to edit. The most important section of this course is the shooting stage where students can actually start filming, finishing 1 video by the end of the course.

Class sizes are a lot smaller, at around 30 students in each.

There are 2 instructors present at all times. 

Participants receive a certificate of achievement. There is also access to instructor support through WhatsApp, and to the FaceBook Alumni Group.

The final course offered is, Go All In. 

Besides the basics of scripting, shooting and editing, there are also guides provided for those looking to go professional. This is a step up from the Create Your 1st Video course due to the inclusion of pro scripting, pro shooting and pro editing.

There are 8 sessions which run for 20 hours. There are 20 participants in each class, led by 2 instructors. By the end of the course, students will have successfully shot and edited 3 videos.

There is access to a members-only WhatsApp group and the Facebook Alumni Group. A certificate of achievement is also awarded.

There is a course available for those interested in special effects. Instructed by Will Carmack and Ayax Bader, students get the chance to learn the most advanced skills with animation and motion tracking.

Adobe After Effects is required, in addition to a stable Wi-Fi connection. There are 8 sessions in total. By the end, students will be expected to have created 3 videos.

How much do the courses cost?

Intro to Storytelling can normally be purchased for $79, but is now available for $49. Create Your 1st Video is listed at $299. Go All In is available for $499. The course for special effects can also be purchased at $499.

Courses can be bought from as low as $79 up to $499. Some times they have special offers such as discounted pricing, gift a friend a course and of course buy 1 get 1 free.

Buying a course from NAS Academy requires a full registration with student details, which need to be filled out within half in hour. It is expected that major credit and debit cards are accepted. This includes, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

As courses are run live, students who cannot make a class can apply for a transfer which comes at an additional price. Refunds can be requested by contacting the customer service team. Refunds are mostly provided in the case of power outages and other uncontrollable factors on the instructors’ part.

Any testimonials for the courses?

NAS Academy has a 95% graduate rate and an extensive alumni group from across the world. From countries like the Philippines, Spain and the UAE, NAS Academy has been praised for bringing together people from different cultures.

Check out this review from Richard:

“Great instructors, tons of information, tools and assets that get your creating skills to a new level.’

Does NAS Academy offer free classes?

NAS Academy provides free classes every week, known as community classes. In fact, up to 80% of users are taught free of charge. It is the equivalent of a free trial, where participants around the world are invited to look at professional editing and shooting demonstrations.

Checkout the website here.

Final Verdict

Wow, what a great platform that offers live classes at budget friendly prices. No pre-recorded junk here, there's something for all content creators to learn. Some courses and classes are quite short (around 4 hours) but compare that to a full day of training in a big city and it's a tiny amount. 

I enjoyed the high quality website and user experience offered by NAS Academy. I'd definitely recommend you checkout their classes today.


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  1. I would like to have my 10 years old grand daughter , who are interested in learning from Nas Academy . Is she qualified to participate the classes? Can I learn together with her in the same classes. I am 76 years old . Is it too old to learn?


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