MyThemeShop Review: The Best WordPress Theme Vendor? is a premium WordPress themes and plugins vendor which offers both free and premium products, available to purchase online. They are one of the world's largest WordPress themes providers, given they have sold over 1 million themes to 620,000 users around the world.

Today I'll be providing a MyThemeShop review and ultimately what I think of them. 

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Who is MyThemeShop?

If you've been using WordPress for a long time, the name will most likely come up. They offer a wide variety of free themes, which you can install directly through your WordPress platform, as well as premium upgrades. The free themes normally have a lack of features such as you cannot customize the colors or the margins or remove the sidebars and things like that.

mythemeshop review

If you are looking for a great free theme, then you can do no wrong using mythemeshop and if you want to upgrade to the premium version of each theme, you can purchase that on their website for $35 per theme.

They regularly run discounts on premium themes for only $19 and if you purchase during black Friday or cyber Monday, you may even get better deals.

But the best way to take advantage of their themes is to join their yearly subscription, which costs $8/mo.

You get access to all the products they've ever created, you get over $2000 of value for 8 bucks a month. 

Products Created By MyThemeShop

Some of their most famous themes include Schema which is a ultra fast loading theme that helps you rank in Google. Of course you still need great content but their theme helps you get results. 

This combined with great WordPress hosting is perfect. 

They are also well known for their travel themes, as well as news, blogging, socially viral and business consulting themes. Another popular theme is their viral theme for content marketers. 

Additionally to their themes, they offer a wide variety of plugins with their most famous plugging being Rank Math, which is a free SEO plugin, very similar to Yoast or 'all in one rank'

Rank math is currently being used by over 100,000 WordPress websites around the world and is becoming fast known as the Yoast competitor. There is no premium version of rank math. 

Additionally the plugins are also available for $19-$69 one time but can also be downloaded in the membership subscription. Some of these plugins include WP Review and WP Subscribe. 

How MyThemeShop Works?

Their own website is built on a WordPress site itself, using WooCommerce to handle their payments and customer downloads, customer support and licensing.

You'll need to create an account during checkout or you can create a free account for using Rank Math. They also offer the MyThemeShop affiliate program allowing any one to promote their business and earn up to 55% on every sale made via their site including membership subscriptions. 

MyThemeShop Membership

Refer to each theme or plugin for individual pricing. They also offer their extended membership, which is perfect for developers and agencies and currently costs $16.29 per month when paid annually. This is $195 per year.

This gives you access to all 75 premium WordPress themes and all 18 premium WordPress plugins. Additionally, as a member, you get access to all new products for the duration of your plan.

So if you purchase today and you pay for 12 months, you will get access to all products released in the next 12 months. Additionally to this, you get priority support, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you also get access to the PSD falls for the templates.

MyThemeShop Review

One of the really nice features is that you get lifetime access to all themes, regardless of whether you renew your membership the following year. So let's say your membership runs out in 12 months from today, and you downloaded all the WordPress themes and plugins, you will be able to use these on your websites for life.

However, for additional support, which is provided as well as automatic updates through your WordPress site, using the my theme shop plugin, you will need to purchase an additional 12 months. My theme shop claims to offer one click demo import, as well as one click updates.

Additionally, a premium membership offers removal of copyright as well as secure and optimized code on all of their themes. 

Why Uses MyThemeShop? 

All of their products and plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee, which you can initiate through your account should you wish to claim this policy.

There is no hidden fees or costs involved with claiming your 30 day money back guarantee.Plus if you want to download their free themes from their website, you can create an account and simply download this for free.

Free accounts do not get any support, and if you want to purchase support it currently costs $9 per year per site.

You can purchase with your credit card or with PayPal when using my theme shop, and there are thousands and thousands of testimonials that you can view on their website from successful and people who have purchased their themes in the past, I have used my theme shop for a number of my smaller websites.

However, I'm not a huge fan of a all of their templates. You can look and you can find a lot of templates that will suit different types of sites, but may not suit other types.

If you are creating blogs, for example, my theme shop has a lot of themes that would suit your business. If you are creating a smaller site such as a pet store, then you may find my theme shop is quite limited.

If you're starting a coupon site, then my theme shop has one of the best coupon plugins and WordPress themes that you can purchase on the internet. They have an extensive knowledge base, including presale questions, account or post-sale questions, support questions, and additional questions.

MyThemeShop Support Team

A quick look through the knowledge base provides access to hundreds of different questions, as well as access to a support forum where you can speak with other people and search for questions other people might have asked during the past few months.

A brief look at the forum currently shows that 57,000 questions have been answered to date, and there have been. I total all 30 new themes or plugins launched this year. Affiliate Program

They offer an affiliate program where you can sign up and earn up to 55% of each sale generated through their affiliate platform. Currently there are over 5,000 affiliates promoting them and if you want to get involved, you can simply sign up for free through their website. You simply replace the referral code with your username and you can get start making money straight away.

Assuming someone signs up for a membership program without the discount at their full recommended retail price of $349 you would make $191 and 95 cents commission.

If you generated two sales per day, you would be earning $11,500 per month from just promoting them. However, as I mentioned earlier, the monthly fee for the premium subscription is rather low, so these figures would be a lot different. Yet you can still earn up to $98 per sale. 

One of the huge benefits in promoting my theme shop is the 60 day return cookie, the no minimum payout limit, the monthly payouts, and my personal favorite, the two tier lifetime, 10% commission.

That means if I refer an affiliate to them who then starts to make a lot of sales I will get 10% on top of the 55% that the other affiliate was receiving.

Their website offers a high conversion rate from there rather sleek and efficient looking website and simple checkout process. Additionally, to this, there are creative banners, emails and other promotional methods that you can download to start making money right away.

Final Verdict

Hopefully you've got a good understanding of why I recommend My Theme Shop. The products and services that they offer, their SEO plugin, which has recently launched their support process and their affiliate program are all amazing. 

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