Ministry Of Freedom Review: Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Ministry Of Freedom is an affiliate marketing coaching program that is promoted by a large number of Warriorplus members, and is created by Jono Armstrong. At $1,997, it's an expensive package, so can you really learn affiliate marketing or is it another overhyped course? 

At the time of writing this article, it would appear that there's only been 25-50 students who have enrolled in this course. 

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono claims to be a super affiliate who makes $80-$150,000 every single month using a simple rinse and repeat system. 

Over on Warriorplus he's a top 1% vendor from his course sales (5,000+) of Insurgency which is rated 2.5/5 by 10 users. And The Lockdown Formula which was priced at $9.97 and sold well over 2,000 copies recently. He only joined Warriorplus in February 2020. 

Those are impressive figures, but to get those numbers either a lot of affiliates were pushing it, or he had a large email list already. 

But of course these figures only equal about $20,000 in sales each, a far cry from his $150k a month business. That's from affiliate or course sales. 

Looking further, he's got a Youtube channel where he reviews other people's products and services, as well as offering a 30 day challenge called zero to hero. 

Right now there's 44,000 subscribers and most videos get 500-1000 views on average. 

The most controversial point is on his website he claims he isn't the type of guy to own 3 Ferrari's, 2 houses and make $100k per month, who'd create a $7.95 copy and paste PDF. 

Well as you've seen, he does create $9.95 courses, and he does claim to make $100k a month. 

Ministry of Freedom Review

So what is the Ministry of Freedom? Well it starts with being invited to a free webinar by one of his affiliates. This is a WebinarJam, and it was definitely not live, as the next one was starting within 5 minutes of arriving on the page. 

This webinar is titled, '$10k per month within 22 days.' 

On loading the webinar, I was told the webinar had already started which it clearly hadn't as clicking the link loaded a countdown timer of 3 minutes. 

I put a 2 in the chat box, and of course nothing happened because it's not live. 

ministry of freedom review

Webinar Content

The webinar starts with the usual lifestyle, then tells you all about his 'copy and paste system.' He goes on to show you his Warriorplus account, as a vendor! 

The webinar claims to shows you how to start the fastest way to start generating $10k per month and the 2 levels of this lucrative business model. 

Additionally you get $100 a day checklist if you stay until the end. 

Plus whoever engages the most in the webinar gets a free $100 Paypal credit, of course you'll never get this as the webinar isn't live, it's bait to stay till the end. 

Ministry of Freedom Course Content

The course is structured into 9 modules. Additionally there is access to the private Facebook group which has 215 members at the time of publishing, with an average of 20 posts per day.

It's clear that this course is very active. 

The course content is split up into these sections:

  • Mindset, Commitment, Success
  • Tools & Applications
  • Launch Jacking
  • Advanced Launch Jacking
  • Soft Launching
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Launching
  • Paid Traffic.

In each module there is additional videos, with exception of the tools section. This section includes links to all the tools such as Warriorplus, Clickbank, JVZoo, Muncheye and Facebook.

There's also affiliate links to done for you websites, domain and hosting, OBS studio and buying a computer, camera and microphone used by Jono. 

Launch Jacking

Ministry of Freedom has 13 resources on launch jacking. This involves finding a good offer on Muncheye and then creating a Youtube video and uploading and ranking this in Google. 

You can see the entire process on how to do this. Jono claims it's the best and easiest way to make money online. 

After looking at some of his students, I could some of them are all following the same process.

Jono says he will get your approved to promote products as well as review access, especially if you're a beginner who has few sales stats on Warriorplus.  

The problem here is that only the first few videos actually show up on Google, so if 200+ members are all trying to launch jack the same videos, most will never make money. 

Advanced Launch Jacking

This module goes into advertisements, using In-Stream, Discovery Ads and Display Ads. Jono claims you can add a ton of money to your income by running ads.

There's little mention on how much this will actually cost though. 

You are shown how to setup the final URL and setting up the bonus pages. Plus you'll learn how to create an effective retargeting campaign.

Finally there is guidance on how to track your sales. 

Soft Launching

This module is detailed and goes into the process of creating your own product to sell on Warriorplus. You'll be able to choose something simple to create.

You're shown how to setup the funnel from start to finish and how to integrate this with Warriorplus. There's a final video on effectively building a list. 

Jono shows you how to copy someone eases product and change it to make it better. I'm sure you've heard that most Warriorplus products are rehashed, well this is why. 

You'll give away 100% of your front end commissions, to encourage other affiliates to promote your course, allowing you to build an email list. 

Email Marketing

You'll learn how to setup your automated email marketing campaign. This is a multi day process, across 5 days including scarcity follow ups. 

It's clear to me that Jono knows what he's talking about and I get the impression you'll have a kickass email chain for your product. 

The winning formula he provides is the warm up video in the first email. Then the big review and bonus reveal in the second video. Then 2 D-Day style emails. 

There's a promo timeline for beginners to follow if they are just getting started. 

Product Launching

This is one of the more populated modules with guidance on how to create the perfect product and setting up your funnel structure. 

You'll learn how to use Clickfunnels which is a paid software program to create amazing sales funnels, before sending them off to Warriorplus to purchase.

You will learn how to create video sales letters, and one time offers, as well as setting up your legal pages such as refund policy, disclaimer and disclosure. 

Jono shows you how to setup your JV page to attract the best affiliates, as well as going through the process of recruiting and networking with these people. 

Lastly you'll learn about creating prizes and contests to get the biggest affiliates to promote your offer and generate some serious sales. Additionally you'll learn how to integrate your email marketing campaign and outsource the work to a VA. 

Jono recons he will show you how to make $20-30,000 dollars from a launch within 5 days. 

This is where the big money begins according to Jono as every member will have access to his ads, as well as adding his adwords account to his. 

This allows you to integrate your account with his and use his data to expedite your ads including targeting and audiences.

I'm not sure how 200 people can connect to one ad account, maybe that will be explained further in the course. 

Additionally there's training on setting up Facebook Ads. 

Advanced Funnels & Ads

If you don't want to use Jono's ad strategy you can go in and create your own ads. There's some basic information here on creating a webinar using EverWebinar, and then promoting this with Google Ads and follow up emails. 

There's guidance on creating your optin page with Clickfunnels. 

Facebook Group

In the Facebook group, administrators post about product launches of other members. 

This means everyone in the group can go and create a launch jack video review in preparation for the launch. Then on launch day, everyone can start promoting. 

Ultimately everyone in the group will make money from front end commissions and the product creator will make 50% on any OTO, which may be a small or large number. 

The admins regularly start posts asking people to post their income screenshots, which of course are being used to promote the course to other people. 


This is a community of affiliate's who are leveraging the power of each other to create products and launches. It's a pretty smart way to make money, but you'll only make a lot of money when you've built your email list, as this is how you make good commissions. 

Jono even shows his own vendor dashboard in the free webinar which shows he made $840 in sales for his product and $760 was paid to affiliates. 

But as you can see Jono sold over 2,000 copies, all of those people are now in his email list, which he can use to promote other people's launches too! 

This is definitely a great way to make money online, and it probably does work very well. However, it comes at a huge cost. 

Plus as more and more people join, the launch jacking method becomes more and more saturated. Plus clients who buy these products will be emailed by more and more marketers, who can you really trust?

The refund rate on Warriorplus is exceptionally high too, some products can be as high as 50% as people buy products and refund them when they don't work as promised. 

Course Pricing

The course is available as a one time fee of $1,997 or as 5 payments of $597.

There's a fake countdown timer on the sales page, there's also a warning that the price is going to increase 66% if you don't act soon. 

How It Works

You create products on Warriorplus and give affiliates 100% on the front end and 50% on the upsells. You create a killer offer so other affiliates promote your course.

You will not make money on the front end, but you will collect a lot of email addresses. If you have an upsell you'll make money at this point.

The money is in the list, as they say. 

Then you start sending emails to all these people, promoting other peoples Warriorplus products. Presumably from the course as you'll be auto approved on their offers. 

It's an endless cycle. 

Those looking for money making techniques will continue to buy as they want to escape their hell hole day job. But you will need to be a smart marketer to succeed here. 

Why Ministry of Freedom Was Created?

In my opinion Jono has created a community which allows everyone to get some form of help.

Similar to trading groups where everyone buys the same stock to push the price up, this group aims to help everyone make money through shared product launches and launch jacking each others products. 

But as this course costs $1,997 to get in, and there's over 200 members already, the real money is obviously from selling the course. ($400k)

Plus you need to create a product, and most people seem to be putting their face on camera, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

I would buy this course if I wanted to make money with Warriorplus. But if I was looking for an affiliate marketing training course, this wouldn't be the way to go. It's far too niche and requires a lot of work to constantly send emails out.