MentorBox Review: What Do You Get For $7/Month?

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr P.H.D are the the two brains behind MentorBox although I imagine they have a team of marketers behind the scenes working full time to create new ads, sales pages and up sells.

I can't even go on Facebook currently without seeing ads for Mentorbox, so I bought into the hype to show you what exactly you get, here's my MentorBox Review.

mentorbox review

There's so many positive reviews for Mentorbox online, these are all from affiliates and then there's a ton of negative ones, these are from disgruntled consumers who feel ripped off or scammed due to the sales funnel.

Mentorbox is an entire business built on Clickfunnels. For anyone thinking you can't use Clickfunnels for creating the entire funnel, product distribution and membership area you can think again.

Mentorbox isn't for everyone and one of the most asked questions is, what is the best Mentorbox alternative? I suggest you checkout Blinkist, big ideas in small packages.

Get access to key insights from 2,500+ bestselling nonfiction books, transformed into powerful packs you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes.

You can get a free trial and with books from over 15 different categories there is definitely a book for everyone out there. Boasting 5 million users, they are far larger than Mentorbox, only issue is no books arrive in the mail each month.

Alternatively checkout my detailed review about Blinkist.

MentorBox Review

The first page you'll land on when you click on one of their millions of ads flooding Facebook, Google, Instagram or various search partners is their sales page for their $7/$9 per month plan with a free 3 day trial.

The ad I watched indicated they delivered books directly to your home every month, so going to the sales page this is what I was expecting and as a consumer $7 or $9 per month seems like a great entry level price.

When you think about it, you surely can't get a book delivered for that price and if you read into the sales page it's quickly apparent you're buying access to a membership site with lessons from certain books.

Since I initially purchased they have updated the sales page so it's more clear what you're buying, there's the Teachable screenshots actually showing what you get.

The first red flag here is the audio book lessons and nuggets are supposedly included when in actual fact they aren't. When you put your details into the 2 step order form you'll quickly find out they cost $89 extra.

So you're actually just getting the video workshop for free and then $7/mo or $59 per year.

The marketing team at MentorBox have done quite well to remove the price, instead using FREE everywhere.

MentorBox Upsells (CAUTION!)

It's important to note that MentorBox is constantly changing and adding or removing upsells from their funnel. These were correct as of January 2018 when I went through the funnel.

The first biggest problem of Mentorbox upsell funnel was the $199 upsell to Entrepreneurship Academy and I can guarantee this is where most consumers are feeling they are getting ripped off and calling a scam.

There's a sales video offering entry to the academy, there's no mention of the price. Beneath the video is a button which says, 'Access the Academy Now' and clicking on this bills your credit card $199 instantly.

If you scroll down the page, you'll notice more signup buttons, videos and testimonials. When you finally get to the bottom of the page is the price, $199.

MentorBox would be making an absolute killing on this upsell as consumers are likely to click the button thinking they are getting access for free. If you read reviews online, this is where everyone calls the website a scam.

So you still haven't got to the monthly book delivery service yet.

There is a downsell for those that don't take the $199 academy where they give you a $100 grant as if they are some sort of university.

Then there is the upsell for the monthly book delivery which is $139 per month. I've read other reviews online where this was $87 per month, it seems they've hiked the price up another $50 due to the success of the subscription service.

Unfortunately there is no downsell so that's the price you'll be stuck with. Personally $139 for a few books in a box with an audio USB and some other merchandise seems like a rather high price for the average consumer. I'd much rather go to the book store and buy a couple books, a few coffees and pick the best ones each month.

Then there's an upsell for a $6 per month academy called Money and Investment. I didn't join so have no idea what it actually is or whether it's worth it.

That's the funnel sequence, if you make it through to the success page and thank you page. You'll receive your details to Teachable within 15 minutes and can login and start going through the web workshops.

Is MentorBox A Scam?

In a sentence, mentorbox isn't a scam but they are using one click upsells and shady marketing tactics such as excluding the price from the action buttons. Savvy users will know they are using Clickfunnels and not 'accidently' click on those green buttons.

In my opinion (and as a marketer) their first upsell is unethical and a sure fire way to piss consumers off by charging them $199 for a service they have no idea what the price actually is before doing so. If that was the front end offer I can assure you Facebook and Google wouldn't approve their ads.

How To Cancel MentorBox?

The only way to cancel MentorBox is by emailing their support desk, [email protected] - Tai Lopez claims this website is making $50,000 per day so I imagine it will take weeks to reply to their cancellation emails.

Given you only get a 3 day free trial, by the time you email them and get a reply I can 100% say the trial will have billed into the paid version. This is why there are so many disgruntled people out there.

My advice if you are seriously thinking of signing up is to use a Visa Gift Card with $5 credit. This is enough to get through the Visa hold to verify the card and then will cancel the billing after 3 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MentorBox?

Mentorbox is a monthly subscription box with online training created by Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez.

Is MentorBox worth it?

Based on our testing and own reviews, Mentorbox is not worth the price.

Is MentorBox a scam? 

There are many comments out there calling it a scam, you can read the user comments on our review.

How much does MentorBox cost?

It costs $7/month for the online version which can be purchased yearly for $59. The physical books cost $89 per month.

What are the best alternatives to MentorBox?

There are many alternatives out there such as Blinkist which costs the same price.

How do I get a MentorBox refund?

You can request a refund but it is tough to get a hold of support, you may need to contact your bank if MentorBox fail to respond to your email (common).


Fact Check

We believe in accuracy and fairness, so if you see something that doesn't look quite right, leave a message below or be sure to contact us via this page.

Citation Information
Change Log

We only list changes that we believe to be significant. Making minor changes, adding images or adjusting content doesn't warrant a mention below.

  • January 1st 2021: We have updated the review for 2021 as some information was now inaccurate such as the pricing, the sales funnel and the best alternatives to MentorBox.

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Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Rhys Dale

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66 thoughts on “MentorBox Review: What Do You Get For $7/Month?”

  1. Could not agree more Rhys, just went through the funnel myself. I thought it was clear to me what I was buying, but what I thought I was buying is not what I thought I was getting.

    I thought I was getting digital versions of the books to read, with one page PDF summaries included of the key points and video lessons from the Authors.

    All that was included was the video lessons.

    I didn’t get tricked by the paywall for the academy but did opt for their one off cost of $99 after the intro. I agree not a SCAM, per-se but definitely shady and dishonest in the way they conduct their business.

    I’ve emailed for a cancellation, will see how long it takes.

    • Hello
      I might present different oponion than the majority, appears here.
      The “shell” – the upselling is so intence that feels violent.
      The content – I payed basic – 7 dollars – I get a well organized video review of books in minutes. Non of those will actually teavhbyou how to make your first milion – but hey, looking briefly at a book at the store with neither.
      Listenning to those brief summaries helps you pick which autjor / book is most likely to benefit you. Very comfortable interface, good presentation. Some authors are low level / not interesting / do not belong there. Same as in the book store. The difference is that the time + effort to go to the stoore is much much higher that 7 dollars. I found enought interesting authors here. I am happy with my 7 dollar purchase

  2. I fb im’ed them and it was RIDICULOUS … they said “Great” … legitimately “Great” and to email them… like no like we are sorry just yeah go ahead and cancel we don’t give a damn.

  3. They replied to me in two minutes (!) by email confirming that my subscription has been canceled, so definitely not scam. But their ridiculous upsale offers during checkout do make it seem like it is scam – and it’s clear they are targetting inexperienced unsuspectful people, which is not cool.

    They interviewed several credible authors out there, which put me at ease. But the idea itself comes down that they simply design a nice spreadsheet with book summary, make up excercises and interview the author. Most of those authors already gave other interviews you can easily find online, and you can benefit in the same way by just skimming through the book. After all, most of them are self-help, so you know…

  4. A very shady organisation which I would avoid – they are unethical, not interested in really providing a service, rather taking consumers money.

    I’ve had $59 taken after 3 days – which was not the deal, it’s $7 per month.

    Their content is rubbish, and overwhelming, no structure, no programme to run through, just mud sticking at a wall.

    Avoid these muppets.

  5. Well, many thanks, this post save my money.

    I was just about to subscribe the $7 plan and suddenly appear the $89 option just as you said. That rises me a red flag. So, at the last minute, I just google mentorbox review and I found this post.

    If it was all promise for $7 (videos, pdf, audios, etc), sounds a good deal. But I hate when they promise everything at a lower price and than more “amazing” offers appears during the checkout.

  6. Not a scam, but they are irregularly persistent when it comes to payments, and there isn’t 100% clarity about what you’re getting. If you sign up for the trail and decide you don’t want to pay for the subscription fee, MAKE SURE you call their customer service before you’re charged. I’m not suggesting they won’t refund you otherwise, but this is the only way to keep them out your account before a charge hits. I also wouldn’t give them a card number directly linked to a bank account. Try a prepaid for these funnel subscription services so you have more control. I gave them a prepaid during the end of march to try out their service and decided I did not want it. I did not reload the prepaid for a month, and they tried at least 4 times to take the payment. To me, this is unethical. After the first time you should let the customer either call in manually or figure out what to do. A whole month later I finally loaded my card, and wooosh, they took a payment. I now have to contact them for a refund and cancellation. Silly mistake on my part. If you really want their service then maybe you’ll find value, but if not, then keep in mind they’re the type of company that will keep trying to get their money.

    • For a similar value, Blinkist is way better. I thought Mentorbox would be better because of the workshop and courses but if it’s charged in addition of the monthly subscription, it’s not good value…

    • Why does your long paragraph describing thievery. deceptive and shady business practices start with “not a scam”? Was Bernie Madoff business a scam?

  7. I was trapped by there marketing strategy and paid $199 instead of $7.
    My question is do I get $199 refund back or how it follows?

  8. My negative experience with Mentorbox is simple: in april I noticed two different montly payments (7$) on my credit card, but at same time (paradoxically) I was banned from the contents.
    They have promise me the refunds and account reset, but no answer on my cancellation request.
    I’m confident that are “errors of youth”, but (in my personal opinion) trust & clarity are a MUST for every internet business.

    • Not a scam? Depends what you want to call a scam.

      If tricking customers into buying something they can’t cancel, without actually telling them what they are getting, or what even the final price is before buying is not a scam then yes this is not a scam.

      tl;dr – it’s a scam.

  9. Thanks so much for this review. I was about to buy into their idea, already calling it a genius concept. Not knowing that these scsmmy, only put up a show to rip me and other innocent off our hard earned money.
    Once again, thank you very much!

  10. Great !

    Thanks I looked for reviews online.

    Not going to buy mentor box anymore.
    Going back to tried and tested audible ..
    My advice rather subscribe to productivity game on YouTube free videos and free monthly productivity sheet once a month.

    Mentor box – up your game or will be out of market soon.

  11. Let’s say the cancellation practice is a scammy one where you can never know whether you’ve canceled or been scammed. You start feeling helpless and just wanna kill yourself and start rationalizing that you may be wrong and it’s easier to stay in that what would be if you stayed it everything would be easier and you wouldn’t have this horrible feeling of getting scammed.
    This provides a horrible customer experience so it shows that they’re heavily targeting new users and don’t give a fuck about the old ones.

    tl;dr the customer cancellation experience is a horrible one but the entrepreneur experience for tai and alex is amazing.

  12. Thought this was a great website and program at first till I was wrongfully charged for something I never wanted. Contacting them has been such a hassle and I feel like they purposely set up the free trial so I would be automatically charged after. Don’t sign up if you don’t want to be randomly charged for something you never wanted

  13. Its a complete no go for me, every time i see Tai Lopez involved in something. His the definition of a douche. Now i can put Alex Mehr on that list. Thank you Tai!

  14. YES.. extremely scammy, unethical = Tai Lopez per usual. Tried to cancel before the 3 day trial ended.. Just wanted to check it out from a marketers standpoint. BUT no online option and good luck getting them on the phone.
    Looks like another bank dispute coming up..

  15. I have been trying to get back my money since last week, no email works, phone or Facebook, . . .nothing at all . . .had to contact my bank for help, still waiting for the results

  16. Stay far away from mentor Box. I enjoyed their content but they tried to charge me for the full package when I only signed up for the $7/month. They kept on charging my card and I got fines. I cancelled my account on 22 August only to receive more fines because they kept on billing me. They only responded to my emails AFTER I was able to get hold of the CEO on facebook. It was apparently cancelled but they only cancelled it when I got into a fight with one of their inept representatives on Facebook. I was able to access my program until 5 September despite it being cancelled on the 22 of August. They also claimed that they responded to my emails but never did. They also had the nerve to say thanks for trying us out. Their staff do not speak professionally to customers and act as if you are at fault and wasting their time. For a company that preaches customer service and respecting the individual to their flock they fail dismally at customer service.

  17. I have signed up on a Facebook webpage 2.5 weeks ago. Indeed, the upsell options were also billed but after I protested, immediately reimbursed. However the base payment for USD 59 was kept and I have so-far not received any used id nor any feedback from the support desk despite daily mails. If they make so much money why not invest in a decent user support. I would definitely advise to stay away from this company.

  18. I had the same experience as many others. Signed for the free trial, sent cancellation email after 2 days, received quick email back from support advising that account would be cancelled, and my card would not be billed. Then I checked my credit card and found that they had actually charged my card $81 AUD. I contacted support again, no response, and Alex Phd wanker via facebook. He fobbed it off to support and then blocked me. I then contacted my credit card and disputed the transaction ( good job I had that email saying I wouldnt be charged). Credit card refunded my $81. These guys are NOT to be trusted.

  19. I made a mistake of signing up but thankfully managed to avoid any upsells. After signing up though I’ve noticed I used wrong card, so went and updated payment details on their website. Surprise surprise, both my cards have now been charged and support doesn’t reply to any of my emails and I can’t get any help via facebook either. I can’t call them as I’m not in US and it would cost me arm and leg to do that.

    I’m not sure what to do apart from cancelling both of those cards and getting new ones. I knew anything to do with tai lopez must be shady af but stupidly went ahead wanting more knowledge. Never again. Stay away people.

  20. The mentor box team has taken my money for the last 3 months and I have no access to the website! I received a response saying they would like to help and nothing since. AGAIN today they have taken cash from my account and I have no access. SCAM SCAM SCAM BE WARNED!!!!! MENTOR BOX IS A SCAM!

  21. It’s amazing to have websites like this and a place for consumers to read “real” and unbiased feedbacks. On the other hand, it’s laughable that some how scams can fall into the “unethical” category! I’m not sure how long these founders can continue taking consumers money before law close their shady business. Clearly, they aren’t the first people scamming people. But, why do we not have better consumer protection laws to prevent scams or unethical sales such as Mentorbox?

  22. This company is a total scam!
    I originally Signed up to receive there books in a box, I got what I signed up for in the beginning. When That subscription ended, I signed up for a renewal, I got “0” from them. They never would answer on their customer service line, they kept my money. That’s not the end of my story, a few days ago they billed my CC $497.00. I have disputed the charge and my CC is following up. I also sent MentorBox an email, which I doubt they will answer, I also left them a voice mail, again I don’t expect them to bother with.
    I don’t want anyone else to get hooked up with this unethical scam company.

  23. Thank you for sharing and for all the details! I was considering MentorBox to replace my audiobook subscription, but I definitely don’t want to support dishonest selling tactics. The idea to absorb the knowledge faster seemed exciting, but the way it’s all constructed is really disappointing.

  24. BUYER BEWARE! Not what I expected–and I requested a refund within the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They billed $59 instead of the $7 promo offer, too. It’s also tricky to navigate for the refund–and they do not send confirmation of the billing after registering—so you will be surprised on your billing statement. Once I was able to locate customer service contact, I requested a full refund–they replied within 24 hours stating refund will show up 5-7 business days. I did receive the full refund, but no explanation as to why they overcharged on the statement. Here’s the email exchange for your info.

    Sept 13, 2018 (My notice)
    Please cancel the membership for (my name and email)

    This is not what I expected—therefore I am not satisfied with this program.

    Please credit full amount $59.00 that was charged on Sept. 4. This is within the 30 day full refund period.

    Sept 13 Automated reply: Immediately
    Hey There,
    Your email has been received and is being reviewed by our customer experience team.
Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time. During these hours, we will respond to your request as soon as we can.
    If your request is outside of these hours, we will contact you on the next business day. However, we do review all of our emails during the weekends to ensure that your inquires or requests are handled in a timely manner.
    If you’re following up, just reply to this message.
    Have a wonderful day!

    Sept 13 4:00pm
    Thank you for contacting support.
    Your MentorBox membership has been successfully cancelled. 
    A refund of $59 has been initiated.
    Allow 5-10 business days for it to reflect in your account. 
    Feel free to message support again if we can assist you with anything else.

    Thanks for trying us out!
Customer Experience Manager

    My reply: 5:00pm

    Dear Customer Experience Manager,

    I appreciate your quick response.
    I would like to post about my experience with Mentorbox, but in order to be fair, I would like clarification about the initial billing charges. 

    Please explain why the initial charge was billed to my account for $59. The membership that I signed up for was free 3-day trial and then $7 monthly thereafter. 

    Also, it would have been helpful to receive confirmation from Mentorbox of the exact billing amount. 

    I will post after I receive the refund and your response.
    Thank you.

    Never received a response from Mentorbox

  25. stupidly clicked the box for the premum membership and ended up being billed $199. These unethical marketers should be shut down by the FTC. I’ve reported them and suggest you all do the same…

  26. Impossible to cancel yourself and they simply ignore your emails. After I finally got my money back, I decided to use Blinkist as recommended in this article and I’m pleased with the service and it was only $53 too! Bargain.

  27. Biggest scam of the century. I got charged $85 AUD despite canceling my subscription a few hours after signing up. No reply to my emails, took three weeks for my bank to recover the money from these crooks. Alex Mehr is a piece of sh!t.

  28. Everytime i hear mentorbox i get irritated. It is a scam, fraud and deception. Cant wait for the news about their bankruptcy .

  29. Wow, i just saw a FB ad for this and was just about to sign up for the 3 day trial, but thankfully my inner senses forced me to check online for reviews, and I’m SO glad I came across this one.

    I can’t believe how they trap unsuspecting users in the first upsell by not mentioning the price and instantly billing if you click the button. After reading that I knew this was not worth it. I’m going to check out Blinkist instead.

    Thank you for sharing an honest alternative.

  30. Worst company ever. Takes your money and doesnt give you any books. 1.5 months after ordering w/ no books they finally email and say “sorry due to the california wildfires, there is a delay”. What? I ordered the book 3 weeks before the fires…find a better lie.

  31. I sent cancellation emails twice within the 3-day period and then 2-3 follow-ups over the next week or so. I eventually just had to submit a credit card dispute. Somehow they had time to respond to THAT but NONE of my actual emails to them. The cancellation policy is an outright lie. I think this merits a consumer class action.

  32. Thanks for the Review you saved me time and frustration!

    If you have a good product and honestly change people lives in a good way then $50K / day would be earned, and more than likely you would be putting that money to some positive use.

    Really how many houses/cars does one need?

  33. Reading that Tai Lopez is the founder was the first red flag for me.
    I’ll recommend everyone to remember that name and then stay very far away from anything related to it.

  34. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

    I booked the $7 a month option.I got hit by spammy upsell pages and pressing the X on the page to close it authorised a further $199 payment.

    Contacted them immediately and complained of a misleading marketing page set up to mislead. No responce. No refund. Chased via bank for a refund as an unauthorised payment.

    Deliberately misleading and shady practices to over charge on the basis that money wont fight for a refund.

  35. Total scam — I signed up for the $7/month membership. Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to my charges. I was charged $59 for the annual membership, then another $89 for I don’t know what. Because it’s past the 30 day window, they’re telling me they won’t refund. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

  36. As someone that used to work for MentorBox I advise everyone to RUN away as fast as possible.

    If your card was charged without your permission, please report them to the Payment Card Industry (PCI)

    As far as physical book delays, it is most likely because they spent all of their money running ads and don’t have enough to purchase books for members. the wait could be a few months since management is incompetent and has no clue what it takes to run a business properly.

    The working environment is also toxic and for people trying to help others run businesses they have no clue how to engage with their employees or customers.

    Alex is a huge chicken that fires people from afar and can’t even man up face to face. Tai is running a huge scam with the company. Just look at how many dumb businesses they opened and closed. SMS, Boost and the stupid t-shirt business. Report them for non PCI compliance and protect yourselves.

  37. Thank you, great post. I really like your point of view on reading books.
    I find your opinion interesting, but on the second day I got totally different advice from other bloggers, I need to think that thanks for posting.

  38. Wow, MentorBox sounded great when i signed up for the $7/mo package. In reviewing my credit card statement i was shocked to see that i have been charged over $1,150 over the last 4 months! When i asked for refund and how they in any way felt justified in massively over-charging me they offered no commentary other than a $7 refund! When asked again the increased the refund to $137. I once again elevated the matter and the response was they cant do additional refunds as they are outside the 30 day window!! REALLY??? I never agreed to any service nor expense of more than $7/mo and they cant even tell me what i was charged for and why!

    SUCH A COMPLETE RIPOFF!! Do NOT subscribe to their service as they will completely under-serve you and totally take you to the bank! SCAMMMM!!

  39. I had seen this floating around on Facebook the other day and was so tempted to get it. But now that I have seen this review, I am glad I didn’t buy into it. Thank you for the post.

  40. I was lucky they couldn’t charge my credit card after the 3 day trial period. Thanks for the review, I would rather go for other more credible options like Blinkist.

  41. This is a scam, they got my $59,i advise people not to order anything with these guy. Mentorbox online, whenever u doing transaction never use your card. They we steal your money,if I had power to arrest, I could have done it but they are just scam.
    My pray for you wicked people is to died before your time, do you how hard it is to find money, if I had power these guys could have gone, never play with an African

  42. They rip me twice with$90 on dec 30, 2019 now again they did ripped me $59 on jan 02,2020 my account gets below the limit -$40.

  43. I originally paid for the $7 a month fee for ‘Mentorbox’ as well as the $89 for the one time fee for the ‘Audiobook Nuggets’ (incidentally there are only 37 total); the site proceeded to offer me the ONE TIME $20 charge for the ‘Entrepreneur Academy’ and subsequently $59 for the ONE TIME ‘Investment Academy’ of which I accepted both. I was surprised when I was charged all of the above again the next month. I contacted Mentorbox and the claimed that No, it’s a monthly subscription. I was certain that they offered me one time charges for the EA and IA Products because there’s no way I would spend over $1000 a year for brief synopsis of books when for the same amount get 70 or so full audiobooks from; so to ease my now nagging uncertainty, I offered up the question on the ‘Mentorbox Mastermind Facebook’ page of whether this experience was true for anyone else. My post was immediately removed. You’d think if it weren’t true that the Host would allow the question to be raised to prove me wrong. So I posted: “To whoever deleted my post, you have thankfully answered my question and verified my suspicions.” and was met with this: Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. I have been blocked. Blocked so as not to reveal the deceptive practices of Mentorbox.


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