Mei Pak Course Review: Is A Sale A Day Worth $997?

Are you looking for a good honest Mei Pak review and her course, a sale a day business system. This course is designed for those looking to earn a consistent income selling handmade products online. 

While it's targeted towards a mixed audience I believe the intended targets are middle aged women as there is a lot of dream selling such as 'leaving your 9-5 job' and 'living a life of freedom.'

The program is designed for creatives, makers and designers who want to build their own online business doing what they love, creating products and helping your family succeed in life.

A sale a day business system includes over the shoulder video training, group coaching and a Facebook community. Additionally there is bonuses available. 

But how is it any different to the dozens of eCommerce courses out there already? 

What is A Sale A Day Business System?

The system is an in-depth course that claims to should you how to build a long term business and go from $0 to $1,000 per month selling handmade products.

You get access to 12 modules of video training which will give you the insights into getting started. 

First impressions for me are that $1,000 per month is such a low number, in fact it's less than $12k per year which is definitely not nearly enough to leave your 9-to-5, however you do have to start somewhere and from there you can likely scale your business higher. 

Initially the course was a 12 week program but you now get access to all modules as soon as you signup for the course. Additionally to this you get bonuses such as PR media contact lists, pitching templates, resource lists, automagic email marketing training and access to 34 guess lectures called 'masterclass recordings.'

The course sells under her brand, Creative Hive Co which is a blog about her life and businesses. This also includes a free class you can take which upsells this course. 

Unfortunately the free training only convinces you that you can quit your job and run a handmade business full time. Does Mei make a full time living doing what she says? Probably not, she makes money selling courses. 

mei pak course review

How Much Does It Cost?

The course operates on a launch process. You're invited to join a wait list as the course is often closed. They then start to send you build up emails before the official launch. This creates scarcity. 

Currently the course costs $997 one time or is available as three payments of $397. Logic says paying upfront will save you $200 and is probably a smarter option as you get instant access to the course, no delays. 

The course claims to offer a refund of 2x the investment if you can show evidence you've done the work perscribed in the course and haven't seen a change in your life or business. Unfortunately refund policies like this only end up having tons of hidden catches such as what is classified as a change. Making a $1 per month extra could be a change in your life, so I'd be careful with this 'risk free guarantee.' 

You can currently only pay for a sale a day business with credit card. 

Who is Mei Pak?

Mei Pak is a Malaysian-born turned Hollywood actor who has stared in films such as "Frankly a Mess' as well as numerous commercials for companies such as Samsung, ATT&T and Honda. She is also the voiceover for Lyla Park in Life is Strange 2. 

Then she also operates this course under the brand 'Creative Hive Co' about starting a business online. It's clear shes not a scammer but I question why anyone with a successful film career is selling a make money online course about starting a homemade gift business.

However she does actually have her own handmade business which is called Tiny Hands and is about creating scented necklaces. I had a look at the website and it looks interesting but it's clear other people run this business while she focuses on her film career and course sales. 

A Sale A Day Business System Reviews

Unfortunately I could not find any genuine reviews of this course on the internet. There is numerous reviews on Creative Hive Co website from people who have apparently taken the course and seen success. 

There are 4 video testimonials and countless Facebook reviews which we can't substantiate as Mei Pak has blurred out their full names so for all we know they could be fake.

But it's highly unlikely that Mei Pak is a scammer, but I question why there are so many reviews within the course community pages but nothing on the web about Mei, the course or the community. 

Mei Pak Course Review

The course is expensive and this is probably the biggest turn off for most people looking to start their own online business. Chances are you've been sold on the webinar but then found out about the heft price tag. 

Yeah for most low to medium income earners in America, $1,000 is a lot of money that they can't throw into training that may or may not work. 

As you can see, Mei Pak makes money telling others how to make money. If her homemade business was so lucrative why would she need to create a course that is so expensive?

Because you have to pay for those ads she's running and a $197 course probably wouldn't cover the ad spend on those courses. There are other courses out there that will show you how to do exactly the same business model for a fraction of the price. 

You see, it doesn't matter whether you're selling t-shirts, gifts or the latest technology, ultimately you need to learn how to get sales. Without sales you don't have a profitable business. Unfortunately most of these courses such as Mei Pak's course don't actually show you how to get sales.

Anyone can learn how to start a Shopify store, find a product to sell and create the website pages such as about us, find a few Influencers to get exposure but without the knowledge of selling online you will fail.

So you need a cheap course that shows you how to actually run Facebook Ads, how to work with Influencers, how to use Google Ads, how to use Bing Ads and how to scale winning campaigns and kill those that are costing you money. 

For example in a sale a day you only learn blogging, pinterest and instagram influencers. These are great but they take a long time to actually see results and 99% of people never make a dime with these methods. 

There's also no paid ad retargeting which is the easiest way to get sales online. 

Learn How To Sell Online With Ads

The best beginner eCommerce course is called eCom Elites and includes 180 videos on the entire A-to-Z process of eCommerce and actually selling your products online. 

You get access to an extensive product research section where you'll learn how to find your own winning products. 

Also get access to 75+ Facebook Ads videos, Google Shopping, Google Ads, Youtube, Retargeting, Google SEO.

Plus the best part is a community of like minded people. Currently there's over 6,000+ other students that bought the course.

Last Updated on December 6, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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8 thoughts on “Mei Pak Course Review: Is A Sale A Day Worth $997?”

  1. Thank you for this. Not that I was going to fall into the trap of taking her course, but you’re right I’ve been searching the internet for any HONEST review about her and there’s nothing. She must employ people to find all negative reviews and delete them – other company’s use them so why not her as well?

    This reminds me of those real estate courses where one can become a millionaire just following their “simple steps.” Frankly, if that was the case, then everyone that purchased the course would be a real estate tycoon. Of course there are factors involved into becoming successful or not but the way all of these courses are advertised – like this one by Mei Pak – is, if you fail it’s on you because you didn’t follow when I told you so it’s your fault not mine.

    Anyway, thank you for this. It’s nice to see honesty every once in a while.

    • I was about to fall into the trap too. But when I see the price I stopped and trying to search for reviews online and got nothing until this. Thank you.

  2. I am listening to her online broadcast after following her link from a Youtube Ad – which I presume was paid for. It has been going on for well over an hour and I have no idea how much longer she is going to go on for. The pitch goes on and on and on but but is very polished so it makes sense that she is an actress . There seems to be no way of pausing the video, skipping or even knowing how long the video is. It is really annoying. A lot of the latter pitch is about promoting her course using time old sales techniques. The more I listen, the more I know that this is definitely something I would NOT buy and the more it seems like a polished actress using their skills to get you to spend your money.

  3. Thanks so much, Rhys! I watched her free presentation yesterday, some interesting info. As Rachel said, it went on and on with no inkling of the total time involved and no way to pause, skip etc. I was about to search for independent reviews and luckily, yours was the first I saw. I’ll take a look at your recommendation instead 🙂

  4. Hi
    Thanks for your opinion! I nearly fell into the trap and was very close to get my credit card out to pay for this but the very harsh marketing trick at the end where she tells you to log off if you are a timid person who is not ready to change her/his life by signing up for her course. Cold water bucket on my head! Thanks for this as I once experienced this harsh psychological trick before! Another thing which made me think twice was how the presentation ends with video reviews where the last speaker just gets cut off. No goodbye there! Just a message that the presentation is now over. Found it very unprofessional. Also no reviews of the course anywhere. Nope! Not buying this.

  5. Interesting review. I’ve been thinking about her course for a long time, but I do feel I could gather all this information elsewhere, and probably for free or at least much cheaper. I do love her videos, and I get why she has multiple businesses. Multiple streams of income is the way to go, in case the bottom drops out of one of them, or simply just to make more money.
    I see a course ad for ecomelites on this review. I am assuming either this is your business, or it is an affiliate link. Obviously, from your self description, it sounds like you have started many businesses yourself, so I think you actually do understand why she runs multiple businesses. And if she is an actress, good for her! That’s why she makes such good videos!
    You also call yourself an editor, but your review needs a LOT of editing! So many misspells and grammar issues!
    Anyway, I probably won’t invest in Mei Pak’s program because I really can’t afford it and I appreciate the review, but if I was seriously considering it, I would look for more reviews.

  6. I’m really glad I read this too. Not that I could even afford the course.. but listening to that video for so long almost makes you invested in it.

  7. Hi! Thank you! I too was about to finally take the risk taking one of all the courses out there but wanted to find some unbiased reviews. And I agree with the others, the webinar just kept going, talking about all the successful students one after the other… Too many. I didn’t even let her finish. But was still intrigued.
    Thanks for your information! I will not fall, yet…


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