Massive Dropshipping Review: Jeremiah Goodman eBay Course

Are you looking for a drop shipping course with a focus on eBay. Maybe you came across Jeremiah Goodman and his free webinar that claims to show you how to start a successful eBay dropshipping business. This exclusive free training webinar then upsells you on his premium course, Massive Dropshipping which costs $497.

There seems to be a rising trend in eBay drop shipping courses and unfortunately lots of people seem to be buying them. I don’t know about you but everytime I go on eBay it’s flooded with cheap Chinese sellers. How anyone can make a good margin selling the same products is questionable.

The difference with a Shopify store or your own website is you can add value to those exact same products. On eBay you can’t add value as most consumers are shopping based on ‘cheapest available’ and don’t really care who sells the product as long as it’s cheap.

Who Is Jeremiah Goodman?

Jeremiah G is a Youtube star that has 3,200 subscribers but no videos, I assume they’ve been removed.

He claims to be an affiliate, entrepreneur and investor.

One of the things he is not, is an eBay drop shipper as you’ll see below.

However he’s selling an eBay drop shipping course for $47-$497 depending where you buy it.

Massive Dropshipping Review

massive dropshipping review

Massive dropshipping is hosted on Teachable platform which offers high quality videos and looks good on both mobile and desktop devices.

The problem? There is only 12 videos in the course, barely an hour long.

Some videos include less than a few minutes on creating an eBay account and Paypal.

Others include creating a DH Gate account which is an Aliexpress alternative and your dropshipper.

Here’s the entire course:

  1. Introduction to instructor
  2. What is drop shipping?
  3. Creating an eBay account
  4. Creating a Paypal account
  5. Creating a DHGate account
  6. Finding good products to sell on eBay
  7. Getting the right photos to use
  8. Writing good product descriptions
  9. Making your first listing
  10. Understanding pricing your products
  11. Fulfilment and shipping products to customers
  12. ‘We’re willing to setup all this for you.’

Massive Dropshipping Flaws

Firstly you’ll get banned from eBay pretty quickly if you’re drop shipping from China and live in a country such as the US or UK as people will be expecting their products to arrive within a week. When they are waiting for weeks, they will ultimately leave bad feedback and you’ll get shut down fast.

Clearly there is no money to be made as he recommends selling products for 10-20% more than you buy them for. eBay and Paypal fees would be 10-15% and that would leave you with less than 5% which would require you to sell a shit ton of products.

It’s obvious to me that Jeremiah Goodman clearly doesn’t drop ship from DHGate to eBay.

How To Start A Real Drop Ship Business?

You want to buy a course that’s actually worthy of the price it’s on sale for. That offers 175+ videos across ten modules and over 15 hours of content in length on the entire process of starting a drop shipping business.

A course that shows you how to start a drop ship store, build the store, find winning products to sell from various suppliers, optimize it and then run traffic using Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Ads, Pinterest, Twitter and Search Engine Optimization. Oh and access to a mastermind with 4,000 other students.

And all this for only $197? Checkout my eCom Elites review now.


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