How To Make Money Promoting Betting Tipster Mailing Lists

Betting and online gambling is big business whether it’s betting on sports such as Tennis or Mixed Martial Arts or more conventional sports such as Football (Soccer for you Americans), Horse Racing or Greyhounds. Betting has always been a paradise for affiliates but entering the market for new comers is starting to become a challenge.

If you want to get yourself in the game without signing with a big sportsbook company such as Bet365 then promoting tipster mailing lists is a sure fire way to get started increasing your monthly commissions.

Best Betting Tipster Affiliate Programs

Betting GodsFootball, Racing$50/mo60%Clickbank
Don's Daily TipsRacing$20/mo50%Clickbank
Bets For TodayFootball, Racing$20/mo50%Clickbank
Football AccumulatorsFootball$25/mo50%Clickbank

You can find all these affiliate programs over at Clickbank.

Punters will bet on anything if they believe they have a better chance of winning and will look for anyway to improve their chances of making a profit. Tipster newsletters send a daily or weekly email to subscribers with their picks for upcoming events.

To get the ball rolling most tipster newsletters offer a free email and a premium email. Once your leads join the free edition they will have a cookie hard coded to their account. If they upgrade to premium (and it’s likely), you’ll get the commission and will earn 50-75% of the weekly/monthly/yearly fee for as long as they remain a member.

The way to make money promoting betting tipster newsletters is to create a basic website offering free predictions on scores, results and other various tips for your readers. Below each article you’ll promote your tipster service instead of a betting company.

How To Make Money Promoting Betting Tipster Mailing Lists

Now it’s definitely not going to be easy but if you can get a good expired domain, lots of content (you’ll need a writing team for this) and go after the big games that people are searching for, there’s definitely an opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your lead capture form.

You can go one better and collect their email address on your own site first before passing them over to the tipster service. You can now market tipster services to them in future.





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