Lead Generation Blueprint Review: Ryan Wegner Course Worth $497?

Are you thinking of starting your own lead generation business, but not sure how? Well before you go out and buy an overpriced $5,000 course, Ryan Wegner is here with something that might just tickle your fancy and it only costs $497. 

This course is a step-by-step formula that's allowed him to scale his business from zero to 10 clients in under four months. Additionally you get access to a wealth of other content such as Facebook Ads training, messenger mentorship, done for you funnels and email strategies. 

What is the course about?

It's important to point out that this isn't local lead generation, which often involves setting up little websites that rank in local areas and collect leads for businesses.

No, this is more of a social media marketing approach, by creating Facebook Ads that drive traffic to a landing page where you capture leads and sell or provide these to businesses. 

The business model definitely works, many local businesses have no idea how to get leads for their business, most have no idea how social media works too. 

And that's where you come in! So let's deep dive into the blueprint.

Who is Ryan Wegner? 

Ryan is a digital marketing expert who practices what he preaches, owning his own agency that has over ten clients. He now lives life on his own terms. 

He's adamant that you shouldn't spend thousands on the same information and I fully support this. You won't get much more content from a course that costs ten times more. 

Ryuan is based in the United Kingdom and is a popular Youtuber with over 5,000 subscribers. He's a regular poster about funnels, ads and online entrepreneurship. 

A regular poster, he creates videos on topics such as awesome checkout tips, abandoned cart emails, signing up new clients, the best smma niches and affiliate marketing mistakes. 

He's very relatable and it's easy to see he does make money with his own business and Youtube is his side hustle, rather than his main source of income. 

Time to Fire Your Boss

Ryan makes it clear that by following his guidance you can potentially escape your 9 to 5 in less than 60 days. After personally working 15 hour days driving a truck, he decided to start his own agency and the course soon followed. 

But can you really fire your boss and make money with digital marketing? Of course you can. 

Lead Generation Blueprint Review

The course is spread out into 9 modules and appears on the face quite short, however you don't always need tons of videos, especially if everything is in it's place. 

There's plenty of courses out there that screw around and include lots of fluff. After going through all the videos, this is definitely not one of those courses. 

This is split up into the following sections, I'll spare you the details on the welcome module but it's made pretty clear, this is not for f**king slackers (love it). 

You will learn topics such as building out your pricing, how to prospect and which niches are best to target. Additionally learn how to find potential clients and qualify them. 

You then get into module four which looks at the best ways of reaching out to potential clients through cold calling, emails and direct messaging. 

You get done for you scripts and templates as you'll see below. 

Module five looks at the ultimate meeting strategy and how to setup meetings, important questions to ask and how to sell based on emotion. You also learn how to WOW the prospect and close the deal. You definitely get the sense, Ryan knows his shit. 

Module six looks at creating a sales funnel using Clickfunnels (free 14 day trial), you'll also learn how to build this out, things to include on pages and how to deliver those leads to your clients. 

Module seven looks at Facebook Ads and a basic overview such as campaigns, ad settings, marketing objectives, targeting budgets, pixels and custom audiences. 

You also learn about retargeting, lookalike audiences, analyzing and optimising campaigns and how to get low cost per clicks. 

Lastly module seven looks at scaling campaigns and getting access to a clients account so they are paying the traffic, not you. There's a bonus 40 videos below I discuss.

The final module looks at scaling your business as well as joining his affiliate program which pays 50% on all sales. You can also download the five done for you funnels. 

A bonus module has been added which includes signing clients up using Upwork. This is a 12 part series on how you can use Upwork to find clients. Personally I think this method is very complex but it's there should you wish. 

Ultimate Cold Email Strategy 

This is an additional course that has been bundled into the blueprint. You'll learn everything you need to know about cold email outreach, and how you can contact businesses on autopilot. 

You will need to take care depending on your country, cold emailing is against the law in some countries, but if you're in the UK or USA you'll be fine. 

I was interested to see Ryan's strategy and it's definitely foolproof. 

A to Z of Facebook Ads

Additionally you will get access to this premium Facebook Ads training which could quite easily rival any of those $997 ads courses out there. 

As someone who spends over $200,000 a year on ads in my own business, I was pleasantly surprised to see everything worth mentioning was included in the training. 

You'll learn business manager, installing and configuring pixels, adding columns for accurate reporting, creating an ad, choosing ad creatives, scaling and re-targeting strategies. 

Bulletproof Meeting Presentations

This business model involves meeting business owners to sell your services. While you could definitely do this remotely, it's much easier in person. 

This addon gives you insider knowledge on how to blow their minds when you're in their office and how you can use a bulletproof presentation to win business fast. 

A really interesting approach and definitely will help you get started fast. 

Plug & Play Templates/Scripts

Lastly you get access to done for you, ready to download scripts which you can use when cold calling your potential clients. You'll get the proven script that has helped to sign up multiple clients within Ryan's own business. 

The cold email templates are also good for mailing fast with minimal customization, however be smart and change it up a bit, as it's likely your clients are getting similar emails all the time. 

Be original and your sales will definitely come. 

Facebook Support

One thing I was surprised to see was Ryan offering personal 1-2-1 support on Facebook. Once you're in the program you can reach out at any time and message him. 

Given the low price of the course, I was surprised to see such a level of support given. Ultimately it can be hard to build a business while providing and responding to lots of comments.

It appears Ryan has a plan, and right now you can get that support inclusive. 

Final Verdict

It's a fairly short course but gets straight to the damn point, there's no mindset articles bulking out the course and you get access to a bunch of other courses and done for you templates.

The talking point has to be the 1-2-1 support you'll receive as well as the fact you're getting it for such a low price. 

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