Launch Jacking: Make Easy Money With New Product Launches

If your still trying to make your first money online then you might want to consider trying launch jacking.

In this affiliate marketing training guide I’ll explain what exactly launch jacking is and give you a step-by-step run through on how you can get started launch jacking without much effort.

There are many guides and courses out there that explain the process in more detail – if you want to get insider training on how to launch jack like a professional then click here.

What Is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of the traffic other internet marketers are sending to a new product launch to earn affiliate commissions for yourself.

For example, if i released a product called Viral Site Ninja, you might buy the domain and build out a sophisticated website with your own review and then include your own affiliate links.

Now, when someone searches for a review or bonus offer for that product launch they may find your website, read your review and then ultimately end up purchasing through your affiliate link earning you a nice commission of at least 50-100% of the sales price.

If your not too familiar with the offer or product launch then you can checkout the JV page or other peoples reviews and rewrite this. Equally, if you find out the product is sh!t or the affiliate doesn’t approve you or bans you when you send a sale which is subsequently refunded you can promote a substitute product instead. For example, if you wrote a review about viral site ninja and found out you couldn’t write a good review, you could provide readers with an alternative such as another viral ebook offer.

The reason launch jacking works so well is that when a product launches, there isn’t much information on the net about the offer yet so when someone searches for reviews or advise they can’t find enough information to justify buying the product based on the sales page alone.

If you can create a website, optimize it and put it in front of a suitable audience then you’re on track to start earning affiliate commissions right away.

An Example Launch Jack

I’ve done many different launch jacks however one of my most recent ones was for a product called Monkey Playr (currently closed for new signups) which offers free premium video hosting for Youtube videos. I wrote a long article on this blog and then purchased some backlinks and did high quality on-page SEO and currently my site is ranking number 5 for these keywords. This post made me over $1000 in affiliate commissions and continually brings in commissions every few days – not bad for a few hours of writing?

Launch Jack Example

As you can see my site is 2nd out of 26,000 results and 5th after the videos that Google likes to add to the top of search results.

How To Launch Jack

I’ll try and keep this guide simple but I like to provide tons of free information to my readers so you don’t need to invest in further training courses but I’ll show you how to be successful in launch jacking.

Step 1: Find a product or service to promote

One of the best ways to find upcoming product launches is to checkout a website called Muncheye. I’ve done a full review on this website over here, but effectively you can find upcoming launches using a product launch calendar. Another website that is less popular is Launchboards but offers good information.

I tend to promote products that will attract a lot of internet marketers to promote the offer. This way you can assure yourself that there will be many searches for reviews about your chosen product. If you pick a product that might only make a few sales you’ll only end up wasting your time and end up giving up before you get going.

Pick products that you enjoy writing about as there’s nothing worse than trying to review a product you have no interest in – outsource to someone on Fiverr if you aren’t interested in writing articles.

I always give myself 3-4 weeks from the product launch to get started. This will allow you time to create the website content and start promoting your site.

Step 2: Buy A Domain

You’ll need to choose a domain related to the product your reviewing. Some websites don’t actually require their own domain and you could start a site that includes lots of different reviews – similar to my own website. The easiest way to get started is to pick a domain that includes the product name though.

You should buy a .com, .net, .org, .io, .review or domain. Stay away from free domains and unheard of extensions.

Ensure you get an exact match ( or with a review suffix (

In 2016 .review was launched and you can now get domains such as which are very cheap over at Namecheap.

Step 3: Setup Your Website

You’ll need to setup your domain name you purchased above with a shared web hosting account. There are free options available but the best way to look professional and ensure your website is secure is to use a low budget company. I host all my websites with A Small Orange or Bluehost.

If you choose A Small Orange you can get setup for as little as $2.92 per month if you pay yearly ($35) on their entry level plan. If you plan on launch jacking lots of different products then you should consider reseller hosting which will save you time and effort creating new websites without paying for more hosting accounts.

a small orange shared web hosting

A reseller account over at A Small Orange costs $15 per month and allows you to host 30 individual sites.

Once you’ve sorted your hosting, you should install WordPress. Most web hosts have 1-click installers now so you can get setup right away.

Next I install a suitable wordpress theme. Different internet marketers recommend different themes but I always choose a premium theme from the team over at mythemeshop. The reason they are premium is the super fast page loading, great SEO features and ease of customization. I usually use the Schema theme or Newspaper theme.

mythemeshop newspaper theme premium wp template

If your on a tight budget then be sure to checkout the free WordPress themes on offer. One good theme I like to use for small review sites is MH Cicero Lite by MH Themes.

Next ill customize the theme to my liking, change the permalinks to just %postname% and add a logo or banner across the top of the theme. I’ll then add some basic pages such as a disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions and site map page to show Google my website is not a one pager.

I always use a mailing list subscription box and for that I use Aweber to handle the signups. They are the best email marketing company I’ve used over the years and for $19 a month for your first 500 subscribers is well worth the investment. Your first month is $1 too.

Stay away from adding advertisement widgets or any of the generic widgets such as search boxes, categories, blog posts etc.

As for plugins, the only two I use are WP-Protect so other marketers can’t steal my content easily and a SEO plugin called Squirly. Both are free plugins and easy to find and install through the plugins dashboard.

Step 4: Adding Content

Different marketers have different ways of structuring their launch jacking posts. I start by creating one page of around 2500-3000 words, packed full of content and then set this page as the index page on my WordPress install. This means that when visitors arrive at they see the full review in one page.

I’ll start off with an opening line about what the review is about, the product or service in question and a general welcome to the reader. I proceed to tell them this is a personal review and the views expressed are my own.

I then proceed to list out quick fire facts about the product such as the vendors name, the category of the product, the official website, the price and my overall verdict.

I then use a free plugin to create review boxes which display a score out of 5 and pros and cons of the product. You can find a free version in the plugins store else Mythemeshop has a great premium option for $39.

MyThemeShop WP Review Pro

Next I’ll talk about the product, usually the product hasn’t been released yet so you’ll need to take inspiration from the JV or sales page on Muncheye or Launchcalendar. You’ll be surprised how much you can write without actually seeing the product. Once you’ve established yourself in the affiliate world, you’ll be able to request review copies in advance which will help with your launch jacking.

I’ll include a wealth of action photos or images taken from the JV or preview of the sales page. This helps show your readers that you have used the products in question.

Lastly I’ll provide a summary and my overall verdict. If I can’t recommend the product then this is where I recommend an alternative. I’m sure you’ve seen many other sites recommending programs such as Wealthy Affiliate everytime a bad product is launched?

If I recommend the product I’ll include a buy now button and several links throughout the article linking to the offer.

Lately many launch jacking marketers have been known to offer crazy bonuses to entice readers to buy from them. While I recommend you include some form of bonus I would stay away from saying, ‘Get your $20,000 bonus’ as people know it’s blatant lies to get a quick sale.

Launch Jack Bonuses

Step 5: Backlinking

I’ll start to build backlinks to my website right away as it ensures your website is recognised as an authority site and not just a new website in the eyes of the search engines.

The best way I’ve found to backlink is to buy the services of a Fiverr seller where you can get a good mix of backlinks for around $5-$10. I also buy some social signals – around 100-250 is sufficient and again these can be purchased on Fiverr for $5.

Before you go out and find a seller offering millions of backlinks for $5 don’t waste your time and money. Quality over quantity definitely applies to backlinking and you should buy a mixture of .gov, .edu, high ranking authority links and social links rather than 1000s of spammy comment links.


Step 6: Create Review Video

About a week before the product is due to launch I like to create a review video using Youtube’s live video feature. Without getting into too much detail here, you can buy many guides on how to do this. I follow traditional video SEO techniques and ensure my video ranks high in Google.


Step 7: Ranking High By Launch

If I’ve started my launch jack at least 20-30 days out, I am usually already either #1 or on the first page by this time for the top product keywords. If I am not, I may do some additional work to get more backlinks such as PBN links or increase my reach through further social media options.


Step 8: Wait For Commissions

By now you’ll be eager for the product to launch and wait for people to start searching for keywords you’ve hopefully ranked for. The most common keywords that people search are, ‘Product Name Review’, ‘Product Name’ and ‘Product Name Bonus’ so be sure to try and rank for those keywords. You could also try and rank for, ‘Product Name Scam’ or ‘Product Name Alternative’ if you cannot recommend the product but be careful, don’t ruin your relationship with a vendor especially if they have a hot offer in the future – as you will not be approved to promote with them.


Now, rinse and repeat. I know internet marketers with over 500 review sites making a few hundred dollars a month each. Hard work but anything is possible if you set your mind to it. There you have my guide to Launch Jacking and to Make Easy Money With New Product Launches.




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  1. Hi there, this extremely helpful information.I am also, in the business of reviewing money making opportunities on my site.

    I have a question, how do you approach vendors when you want a review copy of the product?
    Thanks once again, for all the help.
    Kind Regards

    • If you have experience and sales reputation on the platform it’s very easy to reach out on FB or via the JV page. Signup to many JV newsletters and if you don’t have sales with a vendor get some before asking for a review product for the next launch. I started buying the actual product and then reviewing it. If it’s not worthy of the money I get a refund. If it is, I review and simply expense the purchase price in my profit/loss.


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