Konversion Theme Review: Best Shopify Theme For Sales?

Are you looking for one of the best drop shipping themes on the market that comes packed with 20 conversion boosting features? If so then you’ll probably have heard of Konversion theme that is perfect for any Shopify e-commerce business. It’s quite expensive so let’s see if it’s worth it or not?

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Sales Page: KonversionTheme.com

Konversion theme is built with mobile in mind first. Nearly 80% of all traffic to your store is likely to come from mobile devices and if you’re running Facebook or Google Ads it’s likely this figure could be much higher. With that said you need to ensure your store looks fkn awesome on both mobile, tablet and desktop.

The problem is that most themes look awesome on desktop but fail miserably on mobile. After testing Konversion for a few weeks on my own store I can confirm it looks epic on both mobile and desktop. If you’ve seen Adidas’ website, this theme looks very similar, and I like it!

When a theme is built from the ground up on mobile you know it’s going to be responsive and work flawlessly on all devices. When a website works well you can lower your cart abandonment rate and increase your conversions.

Konversion Theme Review

The first noteable feature of the Konversion theme is the easy grids that make browsing for products a breeze. This theme really is geared towards e-commerce stores rather than one product drop ship sales funnels. Without even scrolling you can see products including the title, price and add to cart options from the product grid pages.

A simple navigation bar keeps your menu items hidden on mobile but expand into full screen mode once activated. You can add sub menus and pretty much any pages you want in minutes. A logo and live cart status across the top of the screen with search box for fast product searches makes the user interface great.

Homepage Content

This theme is perfect for setting up a complete e-commerce store and includes the ability to add up to 5 rows of featured blog posts in multiple columns. You’ll be able to show post titles, dates, excerpts and read more buttons.

If that’s not enough you can create your very own custom content using HTML blocks which will allow you to add images, text, links, buttons, videos, social media plugins and pretty much anything you can think of. Maybe you could even add an AI chat bot?

You’ll be able to add a testimonials block as a grid or slider and you can edit every one including text, image, company, name and any links to customer websites or blog posts on your own store. You can customize the entire content including alignments, show or hide content on different devices and edit colors, text sizes and fonts.

You can add logos including places you’ve been featured to add credibility to your store. Been plugged by the Daily Mail or a beauty blog? Add their logo and show the world too.

Going further you can add an Instagram feed and showcase some of your most recent posts or customer reviews. It’s entirely up to you how many you publish but I find no more than 3 is a good start so your page doesn’t take too long to load.

Aside from this there are dozens of other features you can enable or disable for your homepage including an announcement top bar for promoting offers or social media buttons, you can add Loox visual reviews, google maps, newsletter forms with CTA buttons, section separators and Youtube videos.

In terms of Shopify collections you can choose to feature one single product with CTA buttons, a collection of featured products, a single collection such as your best sellers or a collections list. All options include images, checkout buttons, image hover over effects and image cropping.

Collection Pages

View This Store on Konversion

One of the cool features about Konversion theme is the ability to customize the entire collections page which is simply not possible using a standard Shopify theme. You can style your pages with breadcrumbs, change the side bars, add tag filters, add customers to add to cart (and change the button), show a second product image on hover, switch pagination for infinite scroll and decide the number of columns and of course change each for both mobile and desktop.

You can alter the title and description for collection pages and change the location on where these appear whether that’s above, below, left or right on the page. You can also create a custom navigation menu and alter the links here. You can also add a banner image above the collections grid.

There really are a ton of features you won’t get elsewhere.

Product Pages

Okay this is where Konversion theme starts to get real juicy as there is so many different customization options here. The first is the ability to add a banner image which is different to the product images. This can be used to showcase the product and can be hidden on mobile or desktop if required.

There is an awesome product gallery which offers zoom functionality and the ability to display arrows to switch images. You can add smaller thumbnails under the main image too.

Product properties is a smart feature that allows you to have a short description excerpt next to the product images. You can move the add to cart button and can display information such as SKU, vendor, quantity, collections and tags anywhere you like. You can also add share icons.

You can add additional features such as related products which can be manually or automatically selected. You can also add secure payment badges, trust icons, sticky add to cart bars (this feature is good for pushing sales), content tabs for tidying up the product page if you have lots of content.

Konversion theme also offers the ability to add reviews using Loox, Ryviu and Yotpo apps should you wish. You can even add these to the product tabs or add them to the product page under the description section. You can add your own content at the bottom of the page. Maybe a size chart or social media plugin perhaps?

Of course you can edit everything for both mobile and desktop.

Cart Pages

This is another feature that makes Konversion one of the best Shopify themes. They allow the ability to edit the special instructions field, add a floating image when you add to cart, a continue shopping button, add a banner to the checkout page, add your logo and title and change the entire page layout.

You can change how buyers get to the cart page whether that’s completely skipping it all together by going to checkout, staying on the product page, opening the cart, popping the cart in the same window or disabling the add to cart field all together. The choice really is yours!

Aside from the usual features you can add a related products module under the cart field to generate up sells, you can also add trust badges including payment badges, warranty icons, phone numbers, support details, contact details and anything else you desire using the custom content and HTML box.

I saw one store using a fake Facebook comments box here to add social security on the checkout page. People were leaving comments saying how amazing the store was. A questionable tactic but you get the idea on what you could do here.

A live shipping estimator plugin is included for boosting conversions.

Footer Element

The footer page on Konversion offers the ability to add your own menu’s which you can hide or show on all types of devices, you can add your own content and link to any pages you wish. You can add a call to action button and add any widgets such as social media plugins, videos, maps, videos or scripts.

You can add a sub footer and include copyright, trademarks, social link icons, payment icons etc.

Page Load Times

The problem with buying a Shopify theme is that once you start to add third party apps your page load time starts to go through the roof. This is in part due to your site trying to pull data from different sources and your content will only load once all the scripts and apps have loaded.

It’s not uncommon to see your page load time go up to 10 seconds after installing some apps. The beauty of the Konversion theme is that your store will load super fast every time regardless of which plugin you use as they are all stored in the theme. There’s over 20 plugins you can use.

Custom Feature Plugins

As mentioned there is more than 20 custom features including in the Konversion theme and some of these include:

  • Page Builder
  • Currency Switcher
  • Countdown Timer
  • Deal of the Day
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Announcement Popup
  • Upsell Popup
  • Uploadery App Plugin
  • + 6 Premium Apps (Paid Monthly Fees).

The page builder allows you to build any page from scratch using your own pre-defined layouts. You can control the layout including columns, page width’s and add titles, images, custom content such as HTML or shortcodes, menu’s, contact forms, page breaks etc.

The currency switcher allows you to automatically change the currency based on the visitor location. You can also offer visitors the ability to change their own currency and change how it displays as well including removing the symbol or keeping it.

The countdown timer allows you to add a scarcity level by adding the timer inside the add to cart button. You can choose which products use the timer, it’s not a one for all timer like some plugins.

Deal of the Day allows you to add a widget on your store and feature your daily discount. You can also add the widget to the product page to tell your visitors the product is currently on sale which will hopefully increase your add to cart rate.

The Uploadery app allows you to give customers the ability to send files with their order. This could be good if you are selling a physical service or a product that requires dimensions such as a suit or fabric.

Konversion Theme Support & Updates

The theme is regularly updated and one theme gives you unlimited updates for the foreseeable future. Since launch in August 2017 when version 1.0.0 was available it’s been updated over 20 times and most recently (at the time of publish) was updated in 17th December 2018. You can read their website for a list of updates and new features launched.

There is a support desk with a basic knowledge-base and this is where you can log a ticket and get support and guidance. There’s also a small community forum where you can ask questions and see what other people are asking. They also offer a Facebook group for getting support.

You can also find a wide variety of Youtube videos on Tabarnapp’s Youtube channel.

The included documentation is pretty good and you should be up and running quickly.

Konversion Theme Pricing

Currently the theme costs $197 for a single site license which is at the top end of the premium theme market however you do get a ton of features and it looks great on both mobile and desktop. You get one year of support with your theme (renews at $97/yr if needed) and comes with a 15 day money guarantee.

You can opt for a 3 site license for $394 which is good for entrepreneurs expecting growth which allows you to save $65.66 per license. There is no konversion theme coupon or discount so don’t left some spammer convince you there is.

Sales Page: KonversionTheme.com

Final Verdict

It’s an awesome theme and looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop. It offers a ton of customization and over 20 different plugins that will save you hundreds of dollars every month in subscription fees if you were using a free or premium theme that didn’t include such features. I love how the collections and product pages look. The theme will make your store pop. At $197 it’s more expensive than other themes on the market but you can instantly notice the difference. I’d opt for the 3 site license as you’ll save $65 per license!

Justin Cener sure did deliver with his theme, it’s probably the best Shopify theme for more sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Konversion Theme the best Shopify theme?

In my opinion it’s one of the best Shopify themes for boosting your conversions and suits many types of stores.

How much does Konversion Theme cost?

It currently costs $197 for a single site license. You can check this post for any special offers available.

Is there a Konversion coupon code?

You can check our blog post for the best price on the theme.

What can you customize with Konversion?

You can customize pretty much everything within the theme using the admin UI interface.

What’s the best feature?

The 20 custom apps and features that save you buying additional apps and tools.

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  1. I came searching for independent reviews of Konversion after having this recommended by Justin Cener. You review is by far the best. Thank you. You seemed to drop out of site for a while. Good to find you again.

    High praise indeed afor Konversion, I was expecting a Franklin winner.

    The overall aesthetics are important to me, will this theme accommodate that? Does it have /can I add a slider?

    I have no intentions of agonising over learning yet another skill, so are there any foreseeable issues in hiring a fiverr to build this store?
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