Kez The Guru Review: Second Income or Fake Forex Signals?

Kez The Guru is a forex signals provider who promotes his service via Instagram, Youtube and various social media platforms. He drives a nice car, flaunts his wealth and claims to offer some of the best signals for traders to make a second income online, but is it worth it? 

Kez has over 179,000 Instagram followers and he is constantly posting photos of a lavish lifestyle, his Audi RS6 avant car and holidays.

His story is full of testimonials, this usually consists of random hot girls following a set script, such as this is an amazing second income opportunity. 

But if he's such a great forex trader, why does he need to giveaway signals or charge for them, strategies or tips if you use his broker?

Currently there's over 6,000 members in his signals group. 

You do the math. Is he actually making money from forex or from those £500 referral bonuses he gets for signing up new clients to his broker. 

What is Kez The Guru Selling?

Well he's selling an opportunity to buy forex signals from him. In return you'll be invited to signup for a BD Swiss Partner account to make those trades he sends you.  

He makes it clear that you are copying his tips at your own risk and if you lose money that's nothing to do with him. 

To avoid breaching any copyrights, I won't be publishing any of his content or material. 

Why BD Swiss Partner?

If you signup to his preferred platform you're setting up a live training account. This is quite possibly the worst advice ever, if you are a beginner. 

You should always setup a free trading account and test using fake currency with real prices until you fully understand how forex works.

The problem with creating a free account?

Kez doesn't get his big fat signup referral bonus.

BD Swiss Partners offers a 50% revenue share plan which means he'll get $6 per traded lot on major currency pairs. This obviously can add up if you've got thousands of members under you.

This is in addition to a likely £500 signup bonus he gets for you simply depositing money.  

But you'll need to deposit 350GBP or $425USD. Any less is not good enough.  

More trades you do = more money for the affiliate from that revenue share too. 

Positive Reviews

There seems to be many positive reviews about Kez The Guru, but these are usually published on questionable sites that can't be trusted. For example Safe.Shop

Most positive reviews we posted on the 21st April 2020 at 9pm at night. They all include a photo which is rare with online reviews.

They all have great spelling and everyone spells Forex the same way.

The negative reviews were on various dates from February 13th to April 13th and are now pushed to the bottom of the page. 

There's few if any other review sites out there. 

You be the judge. 

Kez The Guru Review

We signed up for Kez The Guru's signals and boy are they not cheap. All the reviews I'd seen on his Instagram were talking a big game, the best second income opportunity etc. 

Our first week of trades, we lost 21 and won about 4 and were down $500. 

This is a similar result as Ben Morris, a Youtuber from England received. After questioning the service, he was told not to publish his video online as it would ruin his (Kez) business. 

As far as I'm aware this is a genuine review of the service, we can clearly see Ben making a loss of 20% over the week, and he's trading small numbers.

Additionally Ben is offered a refund of 'some money back lost' which Kez says he's not really entitled to as you invest at your own risk. 

Kez The Guru goes on to say that he's had a hard week in real life and that might have effected his focus or not. Oh c'mon

To be fair, forex is not something you can test over a week, however if your win/loss ratio is like 10% over the first week, it doesn't set a good result for an experienced trader. 

Basically the signals we got and Ben got were not great. 

Forex Signals Scam

If you're unsure, google 'forex signals scam' and you'll see hundreds of Instagram kids claiming to have the 'second income' you so badly need. It'll just cost you $100-$1000 to access.

They've all been exposed on this Instagram page.  

Never ever trade with real cash without setting up a free account first. Anyone who tells you to open a real account is simply using their partner account to earn a revenue share on all your trades. Be wary of any broker offering affiliates commission for signing up too. 

If you're going to trust someone using a Lambo, a Gucci robe and a house in Turkey to clearly sell you on the idea of how wealthy you could be, then more fool you. 

Forex Providers With Free Accounts

Be sure to checkout these providers:

  • Plus500 
  • IC Markets. 

Bottom line, if there's no free option I wouldn't signup. Once you've deposited your money it's difficult to get it out without trading first. 


Bottom line, if you're going to buy forex signals as a beginner trader you'd probably be better buying a lottery ticket.

If you're a beginner, you should learn how forex works, not listen to some kid who's using his luxury life to sell you on the dream of getting rich to buy his signals. 

There's many free courses out there, there's also many $10 courses on Udemy and other platforms such as Youtube. Most genuine brokers such as Plus500 and IG offer free training too. 

Read more: tutorials

It's pretty obvious most forex signal sellers are using the money earned from members to fund that lifestyle to recruit future would be buyers, desperately seeking a get rich quick scheme.

Forex is not a get rich scheme for beginners. You could lose everything you invest.  

Kez however could be completely legit and make money from his own trades. But he never shows you any evidence he's doing the same trades he's sending you and as you see in Ben Morris video (at the end), he can't provide any evidence he's trading in the previous months. 

Ultimately you have no idea how successful these forex signal providers are. They never show proof of their accounts, and anyone knows a screenshot can be easily faked

Take Action: Learn how forex works, create a free trading account. Do it properly. Then when you're ready upgrade to live mode and only invest what you're prepared to lose. 

I can do 1 trade a month and make 5 figures. 

There's a misconception you need to trade all day. 

My 1 Trade Example

On March 9th I bought $100,000 of USD at AUD/USD 1/1.54. On 21st March the AUDUSD pair went to 1.74/1. 1 trade netted me $20,000. 

It's a once in a lifetime trade thanks to Coronavirus, but I knew how to cash in on this by watching and reading the markets and the news. If I'd bought some social signal I'd have absolutely no idea why I was placing such a trade. 

And remember, as this Reddit user mentioned:

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