Kevin Talbot Review: Is His eBay Course Worth $397?

Today we will be looking at a review on Kevin Talbot and his eBay course. Currently this course costs $397 and claims to show you how to start an online eBay business within a matter of days.

I personally bought this course an went through the 11 modules that took Kevin two years and over $50,000 worth of testing and experimenting to create the perfect step by step programme on starting a successful eBay business.

My eBay Background 

I started my online business with eBay many years ago and while I made a decent amount of money from this, there was lots of competition when using eBay and the margins were quite small however Kevin Talbot has come up with a way to successfully sell the same products for more than his competitors. 

I was a top seller in 2014, but even after making $10,000 per month in revenue, the margins were too small to actually make a decent income. eBay fees are high, then you've got Paypal fees on top, plus store listing fees. 

Who is Kevin Talbot?

I first came across Kevin Talbot on his YouTube channel whereby he was actually reviewing remote controlled toys, and from this I then discovered his business channel where he discuss is his online business, specifically his eBay business which he's been running for the last 10 years.

So why is Kevin selling a course when he is so successful on eBay? is it just a case of another income stream for him or does he make all of his money from affiliate commissions (rc toys) and through selling his course?

He has a huge following on Youtube, for both his RC Toys business and his business account. His KevinTalbotTV channel has over 670,000 subscribers and some of his videos go viral such as his 'World's Biggest Monster Truck.' Even those that don't get around 100-200k views, wow!

Kevin Tablot Course Review

Today we will find out as I go through the modules in the course and ultimately what I think of this training.

The course is hosted on the teachable platform which means that the videos look and feel great on every device that you may be using such as mobile, desktop, tablet.

I have to say I'm pleased to see that there is a decent amount of content in this course as most eBay courses are actually quite short given the amount of money that they cost.

In the course you will learn the basics of using the eBay platform as well as product research and product criteria.

Additionally you will learn the exact strategies that Kevin used to make over $1,000,000 in sales with his main product being a pull starter for remote control cars.

This product is now saturated as he shared this with his followers on YouTube however he has other successful products as well.

Additionally to this you will learn how to find products from local and international suppliers as well as those products with 10X profit margins.

Kevin clearly knows what he's doing an in the course you will actually learn how to create eBay listings which are much better than the competition and I'm sure you will recognise some of these when you're actually on the eBay platform.

Kevin Talbot has an 11 step process on what you must do so that your items actually sell on eBay as well as how to build feedback fast and finally how to rank your product on Page 1.

Not The Cheapest eBay Seller 

The pleasing thing to note in this course is that you don't have to be the cheapest seller on eBay and this is often what people get confused about, because they see 50 sellers selling the same product an often it is a race to the bottom to see who can provide the cheapest price as they believe that consumers want the cheapest price.

When I had my own eBay business this is what I found but the product that I was selling was very competitive and it was easy to see why people were trying to undercut each other because eBay was displaying the search results based on the cheapest price.

After looking at eBay recently I can see they no longer offer this so Kevin actually shows you a way on how to sell at a higher price than your competitors so that you can actually make a decent profit margin.

Who is the course for?

Kevin claims that this course is designed for beginners to intermediate who have no experience with eBay. Personally I found that eBay was very competitive many years ago and this is why I started drop shipping and affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping is when you use a platform such as Shopify and create your very own eCommerce store and you run advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat And Google ads.

So we are now going to get into the course and see what you actually get, what the modules actually entail and ultimately whether Kevin's training is worth $397.00 or not. 

kevin talbot review course

Kevin Talbot Course Content

The course is currently split up into multiple modules as well as a 11 step process. Further to this there are a couple of introductory modules as well as some bonuses such as scaling as fast as possible and what you must do to your items if they are not selling otherwise you will probably fail.

At the start of the course there is a disclaimer that you must read and accept before taking the programme however it's strange that this is included after you've paid your money rather than actually on the sales page of the course.

Additionally there is a special offer for another program called the 75 traits and habits and this is just simply a downloadable document. There is also access to free bonuses as well however in the interest of not providing inaccurate information I will not be revealing these in case they change. 

1. Introduction 

The first section of the course is an introductory module and this includes four videos on how you can get started and basically the layout of the course and what you can expect over the next 30 days.

This then proceeds into the important getting started checklist and then into the step one of 11 process which Kevin Talbot has created.

When I actually saw the content in the course I was actually a little bit shocked as to how short the course actually was given the $397 price point.

Kevin talks a big game on the sales page which I mentioned earlier and I was actually expecting a fairly long course however when I opened up the course curriculum I could see that there were lots of videos initially but most of them were actually quite short varying from only 1 or 2 minutes up to 10 or 15 minutes. 

Now a lot of people will probably say that it's not the amount of videos in the course but actually the quality of the content and to be fair Kevin Talbot does provide a lot of quality content but a lot of this information is definitely available for free on Youtube and given the amount of time and effort he puts into his free YouTube videos I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of content that he's actually provided in his paid training course. 

Step 1: Setup

The first step is all about getting started and this includes some basic information but also some of the most important information.

Additionally to this there are some legal information that you need to follow an ensure that you stick to to ensure that you do not get sued.

Many of the people purchasing this course will most likely be based in the United Kingdom whereby you can set up a limited liability company to protect yourself shoot anyone purchase a product and get injured or harmed when using the product that you have sold.

While it's not necessary when first starting out it's highly unlikely that you'll want to be registered as a sole trader on eBay because you will be liable for any debt or if you are sued for selling such a product.

This is why Kevin Talbot recommends that you stay away from products which could cause harm or injury to people such as electrical goods.

Step 2: Account Setup

Step two goes through the basics on setting up an email address and a bank account and he recommends that you create a separate bank account for your eBay sales.

Definitely do not do what a lot of beginners do an that is deposit business funds into your personal bank account because when it comes time to logging a tax return it will be nearly impossible to track your business income versus your personal income. Most banks will allow you to set up a bank account online for free.

There were then a couple of videos on setting up an eBay Anna PayPal account which again is very basic in my opinion and if you need help doing this there is content for you to watch however it's only 90 seconds long.

Finally you will learn about the two websites that Kevin recommends you purchase your stock from and these include aliexpress and Alibaba. Of course you could source your products locally however to actually make serious money with this method you need to purchase your products from China.

Aliexpress is the retail arm of Alibaba whereby you do not need to purchase the products in bulk. However you can get a much bigger discount if you do purchase in bulk and to do this you want to use the Alibaba website directly.

Step 3: Store Setup

This module included a 2 minute video on how to set up an eBay store and I personally felt that it was quite rushed anet didn't deliver that much value.

Ultimately there could have been so much more content on this section such as setting up the store, customising the store etc.

Step 4: Feedback

Another short module with only four minutes of content on how you can build feedback and why you need to build feedback when you are just starting out to create trust between you and your buyers.

When I had my eBay account and I was a power seller many years ago the easiest way to build your feedback was to go out and buy a tonne of 1 cent eBooks and this way you would leave feedback for that person and they would leave feedback for you thus after spending a couple of dollars you would have two or 300 feedbacks.

This method still works today however you will need to spend a little bit more than one cent with most eBooks costing around $1. 

Step 5: Finding Products

The longest module in the course is step five which actually goes through the process of finding your products on aliexpress and Alibaba as well as the product criteria and how to do efficient research.

There is a 16 minute video on using Aliexpress for finding products as well as a 17 minute video on spying on eBay competition. 

There are many other websites out there where you can get product information as well as finding winning products such as these 27 tools that I have looked at here.

There is a video on buying and selling on eBay as well as how to sell branded products which are not beginner friendly and definitely not recommended in my opinion be cause a brand can report your listings an you will have to prove that the products you are selling are genuine and that you are an official seller of these products, if you can't your eBay account will be banned.

 Kevin Talbot says that drop shipping sucks and he recommends that you should not attempt to drop ship products on eBay.

I'm not sure if Kevin Talbot is saying that drop shipping sucks completely as in you have your own website and your drop shipping or whether he just recommends you do not drop ship on eBay due to the long shipping times.

So with that said this method is not passive and not completely hands off as you or someone else will need to ship the products out however there is absolutely no training on using a 3PL shipping provider which I thought might be covered in the course so that means you are going to have to hold and store the stock and ship them out yourself.

This of course this is going to eat up your own time as you're going to have to go to the post office or you're going to have to pick pack and send an get akarere to pick up the packages from your door.

When I started my eBay business this is the process that we started with an it just took up so much of our time that we actually used a third party fulfilment centre and we would ship our products to them and they would ship it out to the customer.

This is similar to Amazon fba annual see that there's many courses out there that show you how to do this as well.

Additionally you can use Amazon fba to ship your products to your eBay customers an I know many people that actually do this as well however the shipping right and the product and packaging costs can dramatically add up and eat into your profit margin.

Shipping the product out yourself using Royal Mail can definitely save you a lot of money.

The second part of this step is about marking up your products and special product ranges to look at Additionally there is guidance on how you can mark up your products by up to 10 times.

Step 6: Taking Pictures

Step 6 actually looks at taking photos and again you're going to have to take these yourself and there is a 3 1/2 minute video on how to take awesome photos however this section I thought there could be a lot more information such as how to create photos using a white background which then will allow you to market your products on various different backgrounds.

Step 7: Edit Pictures

Module 7 looks at editing your photos and this expands on the previous module however again the video was really short and provided a little insight on how to touch up and brand your photos. ultimately taking amazing photos is subject to having a decent camera or having a photographer who knows what they are doing take those photographs for you.

Step 8: Keyword Research

This module again was fairly short but did provide some insights into keyword research which can be handy when trying to rank your products within the eBay marketplace algorithm.

As an SEO guy myself I use a lot of keyword research tools and I think there is far more information that you could discuss within this video then what Kevin has actually provided.

However in saying that if you are a beginner and you have no idea what you are doing this is definitely a good start into keyword research and definitely provides a useful insight into choosing keywords for your listing.

Step 9: Listing Creation

It's only fair that it goes on to show you what to actually do with your listings now and how to create amazing listings. firstly Kevin shows you how to add images to your product descriptions and how to make a really good basic eBay listing which makes your listing stand out from the crowd and is a lot more interesting than your competitors.

I'm sure you've been on eBay yourself and you've seen some listings that look amazing Ain other listings which look really poor.

When I had my own eBay store many years ago we hired a developer and created something amazing and this would allow us to sell the exact same product at a higher price than our competitors because we looked like a more professional store.

You will then learn to list an item and this is the longest video in the course which shows you over the shoulder how Kevin actually lists an item on eBay.

For a beginner this is definitely good information an I definitely learned a lot even though it's been many years since I used the eBay platform myself.

There is a 10 minute video on how you can sell at a higher price than your competition and how you can differentiate yourself.

Finally you will learn how to create urgency within your listings however when you compare this with a Shopify at drop shipping store you are actually quite limited in what you can do on the eBay listing itself.

Step 9B: Listing Creation Part 2

Finally you get some information on the 11 things that you must do so that your item sells an ultimately how to improve and increase the rankings for your listings which can help with your sales.

Ultimately if you show up on the first page when someone googles or searches on eBay for your keyword you are going to have a lot more sales than if you are on the second and third page.

This is very similar to Google search engine optimization And Amazon fba fulfilment whereby you need to be on the first page to generate a lot of sales as well.

Step 10: Postage 

module 10 provides information on postage and again there's not much to report here however I recommend if you want a passive and hands off business then you need to use a fulfilment centre who can ship your products out on your behalf.

After trying to ship out thousands of products myself I can safely say it is very time consuming and it takes a lot of your time throughout the day as well as chasing up orders that have not been received or have gone missing in the mail can take a long time as well.

This is why Kevin recommends that you sell products that are low cost because if you need to refund a customer you have not lost a lot of money.

Imagine selling a £100 product and it goes missing in the Mail you will have to either replace that product or refund that customer whereas if the product only cost you a couple of £ you would not have lost much money at all.

Step 11: Customer Service

The final step included a video on how to deal with customers and ultimately when running an eBay business customer service is paramount to your success.

The main example I can give you here is that eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback so buyers have free reign on the feedback that they can leave for sellers so ultimately refunding and providing replacements when items break or are lost in transit will ensure that you maintain a high level of feedback.

eBay requires that top sellers have a positive feedback rating of at least 98% which means that you can only have at least one negative feedback for every 50 sales or else you will run the risk of losing your top seller status which means your eBay and PayPal listing fees will be a lot higher.

30 Day Money Back Refund

Kevin Talbot offers a full 30 day money back guarantee which requires you to send one short email requesting this and specifying why you would like a refund however you need to make sure that you claim this within 30 days as there is no exceptions for anyone who claims after this.

After going through the terms and conditions I can't see that this is an action based refund policy which some courses especially in the United States require.

For example this maybe you can only watch 20% of the course or you must complete certain action steps before you are able to get a refund.

It's good to see that Kevin stands by the value that he puts on his course by offering such a refund.

Kevin claims that no one has ever been denied a refund within the first 30 days which is pleasing to note and definitely recommended as well.

Kevin Talbot Course Verdict

Overall I thought that Kevin's course was fairly decent however it was really short and a lot of the modules I felt was lacking a lot of information. 

With this said, Kevin Talbort eBay course is not a scam.

For a guy that claims to be making a full time income on eBay I was expecting a lot more content and information that would help a beginner to scale their business.

 I felt it was a bit short and definitely could have been expanded in a lot of areas especially around product research, dealing with suppliers an actually finding decent suppliers using aliexpress.

There was absolutely no information on importing your products into the United Kingdom which for anyone that knows the European Union is really strict and you actually have to pay VAT on your imports which can dramatically affect your profit margin however Kevin Talbot didn't even touch on this topic which I think is actually the most important topic for beginners starting out.

Additionally there was no information on collecting VAT or how you deal with this when setting up your eBay business.

I guess the requirement for registering for VAT in the United Kingdom is only at a certain threshold and Kevin is assuming that most people will not meet this threshold however to start a million pound business such as what Kevin has done you definitely need to know a lot about this.

There are so many benefits to being registered when importing and setting up your business. 

Further to this I felt that the content around eBay and PayPal fees was not really covered as well as how to actually achieve top seller level which gives you a reduction in fees.

Finally there was minimal information on how to deal with returns and customer feedback if the products are not as described or if the customer wants to return an item.

An example here is who actually pays for the return? as well as how to deal with sending out replacements.

Lastly there was no information on keeping track of your expenses and profits such as using an accounting programme such as zero or MYOB or any of those other small business accounting software programs.

Further to this there was no information on actually dealing with taxes however I guess this will vary depending on each individual circumstances however as the courses aimed at people from the United Kingdom I would have thought there would have been some information for people based in the UK.

As I mentioned earlier there was no information on using a third party fulfilment centre and I definitely think this could be included. Finally no guidance on using tools to automate your business either or hiring a virtual assistant. 

In my opinion the course is priced too high. This would be better value at $197 given the level of content. Regardless I'd buy the course if I wanted to learn from Kevin Talbot.

If I just wanted to learn eBay, there's many courses out there with more information at a much lower price. 

eBay vs dropshipping? I choose dropshipping (see why)

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