Kartra Review: The Business In A Box Clickfunnels Alternative

You’re looking for a good honest Kartra review and you’ve come to the right place. I ditched Clickfunnels a long time ago and started using Kartra which offers many more powerful features for a ‘business in a box’ solution at a fraction of the price. With a $1 trial for 14 days, you’d be a fool not to signup and see for yourself.

If you haven’t heard of Kartra then I don’t blame you, it appears everyone is going crazy about Clickfunnels, as the worlds number one funnel builder and they might be right, but it lacks a lot of features. You see most people are affiliates for Russell Brunson’s product and actually don’t use it themselves, others that do use it probably are looking for more value for money but they haven’t found anything, until now.

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kartra review

The main problem with Clickfunnels is that you need to fork out $297 per month to get their full bells and whistles package. Most people claim they don’t need the pro version and can make do with $97 per month, until of course their business grows and they actually need those features. They then start to look for cheaper integrations, i.e. Aweber but quickly realise they are paying another $100/mo and before long it’s spiraling out of control.

Enter Kartra, the last stop on your journey.

Other platforms tried to enter the market such as Xfunnels and old schoolers like Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce and Samcart simply don’t cut the mustard either unless you’re looking for lead gen/sales pages only.

Kartra was launched by another equally famous internet marketers Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins with a great development team. It claims to be the last tool you’ll ever need when it comes to starting your online business. They offer a one stop shop that includes; funnel building, email marketing, automation, membership site setup, third party integrations, analytics, checkout pages and so much more.

They also offer video hosting for your membership sites (with 50GB bandwidth), many integrations with third party vendors and software and offer features you won’t find anywhere else like helpdesks and overlay checkout multi step forms.

It’s obvious the sales page isn’t as well designed, nor near as convincing as Russel Brunson’s work but if you dig a little deeper you can see the wealth of features this platform offers over Clickfunnels. There is no mention of pricing, only a trial and it’s actually quite hard to locate the pricing. I can confirm the entry level price is $89 per month recurring. Okay it’s only $10 cheaper than Clickfunnels but you get the same features of the $297 plan so its a saving of $210.

Rather than paying a hefty $200 extra dollars for the next plan, you’re limited on number of ‘leads’ or ‘customers’ you plug through the platform. This does seem a little strange as once you hit 2,500 you need to pay an extra $60/mo. I guess you could remove them from the platform and retarget them using another platform to save money but Kartra see’s itself as more of a Infusionsoft lookalike or platform for managing your leads for the future.

Kartra Review

Like everyone who signs up for Kartra I ended up on the $1 trial for 14 days and then onto the $89 plan. It was very simple to redirect a domain name towards Kartra using various methods. There is a full tutorial on how to get started. You also receive two weeks of emails direct to your inbox with instructions on how to perform different tasks.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels Pros

Kartra offers many more features right out of the box including:

Dozens more templates for webinars, checkout pages, sales pages, video pages and up-sells. They look pretty awesome compared to Clickfunnels, so simple and clean. You can add fancy graphics, banners and multi step checkout templates so buyers don’t even have to leave the current page.

A built in helpdesk for your customers to contact you and log tickets/live chat. This is a pretty cool feature that doesn’t seem to be featured in any other platforms and might be an industry first.

Ability to checkout on your own website, Kartra pages or one click upsells with awesome templates or one click pop overs. You can also reduce your refunds by offering confirmation boxes.

Easy to use affiliate program to allow other Kartra members to promote. Your affiliates can easily see their stats using their dashboards.

Integrations with other applications especially Zapier which allows you to integrate Kartra with Zapier and take advantage of the 1000+ other integrations. To give you an idea of a use case, you can download your sales from Kartra into a Google Sheets document automatically which makes tax and accounting a breeze. Other use cases I’ve seen are exporting your leads into a call tracking program.

Out of the box they also integrate with a wide variety of other membership platforms including Optimizepress, Wishlist, DigitalAccessPass, aMember, S2member and Kajabi. This is a huge offering!

Kartra vs Clickfunnels Downsides

I’m definitely a fan of Kartra but there are some noticeable differences which will take you time to get used to if you’re coming over from Clickfunnels including:

Drag-n-drop page builder: It’s fair to say the Kartra page builder isn’t as flash as Clickfunnels and you can’t simply drop a component wherever you like. You also can’t edit text by double clicking, you must click the text icon.

Payment methods: Right now Kartra only supports Paypal, Authorize and Stripe which may limit people who can’t use either of those two credit card processors. One click upsells don’t work with Paypal (yet). There is talk of more payment gateways coming in the future.

Product setup: The Kartra product setup is fiddly and you constantly have to keep updating the confirm box before you can progress. Making changes requires you to go through the entire process, it’s fiddly and takes time to adjust.

Poor multi payments: It’s disappointing to see that Kartra only offers monthly billing and weekly, bi weekly have been excluded. You can still run monthly, 6 or 12 monthly, trial periods and one time offers though. You can also offer multiple price points.

Kartra Limitations

I quickly found some problems and used their Facebook group to seek clarification, the help was pretty poor if I’m honest, so if you do hit a roadblock it’s likely it’s a design flaw rather than a problem with your account. They do have a support desk that is quite helpful but back and forth email support is sometimes difficult to convey your problem/s.

One of these problems was the inability to change the checkout button color for multi step templates. While their support team said it was possible, it quite clearly wasn’t possible to change the color from baby blue for the pre made multi-step checkout pages. Now that’s fine if you’re website uses blue but using a green banner and blue button, go figure.

Another problem was the inability to use multiple currencies. Let’s say I want to sell one product in USD and another in AUD it’s not possible. Yes your customers can convert using the drop menu but that’s annoying especially if you have customers in a specific country. Only option, two Kartra accounts.

Over time these issues will slowly go away, after all the application is only a few months young. They do have a trello page where you can upvote for new ideas and functionality to be added to Kartra.

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