Joe Robert Course Review: Is Print On Demand Accelerator Legit?

Are you looking for a print on demand accelerator? A POD course created by Joe Roberts, an entrepreneur who has been in the POD business for many years. 

I'll checkout the course, what it is, how much it costs and whether I think it's legit or a scam. Currently it's priced at $997 which is at the top end of eCommerce training courses. 

Joe Roberts Course Review


Ranked #16 out of 97 dropship courses (See full list here)


Great insights into POD business model


Over 10 Hours




Mid 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #16 out of 97 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Great insights into POD business model
  • Length: Over 10 Hours
  • Price: $997
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 4/5

What is Print on Demand Accelerator?

Print on Demand Accelerator is an online course created by Joe Robert to help Shopify business owners expand their print on demand services. It is designed for beginner and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

This course is incredibly straightforward and consists of resources on building Shopify stores that cater to both the public, and more niche audiences. Joe uses his personal websites to show how to scale, build appropriate advertisements, and use social media in order to attract customers.

Who is Joe Robert?

Joe Robert is an entrepreneur who has years of experience selling print on demand products on apps such as Printify, Amazon Merch and Printful.

He is also a content creator on Youtube, and produces videos that advise on selling and pricing print on demand items. Joe’s work has been mentioned in Printify.

joe robert pod ninjas review

What is POD Ninjas?

He also established, a website to help people interested in print on demand services. This website features free resources aimed at beginners on starting a success print on demand business on Shopfify. There are many blog posts on creating advertisements and personalisation of items.

Joe is the owner of Shopify websites that have made over 5 figures in just one month alone.

On top of selling print on demand items that are generally popular, he also has expertise dealing with less well-known products. His Shopify stores feature a wide range of goods, such as clothing, blankets, car seats and more.

Joe’s goal is to help everyday people grow a successful print on demand business that can lead to financial freedom. He himself has found numerous success with this area and wants to share his knowledge with the rest of the Shopify community.

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What’s in the Print On Demand Accelerator Course?

This course consists of The Accelerator Training, the entire print on demand curriculum. Joe instructs students on how to construct appropriate general and niche Shopify stores.

This allows owners to cater to a wide range of people, without compromising on quality and profit. The lessons provided started from the bottom up, making it easy for even beginners to start a shop.

The Print on Demand Accelerator Course teaches Shopify store owners how to master Facebook ads in order to reach a wide audience.

The resources available include information on page post engagement (PPE) and retargeting. Joe also advises on scaling and Lookalike Audiences (LAA) to attract potential clients and customers.

In addition to Facebook, the course covers topics on using Instagram as a marketing strategy. Through Instagram, Shopify brand owners can engage with communities and build strong bonds with repeat customers.

The Instagram resources include lessons on using influences to advertise items. This whole section provides the A to Z of using Instagram to reach more people, with minimal effort.

The curriculum features several specific examples, by both Joe himself and other Shopify site owners. With Joe’s personal Shopify sites, students are treated to lessons on how the websites were built.

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Joe also provides a breakdown on the products and designs, in addition to how he used Facebook ads. His experience with Facebook advertisements goes through areas such as conversion campaigns and scaling.

With numerous real-life experiences behind his back, students get an unfiltered view of the makings of a successful Shopify store.

Students are also entered into the Accelerator Student Group, a place for likeminded Shopify business managers. The Accelerator Group has hundreds of members who join together to share both horror and success stories. The group is where Joe conducts his direct calls and provides feedback on any work.

Those who enroll in Print on Demand Accelerator Course get unrestricted access to the Training Call Archive. In this Archive, there are recordings of Joe’s seminars and workshops. 

Students can watch videos that were filmed years ago, which includes information that still applies to this day and age.

The final gift with this course is the Print on Demand Ninjas Pro Tools. These are resources which Joe personally employs in order to launch a successful business. This includes templates to budget, price and ultimately sell items.

How much does the course cost?

The Print on Demand Accelerator Course is available for $997.

This allows lifetime access to the full curriculum, in addition to the private Facebook group chat administered by Robert himself.

Any testimonials for the course?

Joe has several students from around the world, who has praised his no-nonsense way of instruction.

Although Print on Demand Accelerator is available at a price, those interested can visit to get access to free resources aimed at beginners.


Print On Demand is super competitive, whether Joe Robert would actually admit to that is another story. You can easily create t-shirts on Printful and other POD platforms, but when the cost price is around $20 and you're selling a t-shirt for $30, you haven't got much room for margins, especially when you factor in Facebook or Instagram ads. 

I remember 3 years ago, POD was huge, but then everyone got their t-shirts in the mail and discovered how crap the quality was and probably never wore the t-shirt more than twice. It was spammed to no end on Facebook before the cost per click became too high to actually make any more. 

You can definitely make money with print on demand, but I personally would avoid it like the plague. I'd dropship physical products instead. But why Rhys?

Clothing has one of the highest return and refund rates in the whole of eCommerce. Nearly 1/3 items are returned at Asos because the sizing was wrong. Next up is putting all your trust in the printing company who are notoriously slow at shipping items out, plus you need to test every design to ensure the colors come out as well as they look on your computer screen, most of the time they don't. 

Then there's dealing with all those shipping issues. Printful for example use 3rd party providers outside the US and Canada which can add problems and delays to orders. Trust me when I say you'll run into a whole heap of issues with getting POD clothing delivered. 

I recommend dropshipping physical products and one of the best courses to learn how to do this is called eCom Elites which teaches the same principles, but focuses on products. You can dropship from USA or China, plus you can buy the course for only $197, a perfect introduction into the world of dropshipping without depleting your bank balance (...full review)


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