Iyia Liu Course Review: Is Her eCommerce Training Worth $450?

Iyia Liu is an up and coming entrepreneur from New Zealand who has been featured in the news and on many international blogs over the last few months.

This 26 year old, Insta blogger, turned seven figure business launcher and public speaker has finally launched her own course to cash in on the growing number of people who want to escape their 9 to 5 and start an eCom business.

Back in November last year I heard about Iyia, who was operating a dessert cake business which was in the news for all the wrong reasons. It started with her business deleting negative comments on the businesses Instagram page and her celebration boxes that were mis-advertised.

A $70 box of chocolates looked like a $5 lucky dip. Rather than respond to comments, she deleted negative comments from her page.

Prior to that her businesses included an Aliexpress waist trainer which she paid $300,000 to Kylie Jenner to take one photo on Instagram with her product. She claims this did $3.5 million dollars in sales. Another was Bambi Boutique which sells female clothing and another was Luxe Fitness which sold premium fitness supplements.

It appears she’s doing rather well, a $3 million dollar mansion in Auckland, a luxury ‘G Wagon’ and many other lavish photos over on Instagram.

But is she just a PR queen, i.e. someone who creates endless press releases about herself and her businesses to appear wealthy and well off, to flog her training, eBooks and attend conferences?

Now she’s creating an eCommerce course for $450, so is it worth it?

Iyia Liu Course Review

iyia liu course review

The course was being promoted heavily on social media and uses the Kajabi platform. The sales page was looking a little uninviting and was actually confusing as to how to actually buy the course. With all her web businesses, a good sales page wouldn’t go a miss.

In fact one of the modules in the course is about creating sales funnels..

On the landing page is a 32 minute webinar where Iyia goes through and shows you what’s in the course. I won’t repeat what’s in there, so I’d suggest having a good look at the video before deciding if it’s right for you.

Some of the key points mentioned in Iyia Liu’s course include:

  • How to start an eCommerce business within 1 day for under $250
  • How to learn digital marketing effectively
  • How to find and deal with influencers yourself
  • How to do your own PR to get in news outlets.

Like most businesses, Iyia’s first business actually failed and in the introduction to the course she goes through why this happened and how you can help alleviate the same happening to you.

The content is hosted on Kajabi which is a membership platform, all videos look great and the audio is good too.

Module 1: The Foundations

Like all good courses, the first step is to create your business correctly from day one. This will make your life much easier when you have to file a tax return. The framework laid out by iyia is simple but effective and includes videos on business structure, accounting, tax and key point, get a business bank account.

She also then recommends you brainstorm before creating a business plan.

Personally I don’t believe you need a business plan, until you’ve learnt the entire process and have proven the eCommerce model works for your idea. You might sell 10 products and none of them are good ideas, so you wouldn’t create 10 business plans would you?

Next up is a short video on supplier research and how to find them, making contact and paying them correctly. Given this is the most important part of any business, I’d have devoted an entire module to product research, recommending tools to use and how to choose products effectively.

Next is videos on creating your Shopify website, the platform of choice for entrepreneurs to start and build a store within hours, not weeks and no need to pay any geeky developers either. You then learn how to setup a logo and brand your store, before creating a custom email address and social media accounts.

The content is good, but in my opinion it’s pretty short and could be much more detailed.

Module 2: Marketing 101

This module again is very short but does offer information a beginner would be new too. Given marketing is the biggest factor that can make or break your bank account it really should have more than a few videos.

The first step is creating your sales funnel, a successful one that will convert more visitors into sales. You can then integrate this with your store so sales flow through.

You’ll learn what the difference between traditional and digital marketing is and how you can do your own PR campaigns. She actually gives you a free download here on how to get into newspapers, magazines and print easily.

There’s a video on how to market via expo’s, pop up stores and brick and mortar.

Personally there’s a lot of content that should be in this section but I assume it comes under module 4 and 5.

Module 3: Content Marketing

This module goes into detail looking at how to leverage online communities to generate traffic. You need to be engaging and not spam people.

Next you’ll learn how to create juicy content that makes people buy. If you thought you could just copy and paste the product descriptions from your supplier, then think again! You need create some compelling copy to make people buy from you.

Iyia then shows you how to build a massive following on social media and maximize and increase organic followings on your posts. There’s a video on ways to do this and how to stop people unfollowing you and if they did, why they might have done so.

Another video on blogging and how this can help drive traffic to your product pages.

Module 4: Influencer Marketing

The course seems to jump around and now we’re looking at Influencer marketing, which might be a thing of the past if Instagram continues to remove the number of likes from posts. Just as Iya made millions from Kylie Jenner posting a photo of her waist trainer, you will learn how to negotiate and pay Influencers.

You’ll also learn of the different ways to do paid engagements with Influencers, how to find them, how to spot fakes and how to ensure you get the best deal possible by looking at the engagement metrics available within accounts.

You’re going to need some serious cash if you want to work with celebrities, but most smaller Instagrammers are easier to work with.

Module 5: Paid Ads

Okay this module is where the course really needs an update. There’s a few short videos on running video ads on Facebook and getting setup with Facebook Ads. I don’t believe for a second that Iyia made her money from creating a basic Facebook video ad and running it online.

There is soooo much more to Facebook Ads. I’ve attended multi day conferences and watched training courses that offer 10 hours on the topic of Facebook and Instagram ads, two platforms that can turn an average Joe into a millionaire overnight (winning product required).

Sour taste gone, you then move onto Google Ads and how to create an ad there. Again a lack of information for a beginner here, you can’t throw up an Ad and hope you make money, there’s far more to the process with endless data and resources available to do so.

There’s a small section on email marketing, gathering leads and then marketing to these people.

Topics missing here include other social media marketing platforms such as Snapchat (huge right now), Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube (huge). Other platforms such as Bing, Baidu, Ask and Yahoo also don’t get a mention which can drive considerable traffic at bottom dollar prices.

Module 6: Business Practices

The last module seems to be thrown together and includes scaling, outsourcing, optimizing your website, customer retention, customer service, paying yourself, exit strategies and Iyia Liu’s top tips. There could have been a few more modules with this information spread over them.

Some of the videos include optimization techniques which I’ve written about myself, a good theme will help most of the time as well as scarcity and special offers.

You also learn how to sell your business, but your main focus should be actually making money and building a business before you need to think about your early exit. Unless you’re getting or have got investors on board, an exit shouldn’t be something you’re looking at right now.

Final Verdict

Iyia Liu course is a good insight into the world of online business, specifically eCommerce and digital marketing. The first disappointing thing to note is she refuses to offer any refund once you purchase her course.

In my years reviewing courses, those who don’t offer refunds or guarantees usually have something to hide, either a crap course or are unsure of the value given vs the the price they charged upfront. You do however get lifetime access to the course which has been updated once since launch.

For me, the course was pretty short for the price tag which is $450 NZD or $299USD at today’s rates. There was so much potential for this course and given Iyia makes millions of dollars per year I would have expected a lot more.

The issue could be she has a team that runs her marketing but I have found other courses that offer 100+ videos on marketing for the same price. I’m unsure why you would want such a short course on the factors that in my opinion are most crucial to your success.

There was also a lot of content missing, i.e. how to actually setup a successful Facebook or Google campaign. How to optimise your website for sales. How to find winning products online? These are all questions I think beginners would have after watching the course.

The positives for the course were Iyia and she’s definitely a success story, she’s done very well and it shows. You can understand the content and follow along, but I always get the impression this course is just another income stream for her lavish lifestyle, rather than her desire to help people like you and me to start a business online.

When I compare this course to another entrepreneur from New Zealand called Franklin Hatchett, who doesn’t flaunt his wealth (but it’s clear he’s minted), it’s clear this course is under rated. For example eCom Elites is $197 or $297 depending on the plan you get, offers nearly 200 videos across 9 modules on the entire A-to-Z process.

The Facebook and Google Ads section alone is 75+ videos of over the shoulder training. There’s also an advanced sales funnel academy, videos on platforms such as Snapchat and Bing, as well as Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin. There’s also a Facebook mastermind group with 15,000 other students from around the world to help you out. Plus Franklin does live video calls and makes himself known to all students.

I’ve done a review on eCom Elites here, you can be your own judge.

If you love Iyia’s brand then you will learn from her. It’s like going to a poly-tech vs university. Both cost the same but both offer vastly different levels of content. Unlike university, you don’t need any pre-requisites to get in this time, just try something different, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Iyia Liu is not a millionaire. Iyia Liu has never ones a mansion! She has rented one on Dairy Flat along with flat mates. Iyia Liu second mansion is and has been a concrete slab for 2 and a half years. Her car is second hand. She is renting another property with the father of her child what she is is a scammer

    • Sounds like your issue with Iyia is personal? So what if she doesnt own a mansion or is renting?
      I came on here to see if taking her course is worth it, not to read feedback that she doesnt own a mansion or she is renting or that her vehicle is 2nd hand.

      BTW, i am not a friend of hers nor does she not know me…Im sick of people just being mean about other people.


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