Internet Lifestyle Academy Review: Mike Vestil’s Course

It’s that time of month again where I start to review the numerous Shopify drop shipping stores that have hit the market over the last month, this time it’s Mike Vestil with his Shopify course, Internet Lifestyle Academy. Before you fork out $497 for his course, checkout my personal review of his course.

internet lifestyle academy review

Mike Vestil is the king of clickbait.

Rent a huge fckoff mansion in Bali (Airbnb of course), get heaps of friends to come around claiming they make $100k a month on video, post on Youtube and then tell the world how to do the same, for $497.

Internet Academy Lifestyle Review

The topics covered claim to range from ecommerce, dropshipping from aliexpress, dropshipping with U.S. suppliers, affiliate marketing, blogging, passive income, personal branding, building your mindset as an elite entrepreneur and more.

Once you drop your $497 (or 2 x $297 payments) into the course what do you actually get.

Welcome To The Academy

Do you want to be one of the 5% club? Well Mike definitely wants you to be. Mike claims the training course is some of the best content you will ever find online. Let’s find out.

The inspirational speech in the first video sounds very much like Tai Lopez, unfortunately for Mike, his accent isn’t as smooth as Tai’s which I could listen to for hours.

You’ll get a video to join the Facebook mastermind private academy to.

And lastly there is a video that shows you how the academy works. Basically you already know it, it’s three courses in one. Making sure you get that wealth of knowledge (sound familiar?)

Course 1: Drop Shipping w/ Facebook Ads & Shopify

Okay it’s the part of the course I mentioned in my original introduction and it’s the first course that most people will be clickbaited into checking out so we may as well start there, right?

The first video is an introduction to, ‘Dropshipping from aliexpress’ and gives you a ten minute overview on how to make money with this simple business model. It’s the same content that other guru’s have talked about for the last two years so unfortunately Mike is a little late to the party.

You’ve then got two videos on niche selection split into 16 minutes and 21 minutes and includes the various websites Mike uses for finding proven winners and products to sell. If you can use Facebook and Google then you can probably do the niche research within a few minutes.

Next is a video on sourcing your products, thought we were using Aliexpress? Yes it basically shows you how to find a supplier that ships using ePacket and then how to set yourself to use them.

Next is a 20 minute video on how to setup your Shopify store. This video was rather short, accompanied with the complimentary Shopify trial affiliate link and how to get further help with your Shopify store.

Facebook Ads Setup

After just over an hour of content so far you’re nearly half way through the first course. Now you’re met with the Facebook videos that will show you how to get started with FB ads.

The first video is a quick start overview on how you can get started with Facebook ads and creating your very first advertisement. The next video focuses on advanced targeting however again this video is rather short and skims over the topic rather than spending more time here.

Next you’ll learn how to analyze Facebook’s data and installing and training the FB pixel which of course is a vital part of any Facebook ad campaign. There’s a video on how to scale your FB ads and what do to if you make no sales. I guess killing your ad might be a good idea? Lastly there is a video on fulfilling orders once received.

Instagram Marketing

This section was super short and was less than 45 minutes for all five videos. You’ll learn the basics and best practices when it comes to Instagram marketing and how to publish and get exposure for your own content as well as using Influencers for getting cheap traffic to your Shopify store.

Nothing more to say here? #TooShort.

Course 2: Drop Shipping w/ U.S. Suppliers

Okay so if you can’t make any money with Aliexpress drop shipping then Mike suggests you target US drop shippers as your way to make money online. This basically means if you’re a non US national you’re bum out of luck in this section of the course unless you start a Delaware or Wyoming LLC.

You see, no US business is going to get into business with an overseas drop shipper. The moment you go to signup for a drop ship account the first thing they will ask for is a Social Security Number (SSN) or a reseller id. Both of which you won’t have.

So you can invest a $1,000 setting up a offshore company in Delaware and then give the IRS all your financial details before you can even test drop shipping with US suppliers. Mike forgot this from his course.

For those of you that are from the US or have citizenship there then you can learn about the opportunity in a 10 minute video followed by very short videos on setting your business up, product price, product type, demographics, brainstorming, store design, conversion optimization and contacting suppliers.

Again this is all fairly basic stuff in super short videos that are all probably available on Youtube for free.

Google Advertising

Mike recommends that you setup your US business with Google Adwords and there’s an opening 24 minute video on how to do this. Then you’ll learn how to create a PLA campaign, bids, budgeting and negative keywords. Then how to create a search text ad and concluding the section.

There’s really no focus on costings here. If you’re just starting out, Adwords can easily bankroll you overnight if you set the wrong bid types. Not setting the right bid type can ensure no one will ever see your ad so I feel this section could have been far more detailed. It seems to be a quick dash rather than a long walk.

Course 3: Passive Income

Finally the last course and this one is super short. An introduction into passive income followed by the mindset you need to be in to make passive income.. yawn.

Affiliate Marketing

You get given a quick overview about what affiliate programs are and some good ones to signup for. Then learn how to make $250 per day passively.

Next you’ll learn how to find topics for your blog (there’s three videos on how to start your own blog and keep track of your income/expenses), keyword research, writing an article, creating a viral article/video, promoting your content and…

… before you know it the course is complete.

Money Back Guarantee

This course offers a 30 day money back guarantee, full 100% refund.

If you do want a refund then you need to contact their support department to arrange.

Is Internet Lifestyle Academy A Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam or fraud and you do get access a fair few videos. The course is priced medium range and it definitely shouldn’t be. Maybe a price point of $197 would be more fitting.

Final Veridct

Internet Lifestyle Academy is a bit of a flop if you ask me. It’s a basic introduction to Shopify and Aliexpress drop shipping, US drop shipping and affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, my advice is to pick one or the other, affiliate marketing or drop shipping and stick with it and purchase a course that offers a ton of content for each niche, not buying an overhyped course that includes basic information on all three topics.

Mike has a huge Youtube channel and lots of clickbait videos, maybe if he spent a little more time investing in the content of this course rather than clickbaiting the course it would have gotten a better review.

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