I Moved To Bangkok, Thailand To Combine Travel, Work & Play

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the last month then I’m pleased to announce I’m now living in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been planning to make the move to South East Asia for a few years now after many awesome travels here, meeting a wonderful Thai girl and seeing so many digital nomads doing what they love, I made the move.

And I’m finally here! For the next 9 months at least as I used the 6 month multiple entry tourist visa.

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Back in May my girlfriend and I went to Sri Lanka for a week and I bumped into Johnny Ward from Onestep4ward. I’ve been following his blog for the last 4 years and he’s been to every country on the planet while combining charity work, making money online and traveling.

Bumping into him at a tiny coffee shop in Negombo was definitely a sign that I needed to drop the 9-5 and pursue similar adventures. Johnny started with nothing and has made nearly 2 million dollars in the process so it’s definitely possible.

moving to bangkok

Why Bangkok?

Ever since I took my backpack to South East Asia 7 years ago I fell in love with Bangkok, there’s always something happening, there’s a million places to eat, the cultures interesting and most of the people friendly.

It definitely helps that my girlfriend I met in New Zealand was Thai and her visa was coming up for renewal too.

Bangkok is a flight hub for so many countries, it’s only 12 hours from most of Europe and 12 hours back to New Zealand, for me that’s perfect and a great way to start exploring the rest of the world.

In the last few years I’ve been to more countries than I care to count, living in Bangkok will give me the freedom to start exploring Africa and North Asia such as Mongolia, China and the stans (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc).

I like to travel cheap, I don’t need the luxury of business class (yet) instead choosing to spend the money on experiences and adventures. If you want to know how I travel cheap here’s some advice.

Travel aside, there are so many co working spaces, coffee shops, serviced offices and daily office spaces in Bangkok that I’ve spent the last few weeks finding the best one to spend my time, if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.

Finding A Condo In Bangkok

Prior to my arrival I spent ages trying to find the best condo complex to stay in. It was really difficult as there is literally hundreds of complexes to stay. My requirements were:

  • Close to a BTS station (most important)
  • At least 30-40 square meters
  • Close to a shopping mall
  • Large swimming pool (I like to swim)
  • Gym
  • Quiet & Relaxed.

Personally I don’t think the requirements were too much but I spent ages looking and struggled to find anything under 20,000 baht per month (Approx $900). You then need to factor in electricity, water rates, internet and other expenses.

The biggest clincher was finding an apartment for 9 months. Most condo owners would only allow 6 or 12 months with a 2 months deposit and there’s many horror stories about getting that deposit back too.

So the solution? Airbnb Sublease and what a lifesaver. You can rent month to month.

For $850 a month including all expenses and the Airbnb fees (15% i think?) I found my perfect condo. I suggest if you’re looking for a condo in Bangkok for less than 6 months you use Airbnb.

Without revealing the name of my exact condo I’m located about 15 minutes from central Bangkok on the Silom BTS line next to a station called BTS Wutthakat. Within 5 minutes I’m at a huge shopping mall with supermarket and many restaurants and shops. All my condo expenses including cable TV and Fibre internet (a luxury in Bangkok) are included too.

Bonus, I’m also on the 23rd floor, penthouse!

Silom where the majority of co working spaces are located is about 10-15 minutes on the skytrain from my condo, for me that is a perfect commute and gets me out of the condo complex every few days.

Looking forward to getting back into the action and sharing more awesome content on my blog.

Are you in Bangkok? Please let me know if you’re interested in catching up.

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