How To Protect Digital Product Downloads & Dealing With File Sharers

I’m currently in the process of writing my first major course and I’ve been evaluating the best ways on how to protect digital product downloads and stop file sharers. In the past I haven’t paid much attention to the security surrounding my products and this goes for a lot of other internet marketers.

If your offering a product for $7 or $17 your likely going to sell large volumes, especially if you’ve got a good list or affiliates working for you. This in turn is going to lead to many file sharers sharing your products on popular sites such as WSO Devil and BestBlackHatForum.

This can be both a good and bad thing so don’t panic. Most of the time you should include affiliate offers and thousands of people downloading your eBook free on blackhat forums is likely to result in a few sales at least. If your eBook was $7 and you sold a 100 copies, it’s likely you’ll make more from the affiliate commissions than from the original eBook.

But what happens when you want to create a high quality course that is going to cost $100+. Below I’ll discuss your best options, but first of all, let me tell you the most important thing you should take away from this article. Never upload your course to a folder in your website called xydewffwf and then create a cryptic name for the file name. Google will likely index the page regardless and anyone with some basic searching skills will find your product within minutes – for free!

So here’s what you shouldn’t do!

Do not host your files in an open folder on your website regardless of how cryptic you think you’ve made the location.

Do not host your files on WordPress. It’s very easy to locate the uploads folder if you know where too look.

Do not host your files using Amazon cloud services, any other file host or a link that can be shared easily.

Your probably wondering, there’s no other options left. Well the best way of delivering your product is to use a members area. There’s tons of different membership plugins out there that integrate with WordPress and other content management systems. One of the best ones I recommend is InstaMember due to the vast range of features and low entry level price.

instamember review overview

In short, your buyers are redirected to a members area after payment has been made. You can secure the download pages so you must be logged in to view them. If your course is video files you can embed them in the members area and very few people will go through the time and hassle to save those videos and reupload them to a blackhat site. If your product is very popular there will always be demand for file sharers.

Another option is to use JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus or WarriorPayments to handle your downloads. New technology is being launched all the time and some smaller sites such as e-junkie actually embed a secret code into the PDF’s and courses so if they do start appearing on blackhat sites you know which buyers are bad ones and can blacklist them from any future sales.

It’s well known that most of the people sharing on blackhat sites buy products and request refunds immediately. By weeding these culprits out of your lists, any future sales are less likely to end up on blackhat websites.

So to conclude, lock your files in members areas so make it difficult for those who haven’t bought the product to share it. Those that have bought are less likely to share your products and those that do need to be blocked from your lists – do whatever you can to try and identify these individuals.

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