How To Find $250k Winning Dropshipping Products For Your Store

So you want to find $250k winning dropshipping products for your store? Well you’ve come to the right place. Today I’ll be showing you the best methods, that are working for me and many other successful drop shippers right now.

If you’re just starting out then using a platform such as Sell The Trend (review) is a great place to start. You can pay a low monthly fee and get access to all the latest trends and see what other stores are selling.

But if you want to find proven winning products there’s only really one way.

Step 1: New Facebook Account With VPN

I recommend heading over to Facebook and creating a brand new account using Incognito mode.

Ensure you’re using a unique email address and different name and location.

I recommend setting your location to one of the big 5 countries, such as Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

I also recommend using a VPN if you’re actually in a different country. For best results use a US based server and have a US location.

Step 2: Search For eCommerce Keywords

The first thing to do is use the Facebook search box and search for keywords such as these:

  • Free Shipping
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Free + Shipping

I’ve included as many successful ads incorporate a short URL instead of using their long URL’s. There are of course many other short URL companies you can try.

You can also include a niche keyword such as, ‘dog.’

Now you want to click ‘See all’ on the videos section.

You want to ensure you’ve toggled the date to be this year only, that will remove any old videos.

Now start scrolling through looking for videos created in the last 3 months that have 250,000 – 1,000,000 views.

These are products that are selling well and have been scaled. Of course we don’t know they are definitely making $250k but it’s a good start.

When you find a video you like, click on the title to open the video. LIKE THIS VIDEO.

Now click on the product links and go to the website.

Step 3: Install Facebook Pixel Helper Plugin

You’ll need to be using Google Chrome, but you can download this plugin for free. Once installed, you’ll be able to see if the website you clicked on is using the Facebook pixel.

If it’s not then choose another. Most will be though.

Facebook Pixel Helper

From our example we can see that they are using the Facebook Pixel.

The pixel fired for view content and page view.

Now proceed to add the product to the cart and attempt to checkout. This will fire the ‘addToCart’ pixel.

Close the site and head back to Facebook, repeat the process many times.

Here’s another example of 405k views in 2 days.

Step 4: Install Turbo Ad Finder

Turbo Ad Finder removes all your social media content from your Facebook feed and only leaves ads.

What you’ll find now, is that Facebook will start to serve you eCommerce products based on our previous interactions. You can turn this mode on or off instantly.

You’ll now have an endless feed of products that are being advertised.

Once you see a video that has over 500k views, it’s a good time to do some research.

Now do the same product research you’ll normally do. It’s highly likely these videos with that many videos are doing over 250k in sales revenue.

Step 5: Download Intelliygence Inspector

You can get a monthly membership for only $29 and this will allow you to enter a stores URL and it will return with details such as best sellers, estimated sales revenues, traffic stats, apps and traffic sources such as Facebook, Google SEO and Instagram.

Method From Franklin Hatchett
All credit for this method goes to Franklin Hatchett who shared this with his students inside his eCom Elites training course. If you want to learn from the very best dropshipping expert then you need to join his course and learn more. There’s 180+ extra videos on starting a successful eCommerce business. (Read Full Review)


How To Find $250k Winning Dropshipping Products For Your StoreDescription: Want to learn how to trick Facebook into showing you endless successful ads? Learn how to find $250k winning dropshipping products for your store now.
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