How Franklin Hatchett Makes Money Online (And How You Can Do The Same)

There’s no shortage of Youtube entrepreneurs out there, creating videos on all the latest topics such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and even Amazon. One of the most influential of those is called, Franklin Hatchett.

Chances are, if you’re here, you already know of him and are wondering how he makes money online.

Unlike those other gurus who upload Shopify dashboard photos or luxury photos to their Instagram accounts to show you how rich they are, you won’t see that with Franklin, who lives a modest lifestyle and doesn’t seem to flaunt his wealth to sell a course or coaching package.

how franklin hatchett makes money online

The History

We have to go back a few years, when he was driving a digger, working 60 hours per week for some construction company in New Zealand and hating every minute of it. He actively tells you all about this on many of his Youtube videos.

You see, he wasn’t always making money online and he was just like you, looking for ways to create passive income or make extra money to go travelling.

The first way he started to make money was using a website and Google Adsense, which ultimately failed. The workload was far too intense for the rewards yielded through Adsense. If you were considering doing the same then I’d strongly discourage you from doing so.

However it was then that Frank discovered the power of websites, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing.

This brings me to the first way Franklin Hatchett makes money online.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

Franklin is one of the top affiliates for companies such as Getresponse, Shopify, Clickfunnels and Bluehost.

He creates content related to these platforms, then drops his affiliate link encouraging users to signup by outlining the benefits in doing so.

One of the easiest examples of this is his blog, OnlineDimes which has dozens of posts which include posts such as, ‘How To Make Money With Pinterest,’ and ‘ClickFunnels Review.’

When Franklin promotes Clickfunnels he gets paid 40% of the ongoing monthly fee of anyone who joins through his link. Currently Russell Brunson’s platform costs $97 or $297 meaning Frank gets $38 or $118 per month per person who signs up.

Shopify and Getresponse are similar payouts, 20% and 33% respectively.

Bluehost pays Franklin $110 per customer who signs up for $2.95 per month plan.

It doesn’t stop there either, Franklin owns dozens of affiliate websites that all do the same thing, recommend products and services. Another one of his smaller sites is about ‘how to jump higher in Basketball.’ This proves you can make money with just about any type of niche.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $20,000 – $50,000 per month. 

#2 Drop Shipping

Another way Franklin Hatchett makes money online is by drop shipping and it’s no secret that he owns numerous Shopify stores, selling products he doesn’t even own. We know he makes money this way as he has his own course on the topic.

In order to sell a course on Shopify you must be manually approved by the geeks at Shopify HQ which keeps the scammers out, and the genuine guru’s in. One of those killing it with drop shipping is Frank.

To protect his winning products, I’ve chosen not to share his successful stores on this article. You can find your own winning products using a platform such as Sell The Trend which compiles them all into one easy to use dashboard.

So Franklin creates stores that sell one or two products, add an upsell and then start running Facebook, Google and Instagram Ads to people all over the world.

I’m sure you’ve seen ads for dropshipping all over the internet.

It’s one of the easiest ways to start making money online and is another business model Franklin uses.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $20,000+

#3 Software As A Service (SaaS)

As if affiliate marketing and dropshipping isn’t enough, Franklin owns a piece of software which he allows other people to use. We call this software as a service and can be very lucrative as it brings in money every month that someone uses it for.

Gravity forms is a WordPress SaaS plugin similar to Franklins.

Once someone starts to use a software as a service platform they rarely change as it’s too convenient to keep using it. If you look at accounting platforms such as Xero and Wave you’ll know what I mean. Once you’re in, it’s nearly impossible to get out.

While Franklin’s software isn’t quite as difficult to get out, it does serve a good purpose allowing people to customize their landing pages on WordPress.

Again to protect Franklin’s brand I won’t be publicly revealing the software, but he does offer a monthly plan and has many members.

You can create your own software as a service and do the same. All you need is a good idea, a developer, a support team (could be you?) and a marketing budget.

One of the best resources I use for inspiration for creating new software is ProductHunt.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $20,000+

#4 Course Sales

It’s no secret that Franklin owns two of the best courses on the internet right now. A lot of people question why someone with that much income from other sources would need to create a course and share his secrets with the world.

The best answer is diversification. As you might have figured out, the first two methods rely on two other providers. Your affiliate site will require affiliate programs to promote and your drop shipping store will require paid traffic.

Without these two things, Franklin’s business could drop considerably and like any good businessman who has great knowledge, he’s using that to create an additional income stream.

Unlike 95% of those other gurus who create courses, then disappear for months on holiday before reappearing to promote the next big trend, Franklin has been around for many years and only promotes these two courses.

While tempting I’m sure, he doesn’t have courses on make money online, Amazon FBA, course creation and print on demand. He takes pride in his courses and it’s clear given he has over 15,000 students who all paid $197 – $297 for access to his courses.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $20,000+

#5 Investments

The last way that Franklin makes money is through his investments. Rather than funneling all that money he’s clearly making into a bank account for a poor interest rate, he’s investing it in various shares and options.

Rather than sit here and give you the run down, it’s probably better if you watch his video where he explains the entire process.


There you have it, five ways Franklin Hatchett makes money online and how you can too. I’d recommend buying one of his courses and rather than going mad and trying to start five different businesses at once, you should start with one and focus on that, make some money and then scale into another option in the future.

If you’ve got $1000+ to start then you’d be better starting with dropshipping as you can run paid traffic to your products and start to see a return on your investment faster. If you’ve got less than $1000 then look at affiliate marketing as you can do most of the work yourself (by creating content).

Whatever option you choose, Frank is the best person to learn from.

I learnt from him and I’m now making over $40,000 per month myself too.

I started with dropshipping, then affiliate marketing and now I do a lot of client work too, slightly different route to Frank but do whatever interests you and where the money is!

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Franklin decided to create a course called Savage Affiliates which shows you how he makes money with affiliate marketing. It goes through the entire process of picking a niche, research, setting up a website, marketing and getting sales. After many successful years, he’s sharing his secrets with his students.

Read my review on this course. 

Learn Dropshipping

Franklin decided to create a course called eCom Elites which shows you how he makes money with dropshippingg. It goes through the entire process of picking a niche, product research, setting up a store, marketing and getting sales. After many successful years, he’s sharing his secrets with his students. The course is regularly updated and has 15,000 students!

Read my review on this course.

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