High Ticket Hybrid Review: Mariah Coz Course Legit?

Are you looking for guidance on what the High Ticket Hybrid course by Mariah Coz is all about? Is it worth it, or is it another scam designed to suck your bank account dry? 

Today, in my High Ticket Hybrid review, I'll let you know exactly what you get, who can join, how much it costs, other options to consider and ultimately what I think about this coaching course. 

High Ticket Hybrid Review


Ranked #7 out of 17 high ticket coaching courses


Unique high ticket community and coaching for entrepreneurs


One Year




Early 2021


  • Rank: Ranked #7 out of 17 high ticket coaching courses
  • Content: Unique high ticket community and coaching for entrepreneurs
  • Length: One Year
  • Price: $20,000
  • Updated: Early 2021
  • Rating: 4/5

What is High Ticket Hybrid?

High Ticket Hybrid is a course run by Mariah Coz that has revolutionised the way  high-ticket programs are sold. Coz teaches business owners and sales people to attract large amounts of clients without conducting a single sales call. With over 2 years in the making, this program has helped create 6 and 7-figure businesses.

Inside the coaching course is: a one year (12 month) coaching program and curriculum, with weekly group coaching calls, weekly critique, a private Facebook community, and a whole bunch of templates and operating procedures libraries. 

With this course, Coz delivers a plan to create and offer coaching programs for over $10,000. Her curriculum consists of automated funnels and electronic systems to dispose of the need for direct calls. Her lessons are highly efficient, with a focus on time management and attracting only the best potential clients. 

High Ticket Hybrid also helps people find and employ the best coaching staff to manage the ticketing program. This allows for easy enrolment of hundreds of clients, without comprising on the quality of client engagement. 

This is part 2 of Coz’s coaching programs and intricate out of courses available. Students are expected to have had experience selling high-ticket coaching schemes. It is advised that those interested in High Ticket Hybrid enroll in The Accelerator, another course delivered by Coz. 

High Ticket Hybrid is a one-of-a-kind course that enables entrepreneurs and business owners to attract clients, without ever touching a phone. 

high ticket hybrid review

Who is Mariah Coz?

Mariah Coz is an entrepreneur who established Femtrepreneur, an empowering website for professional women interested in starting businesses, or transitioning into self-employment. She has years of experience, having started her businesses at the young age of 18. 

Coz is most well-known for curating programs designed to help attract customers and construct million-dollar evergreen businesses. Her most successful courses include The Accelerator and High Ticket Hybrid, which help already established business owners create a scalable system and ultimately increase sales. 

Coz ultimately came up High Ticket Hybrid, when she was sick of conducting phone calls that made her anxious. She realized that the calls led to few sales, and that it was highly inefficient. Thus, she spent over 2 years using a system never seen before, that ultimately led her to make 5 figures in just 30 days. 

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What’s in the High-Ticket Hybrid Course?

This course consists of unrestricted access to the 1-year High Ticket Hybrid Program and Curriculum. Additionally, there are direct group calls led by Coz herself.

This course prioritises improvement and hitting milestones, which is why customers are also treated to feedback on webinar slides and offers. There is also a focus on community engagement, with a private Facebook group chat that is filled with millionaire entrepreneurs.

Finally, there are downloadable resources such as templates and instructional videos that covers topics on employing quality staff, attracting clients and more.   

The High-Ticket Hybrid Program and Curriculum consists of 3 phases: design, delivery and sales funnel and automation. The first phase concerns creating a hybrid group coaching program that is worth at least $5,000 to $15,000.

There are videos that teach students what to add in the scheme and how to arrange the structure of the offer. There are techniques to include pricing and more minor details.

The goal is to design a program that is straightforward and undemanding to save time and money. The program created is said to be scalable from the jump. 

In the second phase, students are taught how to implement a client management system that is time-efficient and inexpensive. This is done through templates provided by the course.

Additionally, there are lessons on conducting group calls. Business owners are sure to enjoy the resources that help find the perfect coaching staff that can scale the program even further. 

The final phase is sales funnel and automation, which concerns constructing a system that scales businesses without ever making a single phone call. This system has been in the making for over 2 years and has received praise from countless entrepreneurs.

It helps eliminate unsuitable clients, and instead enroll high-figure customers. There are standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other resources provided to help implement marketing strategies. 

How much does the course cost?

In order to register for this course, aspiring students must fill out a short application form. As this is a highly exclusive program, only those with businesses and experience with high-ticket program offerings are considered. The application requires a business website, information about email lists and personal social media accounts.

Accepted clients will receive an email outlining the price of this course. 

According to community readers of this blog the training costs $20,000 USD which is a small fortune for most business owners, but this is targeted towards established course and content creators, rather than beginners. The Accelerator course is designed for beginners.

Are there any testimonials for the course?

Here’s what Isi Aladejobi had to say:

“Mariah is upleveling us. PERIOD. This is POWERFUL. The entire system is glorious and turning the high ticket industry on its head.”

Final Verdict

It's an expensive training and coaching program but it does go for a long time. As you can probably guess Mariah makes money helping other people to make money online. It's easy to create courses telling other people how to create courses, but the easiest way to make money is to teach others how to make money online. Just remember, it's much more difficult to get subscribers to your course about dog training, than 'How to make $10k a day without lifting up the phone.'

With that said, the community readers and other reviews online are incredibly positive about this course and coaching. I had a quick look inside a members account and sure enough there is plenty of weekly coaching calls, material and a large Facebook mastermind group. 


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