Google Ads Bootcamp Review: Is Jeff Sauer Legit?

Are you looking for a Google Ads Bootcamp review on Jeff Sauer's course from Data Driven? We're taking a look at what you get, whether it's worth it, and ultimately if you can learn Google Ads from him and his team. Grab a coffee and let's get started.

Currently the course is available to enrol in via his Data Driven website. 

My Google Ads Bootcamp Review


Ranked #4 out of 7 Google ads training courses


A deep dive into Google Ads but nothing ground breaking


2 hours 30 minutes




Mid 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #4 out of 7 Google ads training courses
  • Content: A deep dive into Google Ads but nothing ground breaking
  • Length: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Price: $199
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 4/5

What is Google Ads Bootcamp?

The Google Ads Bootcamp is a course that teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to manipulate Google Ads and profit. It is produced by Data Driven, a business that has provided counselling and training for several big-name corporations.

There is professional counselling and courses available for digital marketing, such as with Facebook and Google. Some clients of this company include Target, Best Buy, 3M and Nestle.

This course provides the A to Z of Google Ads and can help you increase return on investments (ROI), in addition to curating a realistic budget. Get ready to learn insider tips to increase profits without comprising on business expenses.

google ads bootcamp review

Who is Jeff Sauer?

Jeff Sauer is a certified data analyst and founder of Data Driven where he is currently working as a mentor. Data Driven is designed to help marketers grow and learn how to manipulate Facebook and Google Ads to receive high returns.

This company is highly reputable, having been featured in Google Analytics and MOZ. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas where he teaches digital marketing.

Sauer is best known for his work with pay-per-click (PPC). He is widely regarded as a veteran in the digital marketing industry. Sauer has been named in the TOP 25 PPC list several times in the last 10 years.

Besides being a digital marketing veteran, Sauer is regarded as one of the best motivational speakers. He also has extensive experience has a keynote speaking, having given more than 100 speeches. He has visited more than 20 countries, where he led workshops.

Sauer’s personal and professional interests both made huge impacts. His passion as an educator led to more than 17,000 students gathering precious knowledge about digital marketing.

He has received several certifications and licenses. He has been a Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2008, and a Google AdWords Certified Partner since 2006. With over 10 years in the marketing and advertising sector, Sauer knows all the insider secrets to help you succeed.

google ads bootcamp review

What’s included in Google Ads Bootcamp?

Google Ads Bootcamp is an intensive course that takes about 5 days to complete if the modules are correctly followed. It is divided into 5 main sections.

It's 5 days of material, but only 2.5 hours in length. Quite a short course, but it does have over the shoulder training which will help you succeed with Google Ads training.

The first module is referred to as The Rules of Profit-Driving Advertising. Sauer teaches 5 main principles that need to be followed in order to bring in revenue using Google Ads. 

It is regarded as an important module that should not just be glanced over. This is the foundation block to bringing in profit with very little effort.

The second module is called Budgeting and Profit Maximising. This is where students learn how to curate a realistic and suitable budget. Sauer provides information on placing target goals.

He also gives classes overspending, and tips to avoid this. One of the main ways that people fail when using Google Ads is that they do not place money in the right place, and typically overspend. Sauer teaches how to maximise a small budget and bring in lots of revenue.

In module 3, students listen to Health Account Structure. There are tutorials on constructing an effective account structure. The ideal account structure can help you not only reach, but go above Google estimates.

Most importantly, Sauer provides techniques on curating an account structure that is effective amongst competitors with similar products. This module is one of the most important ones and needs to be mastered before moving onto the next.

The fourth section is Keyword Targeting. This is where Sauer supplies effective keywords that are sure to lure in buyers. The keywords identified are cost-efficient, further maximising profit potential.

Individuals learn the best phrases for their product which catches the attention of customers, thus bringing in more clicks.

The final section is Account Optimisation. Sauer instructs students techniques to help revenue exponentially increase by tweaking Google Ads accounts.

This can lead to larger ROIs and thus, more sales. This module is the key to increasing sales and clicks over time, and with very little maintenance.

Overall, the lecture content is around 2.5 hours in length. This isn't that long, given the price of the course, but it's often quality vs quantity when it comes to ads training.

How much does the course cost?

This course is available for $199. It includes 7 additional tools to help utilise Google Ads to your best advantage. 

Major debit and credit cards are accepted. This includes MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, Alternatively, payments are also accepted through PayPal.

Like all bootcamps on Data Driven, there are no refunds allowed, so ensure you know exactly what you're buying before paying as you won't be able to get your money back.

Any testimonials for the course?

Google Ads Bootcamp has received a few stellar reviews, which can be found by checking out the Data Driven website, proving it's not a scam.

Darren had an amazing experience with Google Ads Bootcamp. He stated that this course helped him save hundreds in ad expenses and definitely paid for itself.

Checkout the official website for testimonials. I wouldn't want to copy and paste them into my article as I'm unsure of their authenticity. 

What Other Courses Does Jeff Sauer Have?

Besides Google Ads Bootcamp, Data Driven also has several programs. The Google Skill Mastery Courses can help you familiarise yourself with Google Analytics in just a month.

For those concerned about website tracking and marketing, there is a course called the Tag Manager Mastery. Individuals can also check out Data Mastery Studio, which provides templates to help curate effective marketing reports.

Data Driven also has courses for large agencies and small businesses. There is the Agency Jumpstart for those in the early stages of operation.

Sales Jumpstart is targeted for businesses who want to increase revenue. The Project Apollo Accelerator can help businesses who are bringing in $4k to $40k a month. This course is designed to increase this number tenfold.

Individuals can also join the Data Driven Insiders. This is an interactive community full of like-minded entrepreneurs. It is also an incredibly useful place to network.

Data Driven Insiders get access to personal support from Sauer himself. Additionally, there are tips provided to boost time management in order to help you work smarter, not harder. Sauer and his team also bring clients over and give referrals to help you land that big project.

Where Can You Join Google Ads Bootcamp?

You'll find the best option is to visit the official website

Unfortunately there is no discount or coupon code available. You will need to check the website to see the best price at the time of purchase. 

Final Verdict

A fairly short course into the world of Google Ads. I'm unsure if it's worth $199 given the content you could find on Youtube that's probably longer and more detailed than the 2.5 hours in this course. However you are also getting some exclusive tools to make your experience better. Data Driven has a range of courses to checkout, but just be careful with their zero refund policy. 


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