Frimpong eCom Academy Review: High Ticket Course Worth $497?

Frimpong eCom Academy is a relatively new course by Ebenezer Frimpong and claims to offer over 75+ videos, and 6 hours of content on the world of high ticket dropshipping. The course claims to be a game changer that offers access to done for you product research, a private community, ongoing support and bonus ready to go templates.

While most courses focus on Aliexpress dropshipping, Frimpong Academy looks at high ticket where you can make 20-30% profit selling expensive products without spending a dime on Facebook Ads.

Who is Ebenezer Frimpong?

Ebenezer is a United States based entrepreneur who is most well known for his Youtube channel which currently has 6,200 subscribers. He’s been uploading videos for over 3 years but hasn’t gone viral yet as most of his videos only have 500-1000 views.

Most of his videos are the usual clickbait such as his ‘I spent $0.55 to make this.’ or ‘he did $2 million this year.’ In recent months he’s been uploading videos a few times per month with other videos on topics such as Google Ads, Instagram, Product Research and Store Optimization.

Over on Instagram you get to see his normal life which isn’t full of supercars like some of those other guru’s out there. He seems like a genuine guy who is trying to help other entrepreneurs and that’s evident in his long and reasonably priced course.

He’s not trying to fleece you out of $997 and offering a super short course or false promises such as ‘unlimited mentoring.’

Live Outside USA? Read Carefully

The first thing you really need to know is that high ticket dropshipping often involves local suppliers and this course looks at the United States. One thing the course sales page fails to mention is that dropshipping providers in the US usually won’t work with foreigners, instead only working with US tax residents or US off-short companies that can get a reseller ID and tax ID.

If you’re from one of the other 196 countries on this planet then you’ll probably hit a road block trying to work with US suppliers and your only option is to setup an off shore company based in Delaware or Wyoming which is easy enough to do. The hard part is knowing what your legal and tax obligations are in the USA and your own country.

So before you dive in and start thinking high ticket is super easy, you need to setup your business correctly or you’ll get stuck. Most people hit this roadblock and then assume the course is a scam, which it isn’t but it could be more clear.

If you’re from the US or a Citizen living abroad you’ll have no issues. Canadians could use Canadian dropshippers, likewise Australian and United Kingdom but they are harder to come by.

frimpong ecom academy review

Frimpong eCom Academy Review

The sales page is hosted on Clickfunnels but the actual course content is hosted on which ensures your videos look and feel great no matter what device you’re using. Whether it’s mobile, laptop or desktop, you can be sure the videos look great.

Video quality and audio quality were both reasonably good and similar to his Youtube channel. Most videos were over the shoulder and easy to follow along which is pleasing to note.

The refund policy is simple, 14 days and less than 20% of the course however you need to ensure you don’t watch any videos with the words VRP next to it as these are exclusive to the course and void your right to a refund, bit strange but oh well.

The course is split up into 14 modules with some being super short (1 video) and others being long.

Module 1: Introduction

Here you get an insight into the course, what dropshipping is and how much startup capital you need.

While there’s only two videos, you get documents on how to join the private Facebook community as well as chrome extensions recommended to install to make your life easier.

Module 2: Business Formation

This module looks at setting up your legal entity. Remember my warning earlier, if you aren’t US based or willing to setup a US business you’re going to get stuck here.

The course looks at getting a vendors license.

I actually setup my own international US based company in 2016. The information in this guide is still fairly relevant so check it out. Just get a tax adviser to help you before you sign any paper work that could impact your tax obligations in your host country and the USA.

Module 3: Product Research & Narrowing

This module looks at product research and includes four methods for finding products, using observation, what’s for sale, the taxonomy and VL method.

You also get an over the shoulder product research case study as well as a bonus 140 high ticket products to use.

High ticket dropshipping is different to using Aliexpress where tools such as these can help find winning products.

Module 4: Supplier Research

This module includes lots of information on supplier research. Unlike Aliexpress dropshipping you need to do much more research into finding a suitable supplier and Ebenezer helps you to learn the process he takes. You’ve got his M.A.P policy and pricing as well as three unique research methods.

You have videos on types of suppliers as well as secret supplier insights tools and the module concludes with an over the shoulder supplier research case study to show you the entire process from A-to-Z on choosing and researching a supplier.

Module 5: Store Branding

When building a high ticket store, branding is very important. Most people aren’t going to drop thousands of dollars on stores that look like crap. So you’ll probably want to get yourself a premium Shopify theme and spend some decent money buying one.

Next you’ll learn about choosing your store name, buying your domain name and creating a custom logo using Fiverr.

You’ll learn how to setup an email address using your domain name to look professional as well as registering and setting up your social media profiles.

Module 6: Building Your Store

This module looks at creating your Shopify store and helps you with an extended trial as well as adding mock products, creating collections, creating discount codes.

There’s extensive theme research but I recommend using one of these conversion optimized themes as well as creating important pages.

You’ll learn how to create your checkout pages as well as adding payment providers and Paypal.

Again if you’re not US based you’re going to hit a major road block getting a credit card merchant as the risk with high ticket dropshipping is far greater than selling cheap products with Aliexpress. Paypal might be your only option.

Lastly you’ll learn how to connect your domain name to your store.

Module 7: Google Marketing Prep (VRP)

So watching this module forgoes your opportunity for a refund so I’ll try and help you decide if you should or not.

Firstly it’s a fairly short module with most videos only being a few minutes long. However you do get an insight into the world of Google.

You’ll learn how to setup Google Analytics which is pretty basic as well as Google Merchant Center setup, Webmaster Tools and Google Shopping Feed Setup.

You learn how to link everything together into one account and how you can get $100 free credit for Google Ads.

Lastly there is a video on Google Ads Conversion tracking and Google Dyamic Remarketing tags.

If you have no idea about Google Shopping or Ads then it’s a good module, but most people who have used a website in some form before will know how to setup most of these.

Module 8: Bing Marketing Prep (VRP)

This is another module that you can’t get a refund after watcing and includes three videos on setting up Bing.

One of those is setting up webmaster tools, another is Bing Ads setup and conversion tracking.

The last one is Bing Merchant center and Shopping feeds which is a fairly new platform to most people. There’s an assumption people only use Google which would be wrong with over a billion people using Bing on a regular basis.

Module 9&10: Suppliers & Store Completion

The first module includes a video on how to get approved by suppliers as most suppliers won’t work with you until you’ve got a store setup. That’s why those mock products were added in an earlier module. There’s a 10 minute process for getting approved.

My recommendation is to pick up the phone and get approved by speaking to the right person fast. Most suppliers get spammed all day long by people who will send a few sales and then disappear. Suppliers want reliable vendors who will send them lots of sales.

Module 10 looks at the process of adding your suppliers products to your store and updating shopping feeds as well as installing apps to make your life easier.

Module 11: SEO Basics

It’s a module that reflects the content as it really is a basic insight into SEO such as customizing title and meta descriptions. It also looks at structured data as well as image ALT tags.

There’s no content on manual outreach or link building which you ultimately need.

If you bought a brand new domain it might take a few months to get organic traffic too.

Module 12: Driving Targeted Traffic (VRP)

The last module which you can’t get a refund after watching. There are four videos on creating the sales funnel and understanding keyword match types.

It also includes two videos on Google Shopping campaigns including basic and advanced.

Module 13&14: Closing Videos

There’s a video on dealing with fraudulent orders and what to do if you’re an overseas student.

Final Verdict

I think it’s a great start and insight into high ticket dropshipping. However it’s geared towards US based students or those that have US tax residence which is anyone that holds a US passport and hasn’t renounced their citizenship. It’s easy to start an off-shore company in Wyoming or Delaware but your tax obligations can get confusing.

The content in the course was great BUT and this is a big but in my opinion. There’s no videos on actually getting sales to your store. Yes you setup all the Google Ads and Shopping, Bing etc but how do you actually get sales and how do you wheedle out keywords burning your cash and scaling winners?

There’s two videos in Module 12 on using Google Shopping and that’s it. Maybe I’m missing something but the most important part of this business model seems to have no information about it?

Topics I was looking for include creating test campaigns, drilling item ID’s, adding location targeting, ongoing drilling, enhanced CPC’s, tapering down bids-copy as well as excluding unprofitable products, excluding search terms, creating device bid adjustments, bid reductions and bid adjustments.

As someone who spends a lot of time running Google Ads myself, I’m slightly confused why there was no mention of this in the course?

Given the price of the course, I don’t think you need to specifically buy a course that looks at ‘high ticket dropshipping.’ If you learn the concept of dropshipping, you can apply the same principles to high ticket items. If you’re just starting out, selling cheaper items is far safer.

It’s not uncommon for you to ship a $5k item and then get stung with a chargeback from your customer. Then what are you going to do? You’ve lost the 3k item you sent them as well as 5k you just received and are now 3k out of pocket.

My advice is to start with an entry level dropshipping course first and then when you have experience and cashflow behind you to start high ticket items. The best course (and cheapest) is eCom Elites which offers 200+ videos on an A-to-Z approach for dropshipping and also includes Google, Bing and Facebook Ads like Frimpong eCom Academy. You can read my full review here and see for yourself.


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  1. Hey Rhys,

    Thank you for the unbiased and comprehensive review of my course! I’m definitely going to take this into account when I revamp it for its next release. Topics such as creating test campaigns, location targetting, advanced seo, and more will all be added in the future.

    There is one thing that I would like to point out..I’ve actually only been uploading for about a year and a half with my first upload being sometime February 2018.

    You’re doing an amazing job for the digital marketing / e-commerce community and again I appreciate you taking the time out to review my course.

    Best regards,
    Ebenezer Frimpong


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