Freedom Ticket Review: Kevin King Amazon Course $997?

Can you learn how to build an Amazon business with Freedom Ticket by Kevin King? Today I'll be looking at version 2.0 of this Amazon coaching course. 

Freedom ticket claims to be the best, most complete A to Z Amazon Seller education course available in the market. Right now, it offers 8 weeks of 2-5 hours per teaching every week, across 90+ video lessons.

In total there's over 21 hours of content, downloadable slides, downloadable notes and 30+ handouts on topics such as detail sourcing, accounting, common mistakes and lots more! 

Right now there's two pricing plans, $997 for the standard course or if you're a premium Hellium10 (paying $97-$397 month) member you can get the course for free, how cool's that!

So why would you pay $997 for the full course? I'm not so sure. 

Who is Kevin King?

Kevin claims to have been selling on Amazon and eBay since the late 90's. Now that's a long time, in fact it's over 21 years since he started selling there. Since then he's gone on to start numerous online businesses over the last 30 years and has travelled to over 90 countries during the process. 

Kevin focuses on starting private label brands which he sells on Amazon. He claims to have done over 6 million dollars in sales to date. 

Additionally to this he's got his own podcast and websites where he gives away a lot of value. However, it's clear that's to entice you into his premium training called Freedom Ticket. 

Freedom Ticket Review

Kevin King claims his course is the 'last Amazon FBA course you will ever need' which is funny because someone actually took that tagline and called their own course that. I've done a review on that course too. 

The course as I mentioned earlier includes over 20 hours, across 60 video lessons and 8 modules. You also get discounts on Helium10 as well as access to weekly Q+A sessions with Kevin during the first 3 months. 

There's also access to bookmarks that Kevin uses, spreadsheets and profit estimators as well as access to an exclusive Facebook training group which nearly every course has these days. 

Currently the course offers a 30 day money back guarantee although there are requirements that must be met to get this so make sure you're committed before pulling the trigger on Amazon FBA. 

The course content is laid out extremely well, take a look at the members area. Kevin has set himself up well and uses a high quality camera and adequate lighting that makes binge watching his videos an easy task. 

I would have liked to have seen this course on Teachable but Kajabi is a good platform and a number of other popular courses out there use this quite well. Videos look and feel great on various devices. 

The content of the course is broken down into 8 weeks. The most annoying thing about the course is that you have to wait a week for each new module. If like me, you like to watch videos quickly, it can be frustrating. 

The weeks are currently split up into the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Amazon & business basics
  3. Branding, money and millions
  4. Picking a successful product
  5. Suppliers, orders & shipping
  6. How to compete and win big
  7. How to create high converting listings
  8. Ranking, advertising and promotions. 

Week 1. Introduction

The first week includes three videos which is annoying as you need to wait 7 days until the next week. So the first week you pretty much do nothing. 

You will watch an introduction to the training, a video about the course and the Amazon opportunity and why you should get on board now. 

Week 2. Amazon & Business Basics

This module opens up 7 days after joining and will show you an interlude on getting involved with Helium 10 which Kevin has a lot to do with. It's probably why this course is free if you've got a membership there. 

You'll learn how to move money between countries using Ping Pong, as well as different ways to setup your business (requirements). You'll learn how to setup and use the Amazon Seller Central and how to use it.

Lastly there's videos on the Amazon terminology and glossary, as well as how much money you need to get started and what you can expect to learn. 

Week 3. Insert

This week you'l learn what you can do with a $5,000 investment by selling on Amazon. Finally you then start to learn about starting your Amazon FBA business.

Initially you'll learn about branding, ladder of loyalty, cash flows, category approvals, costs to sell on Amazon as well as using Amazon sponsored ads. There's a final video on product cost sheets and cashflow walkthroughs. 

Week 4. Picking Winning Products

There's many tools out there to find winning products, but Kevin King looks at tools such as Helium for finding them. You'll get an introduction to their tools and how they can benefit your Amazon business. 

You'll then learn about where to find product ideas, how to do keyword research and pick good products to sell. You'll get help picking a product to sell and then this looks at the Freedom Ticket product test formula to avoid you wasting your money!

You'll then learn about reviews and competition research and how to use Blackbox to find winning products. Lastly there's a video on the Chinese way of thinking. 

Week 5. Suppliers, Orders & Shipping

This week you'll learn about customs and taxes and what you can expect. You'll learn about US Import regulations and certificates that you'll need to follow. Additionally for European's there's a similar video on what to look out for.

If you're from other countries it's going to be difficult to follow along here. In fact the advice I'd say is only really targeted towards US or EU citizens.

There's a module on choosing a suitable shipping partner. 

Week 6. How To Compete

Week six has the longest module to date with over 12 videos on various topics such as brand registry, trademarks and patents, tips to being a great seller and how to stay safe on Amazon and avoiding prohibited activities. 

You'll learn how to deal with slow or stalled sales, as well as how to rank well on Amazon's listing pages. You'll also get a breakdown of a product listing on what you should be doing. 

You'll learn how to use competitor reviews to your advantage and how to get discovered on Amazon. You'll learn more about the Amazon search engine to help with your sales. 

There's lots of guidance here and it's clear Kevin practices what he preaches, he teaches very well indeed. 

Week 7. Create High Converting Listings

Another fairly long module, you'll learn everything there is to know about product listings. This starts with creating a killer title, writing bullet points and product descriptions to captivate your audience. You'll also learn how to complete backend keywords, using flat files and browse tree guides. 

Additionally you'll learn how to create images that convert and how to create and submit your product listing ready to sell. 

Week 8. Ranking, Advertising & Promotions

The final module looks at the various methods for promotion. These start with with basics such as setting up promotional discounts and coupons, as well as giveaways and lighning deals. 

You'll learn about Amazon's secret sauce URL as well as how to use Amazon ads to help launch your products. There's videos on Amazon PPC and how to structure your bids for PPC. You then get guidance on product targeting and using Helium10.

There's a final video where Kevin wraps it all up which is module 66. 

Freedom Ticket 2.0 Verdict

The course has been created by an all star who clearly does sell on Amazon himself. It's an affordable course that actually encourages you to signup for Helium10 to get a huge discount. You can subscribe for $97 a month and then take this course for free. 

However, I do question why the course has a front end price of $997 but can then be given away for free to someone who could subscribe to Helium10 and then simply cancel after watching all the videos. I guess that's why you need to wait for each week to unlock to tie you into 3 months to get the full value of the course. 

For those that are interested there's various upsells on offer, such as going with Kevin to a trade fair in China. There's also weekly webinars for those that want more training. 

Some of the downsides to this course include the lack of content for those outside the US and EU. For those in Australia or New Zealand there's little guidance on selling with There's also no training for selling your products on eBay or Shopify, so if you wanted to start an eCommerce business too, you'd likely need another course for that. 

The course offers a 30 day money back guarantee providing it's not a scam and they intend for you to succeed with their training. 

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