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For those of you that have always wondered how bloggers and other businesses always seem to have reviews up about information and software products the day they launch or even before they are launched to the public then look no further. Introducing which is a website that claims to be the eye of IM launches.

follow wso launches with muncheye

MunchEye is a website that lists all the best JVZoo products that are launching soon in what marketers call a launch calendar. The service scrapes all the JVZoo launches that are created through the website by internet marketers.

For example I can currently see products that are expected to launch in the next couple of days, weeks and even Ronald Gardner’s Divining Demographics which is due to launch on 1st July 2016 for a price of $27. The neat feature about MunchEye is that you can see how much the affiliate commission is going to be – this can always change but it’s nice to see which launches you can prepare for and start thinking about reviewing such product.

For the big names in internet marketing then MunchEye has a ‘Big Launches’ section which is quite popular. At the time of writing this article I can see that Andrew Darius is planning a big launch with a product called Explaindio Video FX which has commissions between $47 and $197.

munch eye product launches big launch

If I wanted to know more about Explaindio Video FX, I could then click on this and it will provide further information on this launch. For example with this product we can see that Andrew Darius is providing 50% commissions on all products sold promoted via affiliates. If someone buys the front end product for $27 – $47 we’ll get $13.50 – $23.50 and then 50% on any OTO’s or up sells he might have available.

munch eye product launches big launch 2

Unfortunately for this offer the JV page is unavailable which usually outlines JV competitions such as first to 100 sales gets a bonus of $1000 or most sales over a week long promotional period wins $10,000 cash. If you have a list to promote too you can make some easy money promoting affiliate offers.

Let’s take a look at different offer through MunchEye by an internet marketer called Raj Sandhu who seems to be an up and coming internet marketer from New Zealand, that’s where I’m from so it’s always nice to see other internet marketers out there. Looking at MunchEye we can see this is his first product launch called Wealthy SEO. His product is only promoting a 50% commission on the front end and OTO’s which would put off quite a lot of marketers as 75% or 100% on the front end is pretty much the norm these days.

Looking at this offer for Wealthy SEO I’m not sure whether I would personally promote this however you can see he has created a JV page here which lists the prizes and rewards as mentioned above.

munch eye product launches big launch 3

Hopefully this post has given you an insight into MunchEye and the benefits of searching here for planning your next affiliate promotion. I know that I’ve been using MunchEye for many months now to find and prepare posts for the latest product launches before they hit the market.



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