Elite eCommerce Mastermind Review: Ace Reddy Course

For those that don’t know Ace Reddy and there’s probably a few of you, he’s the owner of multiple online courses and e-commerce stores. His most recent is the Elite eCommerce mastermind which offers an 8 week masterclass boot-camp, various case studies, coaching calls and bonuses for $2,383.

We all know there are tons of fake guru’s out there that claim to be making millions from e-commerce yet peddle a course in their spare time. I always question how a guru can afford to provide endless coaching calls yet only charge $2k when they are clearly making upwards of 10k per day via their FB ads campaign.

Is Ace Reddy the real deal or just another guru running ads to unsuspecting social media users looking to escape their 9-to-5 hell hole? Given the price of the course, it pretty much discourages most people from signing up given there are many courses out there for $197-$497.

Ace Reddy does seem to add lots of value in the Facebook groups and his free Youtube channel. Unfortunately it seems no one watches his videos and he does launch lots of products in various web technologies such as affiliate marketing, Youtube, copywriting etc.

But what can you expect to learn from a course that costs so much?

  • The course focuses on print on demand and creating a store from scratch
  • You get access to the 30 days to 10k e-com challenge spending 30 minutes per day
  • Weekly Q&A’s to help you implement each strategy
  • 3 x private coaching calls with Ace and his team to scale up to 100k in 90 days.

Elite eCom Mastermind Review


The course content is split up into eight modules:

  • Introduction to eCommerce
  • Store creation and setup/niche selection/Shopify setup
  • How to make $100k in the next 90 days
  • Choosing designs and products to promote
  • Free traffic blueprint
  • Facebook traffic blueprint
  • Testing and split testing phase
  • Optimisation and scaling phase.

Bonus Content

You’ll get access to all past archives of his previous masterminds and courses so you can master things such as advertising, copy writing, affiliate marketing.

You also get access to 10 done for you designs whereby his designer will create your very first 10 designs based on a niche you choose. You can get this done on Fiverr for $5 but it’s a nice gesture that he includes in the course.

You also get access to his ad agency for 30 days where they will build up and run traffic for you. There’s no suggestion of the price or how much this costs which probably is why it’s free to get in.

You get access to 3 hours of bonus Facebook ads training and 6 mnths access to the elite ecom academy.

Refund Policy

If you don’t make money within 90 days of using the info they teach you and show them proof of you actually implemented the techniques and strategy we taught you and it didn’t work for you then they’ll give you a full refund. It’s unclear what they specifically ask you to show but just so you know it’s not a no questions asked guarantee.

Final Verdict

The course is seriously pricey given what you actually get. The course content is no different to courses such as eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint which cost $197-$397 depending on the package. For the extra $2,000 you’re getting a few coaching calls, a mastermind Facebook group and some bonus content. Is it really worth that much?

I think you’d be more more inclined to buy a cheap course and then spend the money saved on your first ad campaigns. Remember you will need money to run traffic and this isn’t included in the course. Ace recons you can start running traffic for free and using FB ads $5-$10 per day but in order to make those big numbers shown on the sales page you’re going to need to splash some serious cash to get there.

Print on Demand products aren’t as easy to flog as they were three or four years ago either.

Best Drop Ship Course
I’ve reviewed a ton of drop ship courses over the last year and the best course for 2019 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 175+ videos of powerful content on everything from the basics of drop shipping through to product selection and of course over 50 Facebook ads videos. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.

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  1. He refused to give me a refund and I lost over 10,000 dollars. He gave me zero POD set up.
    They set up unlimited spending on Facebook. The conversion costs paid to Facebook exceeded store sales by 3 to 4 thousand PER WEEK. No refund given. Pure ripoff


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