Elite Affiliate Pro Review: Igor Kheifets Course Worth $997?

It’s touted as the, ‘fastest shortcut to affiliate marketing success’ but at $997, down from $8,000, is it another overhyped affiliate course or does, Igor Kheifets course deliver? We’ll find out in my Elite Affiliate Pro review which looks at the entire course, bonuses and hidden extras.

The course is the special offer presented after watching his free workshop that he’s promoting on his Youtube channel and on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

I originally found out about this course a few months ago when it was originally being promoted but due to other commitments never got around to reviewing it. That fake countdown timer on the checkout page is a clear giveaway that this course isn’t going to close any time soon.

Who is Igor Kheifets?

Igor was originally a member on Warrior Forum where he’d sell his solo ads to members. For those that don’t know, solo ads are email marketing campaigns, where product sellers with larger lists will promote your link and send guaranteed clicks to your funnel in exchange for a fee, usually $0.30-$1 per click.

Solo Ads is a lucrative business, especially for the list owner, maybe not so much for the person buying the ad, but there’s easy money to be made.

There’s many negative reviews about Igor’s email marketing tactics, i.e. when you unsubscribe you get resubscribed to a new list.

Fast forward to 2019 and it appears Igor is on the affiliate bandwagon, promoting his new course through free training videos uploaded to Youtube. Most videos only get a few thousand views, where as some seem to go viral and get 5 figures.

Igor claims to have made $21,779.45 with just 481 clicks in 24 hours which seems to be his claim to fame and how he can now launch a course for $997 to show you how he did it, seems about right.

Elite Affiliate Pro Review

elite affiliate pro review

I wouldn’t call $21,779.45 an elite affiliate by many means however that’s the name of the course and we’re going to look at what you get and whether I think it’s worth $997. Now remember, this is my personal opinion and you might think differently, that’s the power of the internet.

After you watch his free workshop you’re told you need to buy the course to get access to his ‘free secrets.’ This is a red flag, there is no secret to affiliate marketing once you know the basics. The basics are available in many different forms, other courses, free videos, blogs, forums etc.

As you know Igor has built an email list, and it’s clear the money is in the list, right?

So now that you know you need to build an email list, what would those other secrets be I wonder?

Course Content

One of the people Igor refers to in his numerous videos is John Crestani of Super Affiliate System, which is also priced at $997 and is a mixed bag. Some people love it, others hate it, and the main question there is whether there’s enough value in the course for such a high price.

Elite Affiliate Pro is the same in my opinion, it’s a short six module course.

The course includes:

  • Course step by step blueprint
  • 6 step super affiliate checklist
  • Case study
  • 7 Copy & Paste campaigns
  • Conversion template
  • 100 email swipes.

Without going through every video in detail here’s what you can expect to learn from Elite Affiliate Pro:

  • Ideal Customers.
  • Your Target Market.
  • How to Find High-Converting CPA Offers & JVZoo offers.
  • How to Pick The High Converting Offers.
  • How to Find High-Converting ClickBank and Private Webinar Offers.
  • How to Create a Presell Page that Doubles Conversions.
  • How to Create Profitable Frame Piece.

Given I’ve watched all of John Crestani’s content, it’s incredibly similar. I’d even go so far as to say, the content is nearly exactly the same, with some tweaks to made it original. In the affiliate world we call that, ‘rehashed.’

Bonuses include a list of high paying affiliate offers, a list of CPA networks and the opportunity to partner with Igor and make 90% commissions reselling his course.

Refund Policy

The course refund policy is fairly straight forward and there doesn’t seem to be any catches however you must show them your completed 6 step super affiliate checklist and that it didn’t work for you to get a full refund. This is valid for 30 days.

It’s unclear if you’re going to easily complete those steps without further investment in your business so take note you can’t simply say you failed to get a refund, you’re going to need to show your results.

Final Verdict

It’s a very similar course to John Crestani’s and at $997 it’s very expensive for most people. It’s an email marketing course with a focus on using offers from Clickbank and CPA networks. This is some of the oldest forms of affiliate marketing in the world and personally there are courses out there that teach you the exact same thing for a fraction of the price.

Look, you need a list and need to run paid traffic to specific ads. It’s a business model that suits hard workers but not lazy people looking for success online. If you’re willing to put the hard yards you can easily make money following the blueprint from Elite Affiliate Pro.

If you want to learn other forms of affiliate marketing as well you’re going to be out of luck. Email marketing and paid ads are just two forms of affiliate marketing out there. There’s dozens more which I’d rather do, such as organic SEO and affiliate offers. There’s content creation, social media, video and even lead gen.

These are topics simply not covered in Igor’s course. If you look at something such as Savage Affiliates which costs $197 then you’ll see what I mean. It offers over 150 videos on many different methods, not just one. There’s also no bold claims about making $21k in a day, there is however real over the shoulder case studies. I’ve done a full review on the entire course and you can then spend that extra $800 you just saved for actually operating your business.


Last Updated on June 20, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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3 thoughts on “Elite Affiliate Pro Review: Igor Kheifets Course Worth $997?”

  1. I just watched Igor’s “live” webinar for this product and here are some of my takeaways/turnoffs.

    First of all, he makes a huge point of advertising this as a live webinar…and uses webinar jam that allows the entire webinar to be downloaded in about 3 minutes into his presentation. Lie #1

    One of the incentives to come to the “live” webinar was that you would receive his 1-page sandwich page (a $497 value) to anyone who stays for the whole webinar. But then offers this as a free bonus for buying the course. Lie #2
    Apparently, he changed his mind about this and gave away free training he has on his website (worth $497)

    He promises in the hype prior to the webinar to lay it all out on the table and hold nothing back…then proceeds to outline his process without of course divulging how he does any of the steps. This, of course, is fairly normal, but still…Lie #3.

    Offers to let you promote his product in return for the $997 investment. Says two things to me…first he is planning on selling his solo ad list building to anyone who signs up and second…sure starts sounding like the kind of thing the FTC is cracking down on (MOBE, DA). Gray area #1
    And states or implies repeatedly income numbers that will be achieved if you buy his product. FTC are you listening?

    He trots out a success story and then goes on in the sales pitch to state that he can sell the next 25 people the program for only $997 because he had to spend a lot of time doing skype calls with his success story and took up a lot of time. WHAT?? So in a six-module recorded program, we are supposed to duplicate those results… Gray area #2

    LOL, another “success” story refers to her success as a result of his Mentoring program…not the $997 program. Sounds a bit like bait and switch to me…

    Sad to say I was one of the “suckers” taken in by MOBE and lost a shit load of money…and guess what…one of the main ways MOBE coaches promoted to get tons of traffic that allegedly converts at very high percentages (I don’t know of a single person that really made money from his solo ad traffic) was Igor’s solo ads. I don’t doubt that the coaches were getting referral fees… No Lie here, but his association with MOBE and raking in money hand over fist does not make him a very trustworthy person.

    Thumbs Down

  2. Very informative and useful in discerning the value and validity of this program. I really appreciate the breakdown and the YouTube video was informative as well. I am surprised because he was quite king giving 3.5 stars! I am going to check out the affiliate link for the software you recommended and see if it is for me. Would love to read more of your stuff. Just curious, is SMHC … shake my head constantly ? 😂


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