eCommerce Scaling Secrets Review: Alex Fedotoff Course Worth It?

Alex Fedotoff brings us his latest course called eCommerce Scaling Secrets and today I’ll be looking into whether it’s worth the price or if it’s another overhyped eCommerce course that talks a big game but fails to deliver.

First thing I noticed was the fact the course is being touted as a way to ‘scale an easy, fun and lucrative eCommerce business in 30 days.’ – When you continue reading it’s advised that this course is for people looking to scale their store from 6 figures, to 7 or even 8 figures.

The sales page then goes on to show revenue sales figures from some of his students, first up was Sergio who took his store from 108k per month to $431k per month. Then there was James who made 100k in 92 days.. Oh and Ricardo who is making 10k per day.

So none of those stores are actually making 7 or 8 figures per month…

Who is Alex Fedotoff?

Alex Fedotoff claims to be the King of Scaling Facebook Ads and is the founder of AF Media Agency.

He claims to be doing over 100 million in sales through his agency, yet has time to create Youtube videos on Shopify and Drop Shipping which get no more than a couple thousand views.

His following currently stands at 4,100 subscribers which is quite low compared with other gurus, who Alex on his website, claims to be completely different too.

Someone posted a question on one of his channels about, ‘why would someone like you create videos for free when you could simply scale the products and make much more money than selling mentorships for a fraction of the price’ to which Alex created a personal video for the viewer, which is now, unavailable.

Alex regularly posts other videos such as, ‘$8,121,614’ in sales with Shopify Facebook Ads which are informative.

eCommerce Scaling Secrets Review

ecommerce scaling secrets review

Alex isn’t promoting his course on his videos but a link to book a free scaling strategy session. It’s strange then, that once you click the link to his website you’re taken to a squeeze page for a free case study.

After putting in your email, you end up watching a 31 minute video which didn’t even load for me but I found the web link here.

The presentation was called the, ‘death of Amazon FBA and Drop Shipping’ and the rise of Funnel-Scaling.

Firstly, you get sold the dream and the lifestyle how he managed to travel to 50 countries, ya de da. Photos of luxury trips, his kids, his cars, his public speaking sessions.

Then the case study goes on to show the Facebook Ad accounts of his clients, it’s unclear if they are his ads or if he’s spending other peoples money on ads. I assume it’s the latter.

Long story short, Alex says you shouldn’t use Amazon, FBA or Drop Shipping and instead should use Shopify, Facebook Ads and Drop Shipping.

You then have to book a time slot to get upsold on the coaching if you so wish.

Why is Alex doing this, ‘because we love giving back and helping entrepreneurs.’ – I have a feeling it’s because it’s easy to sell dreams.

Course Content

It’s unclear how much the course actually costs, given you’re buying a training mentorship with Alex personally. I’ve seen his course being promoted for $297 and $1997 so it’s not clear if the course is included in the mentorship (or as a $297 extra) or if you have to pay $1997 for the entire package.

The course is split up into five different modules along with a bonus module which includes his additional mini courses.

  1. Strategy, Goals and Game Plan
  2. Shopify and Funnels Setup
  3. Product research and product sourcing
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Fulfilling orders (Using Dropified)
  6. Bonus content.

The bonus content includes the following modules:

  • 100K a day Facebook Ads Scaling
  • Facebook Ads and Funnels Blueprint
  • 7 Figure eCommerce Blueprint
  • Facebook Ads Client Domination.

The video content is decent, personally I found the videos were difficult to follow, mainly due to difference in language accents and for me it was difficult to stay focused. You however might be different and it’s entirely up to you.

Most of the videos were over the shoulder however some were of a close up of Alex. These were mostly the welcome videos and the ‘next steps’ which closed out some modules.

Refund Policy

There is no mention of any refund policy, given you’re paying for mentorship it’s unlikely there would be any.

Final Verdict

Alex Fedotoff talks a big game on his Youtube channel and on his own website, but it’s not clear who this course is for. It’s more of a mentorship program but the course content was a very basic Shopify drop shipping course that went through the entire process of picking a product, listing it on Shopify and running traffic to it with Facebook Ads.

There are dozens of other courses out there that show you this exact same process that cost far less than the price he’s charging. The mentorship is clearly where the value in this course comes from, not the standard how to videos.

Personally, I found it difficult to understand his accent, European viewers may be far more accustom and can follow a long easier. I personally didn’t like the dream selling, the endless screenshots of his students success stories (none of them revealed any costs of doing business) and his own screenshots which simply showed ad spend and ROAS which were quite low.

For me, personally, I found some modules were super short and skimmed over far too quickly. I was expecting to see lots of content on Google Ads, Snapchat, Chatbots, Twitter, Pinterest, Search Engine Optimization and weekly live coaching calls.

These topics are crucial to any beginner starting an eCommerce or drop shipping business these days.

Given the much cheaper price, the $297 eCom Elites course trumps eCommerce Scaling Secrets. It offers 150 additional videos (on all the topics I mentioned above) with a strong focus on Google Ads, Google Shopping and using Sales Funnels. There’s also 5000 students in the Facebook group with an average of 300 new posts per month being posted to help each other.

Rather than continue to post the best dropship course, have a read of my review and see for yourself.

Last Updated on June 28, 2019 by Rhys Dale