eCommerce Brand Academy Review: Is Cody Neer Legit?

Are you looking for an eCommerce Brand Academy review, the latest course offered by entrepreneur Cody Neer? Well today I'll be taking a look at this course, what it is and whether it's worth $997? 

What is eCommerce Brand Academy? 

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eCommerce Brand Academy has a collection of online courses for finding success with ecommerce, through social media platforms.

This includes 17 different mini courses that target each major social media outlet and service. There is one for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram and Amazon. There are also courses for eBay, Etsy, and LinkedIn.

Besides programs for large social media platforms, eCommerce Brand Academy also includes information on lesser-known areas such s click funnels and Arbitrage. This is a truly all-in-one place to find success with ecommerce in this current day and age.

ECommerce Brand Academy is designed for a wide range of people, thanks to the various courses available. It can help a complete beginner make their first sale, or an already growing business reach 6 figures.

The Instagram Ecom Secrets program helps increase brand recognition, while LinkedIn Ecom Secrets is incredibly beneficial for B2B sales, while Pinterest Ecom Secrets can lead to continuing traffic.

Who is Cody Neer?

Cody Neer is a venture capitalist entrepreneur who claims to runs several 7-figure ecommerce businesses. He is the founder of 727 Digital, an agency that specialises in digital marketing for ecommerce businesses. There are various services available, from consultations, training for Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Cody started his ecommerce journey after his aspirations in baseball fell through. With his drive and consistent hard work, he managed to build a company worth $13 million. After focusing on his own businesses, Cody turned his attention to helping major corporations. This included Target and Shark Tank.

Cody has found huge success online, bringing in $350 million from just $56 million spent on ad expenses. He shares his knowledge through speaking at multiple events.

His courses are catered to everyone, whether that be newbies new to ecommerce, or established digital giants. Cody’s aim is to help people thrive in this new area of marketing which has brought him successes, as well as several of his clients.

Cody Neer has a Youtube channel with around 39 videos at the time of writing this article. However his subscriber base is rather low, only 447 subscribers with his most recent videos being 1 year ago and only getting around 100 - 500 views. Some videos back in 2019 went viral though. 

Cody has been mentioned in several big-name companies such as Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur, however these are often in 'Contributor' posts which allows anyone to submit an article, often like a press-release. These aren't paid Forbes employees, as you can see by /sites/stephanieburns. 

If someone says they've been featured or mentioned in Forbes and is using it as social proof to sell you a course, you should ensure it's on the actual website, rather than the contributors section. 

Cody has several free resources and guides available through his website,

What’s in eCommerce Brand Academy? 

The content from eCommerce Brand Academy varies according to the course access.

Facebook Ads Ecom Secrets allows entrepreneurs to maximise profits by reducing ad expenses. It has videos on audience engagement, competitor research and scaling.

With Google Ads Ecom Secrets, students are taught about Google Analytics, Google Shopping Ads and Google Display Network.

Thanks to Print on Demand Ecom Secrets, there is information available for those new to dropshipping and Shopify. Cody teaches how to locate a niche and construct a large brand presence. Additionally, there is also content on utilising Facebook Ads.

High Ticket Ecom Secrets is designed to help you increase sales by selling highly priced goods worth $1000 or more.

With Influencer Ecom Secrets, aspiring influencers are taught how to increase brand recognition and utilise themselves for more sales.

Arbitrage Ecom Secrets is best for those who spend most of their time selling products through Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Etsy Ecom Secrets contains all the information necessary for freelance creators to market their own items. Alternatively, there is also content on connecting with other suppliers to sell their handiwork.

Click Funnels Ecom Secrets teaches you how to construct funnels with high values.

Houzz Ecom Secrets is perfect for people who deal with B2B sales. This course instructs you on selling to more than 40 million potential clients that use this platform.

Asset Building Ecom Secrets is designed for those who want to build sellable ecommerce businesses.

Not only are there various courses available. eCommerce Brand Academy contains the EBA Support Group for feedback, as well as a Q&A session that runs weekly.

How much does the course cost?

Everything is available for $997. Although this may seem pricy, it is a great value for 17 courses. There is access to The Ecommerce Quick Launch guide, and access to the community page.

Payment is available through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

For those unable to make the $997 one-time payment, monthly subscriptions are available. It costs approx $97 per month for all course access and goodies.

Are there any testimonials for the course?

Nick Hand had some kind words to say:

“Just wanted to say thank you to Cody for all of his wisdom and training, not only with Shopify but with garnering a powerful social media presence.”

There is many more testimonials on the sales page however these couldn't be independently verified so do your own research to ensure these are legitimate. 

Final Verdict - eCommerce Brand Academy Review

A good, large course with many different modules that comes at a cost of $997, slightly high for most given the cheaper eCommerce courses out there, but still well in line with other more high end courses that cost twice or three times as much. You get over 17 different mini courses combined into one large course, ready to start your eCommerce journey.

Cody Neer is the brand you're buying into and he's been in this space for a long time. You can do no wrong buying this course, but it's a bit confusing as to how to actually buy, there's many hoops to jump through before you get to the buy now page. 

My Rating:

The #1 Best eCom Course

After reviewing over 100 different eCommerce courses over the past 3 years I believe that eCom Elites is the best and offers over 30 hours of content across 180+ videos on the entire process of starting a successful dropshipping business from anywhere in the world. It's slightly more expensive, but at $197 or $297 it's still an absolute steal of a price! 


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