Justin Cener: The eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program Review [2020 UPDATE]

Justin Cener is here with his eCommerce bootcamp mentor program for 2019 that claims you will never need another Shopify course ever again. You’ll also get a trustworthy mentor and a bonus of 600 print on demand designs to start your very own POD Shopify business within days.

The course, from one of the most well known Shopify guru’s claims to offer $25,000 worth of value for a one time fee of only $997. Is it too good to be true or does it offer some of the best Shopify training on the market?

Let’s find out.

The eCommerce Bootcamp 2019 Review

Justin Cener claims to be making multiple 6 figure stores so it’s always concerning when someone claims to offer Shopify mentorship for $997. Assuming an hourly rate, how much would they be prepared to spend mentoring you for a one time fee. Sometimes it’s great to start with and then goes down hill fast.

Justin claims to personally answer every single question from Bootcamp students.

Is this mentorship? It sounds like a standard Facebook mastermind group which it is!

Franklin Hatchett, Tristan Broughton and many others answer questions people post in their exclusive mastermind groups which come as part of their training courses? Is Justin claiming mentorship is simply answering questions?

You can come to your own conclusion of what mentorship stands for but I think it’s more 1-2-1 rather than a group where everyone can see and chime in on your own questions. That to me is a community or a forum.

Print On Demand Bootcamp

You get access to Justin’s training on mastering the art of Print on Demand for Shopify.

This training is detailed, well in depth and offers lots of different videos.

You get access to Justin’s network of t-shirt designers. You could always use Fiverr though.

This module includes an in-depth Facebook Ads and scaling training section.

Dropship Bootcamp

You’ll get access to the entire Shopify drop shipping course which includes:

Extensive training videos on proven strategies from Justin himself

Both Aliexpress and local sourcing of product sourcing as well as advice on how to automate your business.

You get an entire course on the A-to-Z of starting a drop shipping business.

Facebook Ads Bootcamp

Rather than just add his to the dropship bootcamp, Justin Cener has created a seperate module. I wouldn’t read too much into this if you compare it with other courses that include Facebook ads as part of their course as standard.

You’ll get access into two different sections with 40+ videos designed for both intermediates and beginners alike. Topics include initial setup, pixels, budgets, scaling, retargeting, lookalikes and much more such as reporting and advanced scaling.

This section includes the most videos of all the other modules and is still quite short compared to other courses on the market.

Influencer Marketing Bootcamp

I’m not sure why all these topics are split up into their own bootcamp but you’ll learn how to use Instagram influencers with a step-by-step process for finding and working with them. Ensure you don’t get ripped off and get the best return on your investment.

This module includes copy and paste done for you influencer outreach templates.

See what worked for Justin and what to avoid doing.

Clickfunnels Bootcamp

This module is basic Clickfunnels landing pages and how to use funnels in your e-commerce business. You’ll learn how to become successful with using the platform.

Justin also gives you a case study which he used to join Russel Brunson’s 7 figure 2 comma club which gives you the entire share funnel.

You’ll also learn how to increase customer order value with one click upsells.

Case Study Content

You’ll get access to a few case studies in the course which include:

  • Wolf Mug: I’m sure you’ve seen Alex Becker’s Youtube ads. Justin actually tried it and made sales!
  • 15 Done For You FB Ads targeting templates (popular niches)
  • 15 Done For You Email templates which you can copy and paste

Bonus Modules

You’ll also get access to the product pricing and profit calculator which is basically just an Excel document that you enter your numbers into and desired profit. It’s nothing ground breaking but does allow you to understand your likely costs/profits and results.

As Justin says,”if you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.”

You also get a random selling canvas and wall art course which shows you another take on the print on demand market you may not have considered before.

Lastly you get the 600 Print on Demand designs which are ready to publish and print on t-shirts.

Files are editable and can be altered using Photoshop.

My Verdict

This course is a mishmash of Justin’s previous courses combined into one membership site with the added bonus of mentorship and fancy words such as ‘bootcamp’ appended to the end of each module.

As I mentioned earlier the mentorship includes answering questions in a community environment rather than sitting down on a 1-2-1 call so be careful if you were expecting that.

Justin claims to be a multi millionaire so I’m unsure what level of mentorship you’re going to receive from a one time fee of $997.

Time is money and I’d say there are hundreds of students receiving mentorship and it will probably be only a matter of time before he simply can’t handle the mentorship each student expects.

Mentorship aside, there are far better courses out there that cost less than $200 and offer the same level of content. Take eCom Elites for example, they offer 170+ videos which is far more than this course and go into much more detail in regards to FB Ads, SEO and Product Research.

One of the biggest drawcards for this course was the lack of time spent on niche research, store setup, finding winning products, supplier relations, customer service and actually setting up your business that is done so well in eCom Elites.

While eCom Elites isn’t a direct mentorship program, the guru Franklin Hatchett answers everyone’s questions in his Facebook group. It’s pretty much exactly what Justin is offering here except it allows you to spend $800 on your first ad campaigns.

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