EcomAlphas Review: Sebastian Ghiorghiu’s Back With Another Drop Ship Course [$797]

Sebastien Ghiorghu is back with another drop shipping course, this time called eComAlphas and he’s joined with his Facebook Ads expert Max Rozhenko and Instagram hustler, Matthew Bolis, whom claim to go deeper into the world of social media than his previous course ever did. Rather than updating the old course, they’ve launched eComAlphas with a price tag of $797. Let’s see what you get and ultimately whether I’d recommend buying it with this eComAlphas review.

For those that don’t know Sebastian he claims to have had a challenging upbringing and went from selling candles to rolling around in super cars. I don’t doubt the story but using that to promote a course is questionable.

If you have been following Sebastian on Youtube you’ll know he does offer lots of value in his free videos, the unfortunate thing I found in the course was the pure ‘on the fly’ approach in most of the videos that you rarely see in those Youtube videos.

The course is a multi week course, each week you get access to another module.

EcomAlphas Review

The course is hosted on the teachable platform which ensures you get access to high quality videos and the platform looks great on both mobile and desktop. Regardless of the screen size, you can see the videos.

The first module is the usual mindset videos so we won’t go into detail here but you do get a video to meet Matthew Bolis and the candles to super cars video from Sebastien himself. There’s another video on why they believe you have to change your mindset to success.

Week 2: Product Research

The course starts off pretty basic and as I mentioned earlier you can tell Sebastien hasn’t put much taught into the videos. His product examples and research on Aliexpress always ends badly, i.e. he blames the product sellers or the product. The usual platforms such as Facebook search, Thieve and Aliexpress are mentioned.

You’d think he would do the research, write it all down and then do the video’s professionally rather than off the cuff which unfortunately bring’s this section down. If you were just starting out in drop shipping you’d probably be a bit confused after watching the videos in this module.

This section may be updated but at the time of writing this is my observations on the module.

Week 3: Ads Creation

Okay so thankfully the videos start to get better, slightly. The first part of the module will show you how to create custom content and why you should be doing so, it makes you look more professional and trustworthy. Next you’ll get an overview on the do’s and don’ts of ad’s and there is 24 minutes of content with real life examples.

You’ll also learn how to create the perfect picture ad, create a perfect video ad (live with examples), and what to do when you don’t have custom content for your video ads.

Animoto is recommended as a tool to use here.

Week 4: Creating Perfect Store

This week you’ll learn all the basics about creating your store. It’s a pretty common module that you’ll see in many other courses. Videos in this section include the different ways of drop shipping (general vs niche store), creating your store with Shopify and installing the eComAlphas super theme, installing and using Oberlo, how to choose filler products, up and downsells.

You’ll learn how to create a high converting product page by finding top competitors to get inspiration and ‘copy’ their success. Lastly you’ll configure navigation menus and install various third party applications recommended by the course creators.

Week 5: Complete Instagram Guide

It’s probably one of the largest collection of Instagram videos I’ve seen in a course this year but what exactly do you get and learn in eComAlphas? Well the first videos include an overview on why you need instagram, building an account for your business, the cheapest way to get fake followers and likes for social proof.

You’ll also learn what you should be paying for Instagram feed ads, story ads, negotiating with influencers, creating native ads, creating story ads, organizing campaigns with ad spend, paying influencers, adding your Instagram feed to your store, posting and troubleshooting ads and a few advanced videos.

Some topics include videos and others are handouts.

Week 6: Understanding Facebook

This week includes three super short videos, not sure why it get’s it’s own week as there’s barely any information of value but you will get an overview on the ‘spider web strategy,’ understanding your break even point and how to budget your Facebook Ads to avoid going into the red.

Week 7: Facebook Spider Web Strategy

The videos in this section go into further detail about the spider web strategy which starts with a video on creating your ad account and installing the pixel, how to organise your name and adsets to keep everything simple, starting your first campaign and setting up the Facebook ad manager columns to correctly read data.

You’ll also learn how to fix the issue that was made in the video before, why not recreate it? You’ll then learn how to scale your ads and how to create look a like audiences. It’s a fairly short Facebook Ads section compared to other courses on the market that offer a far more conclusive FB Ads section.

Week 8+9: Real Life Example

A real life example which Matt shows us, a fortnite controller store.

Nothing ground breaking.

Week 10: Aliexpress Refunds

Not sure why this got it’s own section but it talks about getting refunds through Aliexpress, pretty self explanatory.

Final Verdict

I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this new course by Sebastian but it’s still pretty short and appears rushed. There’s far more content and videos you actually want to watch compared with his previous course. I guess the question ultimately is, whether it’s worth $797 or whether you can get more for your money from other courses on the market. I’ll leave that up to you to decide but if money wasn’t an option I’d happily buy Sebastian’s course. If it was an option I’d choose a course such as eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint.

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  1. DO NOT BUY THIS COURSE! I bought this course 2 months ago and 2 DAYS after buying the course I asked for a refund via email politely saying I would like a refund as I do not believe the value was there and I get more value watching YOUTUBERS FOR FREE! 2 months later they deny and sent me stupid requirements like spending a certain amount on facebook ads and watching 70% of the videos. Literally a week later I screen shot all the “new requirements to be eligible for refund” and guess what, 1 month and still NO REPLY WHATSOEVER!!! These guys are such scammers and WILL NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND! BUYER BEWARE!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS COURSE !


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