eCom X Academy Review: Justin Walker Course Worth It?

Today we’re going to be looking at eCom X Academy which claims to be a complete guide to e-commerce even if you have no prior knowledge. This course is brought to you by Justin Walker who claims to have made over one million dollars in online sales. Seems likely.

For $197, you can find out the entire process. Right now only $97.

The course is also referred to as e-Com Bootcamp. 

Who is Justin Walker?

Justin Walker says he has been in the e-commerce game for over seven years and claims to have started with no budget by selling old clothes and he’s come a long way, now operating multiple online stores.

Justin claims to earn six figures a year selling online and apparently he has spent over thirty thousand dollars on Facebook ads and twenty five thousand dollars on Instagram marketing in the last year alone.

This is a tiny amount of money for any eCom store making lots of money.

He has developed his own personal tips and tricks and he is spent his money learning and now wants to give you the knowledge without spending the same. Of course he has now started his very own course called eComX Academy which currently costs $197 but you can regularly get a 50 percent discount when you go through the sales funnel.

eCom X Academy Review

ecom x academy review

Firstly the course is hosted on the Teachable platform which means videos load perfectly on both mobile and desktop.

Video and audio quality was surprisingly good.

In this course you will get multiple modules but when I went through the course I found it was very short.

A lot of the content focused around creating a Shopify store, branding your store and then the only social media advertising methods mentioned in the course were Instagram ads, influencers and Facebook ads.

Course Content

Going through the course the first module is an introduction and explains what you will get out of this course the second module was a how and why ‘I started my store section’. This included videos titled:

What got him started into this industry and then he then introduces us to an example of his very first online store. Lastly is a video on having the right mindset to start an eCommerce business the right way.

Module 2: Creating Store and Sourcing Products

This module included four videos on creating a store and sourcing your products.

Some of the videos in this section included creating your Shopify account, sourcing products to sell creating your store design and pricing strategies. All the videos in this section were fairly short but they did provide value on each topic at hand.

Module 3: Branding

This module was called branding and this included three videos including an introduction to branding. It then went on to explain effortless free logo design and how you can create your very own too.

There was a closing video which didn’t make much sense and it was titled being known in a very crowded online space. How to get your brand out there.

Module 4: Getting Traffic

This super short module only included two videos.

One on using Instagram to drive targeted traffic.

Another on setting up your Facebook page for success.

Seriously, that’s all there was in this module..

Module 5: Facebook Ads

This module included everything about Facebook but content clearly hasn’t been updated for 2019.

Facebook is always changing and some of the videos in this section were out of date.

The module started with an introduction into Facebook ads such as creating and understanding the Facebook pixel.

This then went on to pinpoint audience targeting for maximum conversions and creating and understanding Facebook ad campaigns.

Then the videos went on to creating ad sets and creating ads within your sets. Finally I watched a video on custom audiences, retargeting, daily budget strategies and automation.

Module 6: Conclusion & Bonuses

The last module was a conclusion which presented final thoughts on eCom X Academy.

There was a bonus video which included a video showing every application that the course creator runs on his stores.

Final Verdict

To get a refund policy for eCom X Academy you must not have watched more than 10% of the course. So in other words if you watch more than a few videos you forego your right to a full refund within 30 days. This is a load of BS in my opinion.

Hopefully you’ve gained an insight into how little content there is in this course not to need to make a refund request because you won’t buy it. There are far better alternatives out there.

It’s a super short course, lacking in areas such as Facebook Ads for 2019. This is a course for basic research, store setup and Facebook Ads. You could probably get most of the content for free on Youtube.

If you’re looking for a genuine course that offers tutorials that actually go into depth then you’ll need to look elsewhere. One of those courses is called eCom Elites (read review) and offers insights into all topics mentioned here PLUS¬†Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, SEO, Google AdWords and Google shopping.

And many many more ways to drive traffic to your store. Justin Walker seems to have forgotten all of these in a quick rush to launch his course I would recommend not buying eCom X Academy and checking out eCom Elites.

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