eCom Wizard Blueprint Review: Is It Worth $297?

The eCom Wizard Blueprint is launching on the 29th of November at 3pm Eastern standard time. Today, we will be looking at the sales page and ultimately what I think of this new course blueprint and whether it is going to be worth the price tag or not.

Firstly, the sales page looks identical to Gabriel St Germain's course which launched earlier this year. First red flag, can't even come up with something original. The styling, the tag line and images all look very similar to Gabriel's course.

ecom wizard blueprint review

What is eCom Wizard Blueprint?

The sales page indicates that this will be a knowledge bomb of dropshipping training accompanied by a real life case study on how the guru behind the course went from $0 to $100,000 in 30 days. While the title is a great way to sell you on that idea, he actually only made $21,000, pre tax profit.

So if it’s so profitable why in the world would he need to show you the store, the winning products and supplier, for a measly $297? Yes, that’s the price of the course, although early birds who join the wait list can get in on the action for only $197.

It beggars believe, until you realise it’s easier to sell a course.

Who is the eCom Wizard?

The eCom Wizard is a Youtuber who hails from the United Kingdom and has been creating videos since October 2018. He’s amassed a small following of 11,000 subscribers who watch his videos on eCommerce marketing, Shopify, dropshipping and Facebook ads.

His motto is, ‘fully transparency and honesty only’ yet all his videos are all the clickbait type to suckle you in.

Some of the most recent videos include, ‘I made $1100 from $20’ and ‘Revealing a $400,000 product.’

Let’s take the $400k product, the bloke made bold claims about the product but didn’t mention anything about targeting for the product, you’d think that would be an important thing to mention? His response, ‘totally forgot’

Another factor is the wild use of assumptions and using calculators to guesstimate how much a store’s product is making. It wasn’t even his own store so who really knows if it was $400k or not, Clickbait of course.

Regardless of these issues, it’s clear eCom Wizard knows his stuff when it comes to dropshipping after watching many of his other videos.

What Can You Expect From The Course?

According to the creator of the course, you will get a step-by-step course material showing you how to find winning products, how to create Facebook ads. And all of this is included in a case study, which is how he generated his $100,000 in 20 days. He claims to reveal everything, including the ad copies, the targeting and scaling methods, and the email flows to customers and follow up emails to abandoned carts.

The course is split into six sections. The first is the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. The second is  creating a high converting store. The third is the product research and 10 different product research methods that you can choose from. If you’ve ever read my reviews. Then you will know that I am a firm believer in sell the trend, which is a premium tool that you can use to find winning products.

This thing goes on to show you the Facebook ads Academy and how you can master Facebook ads in 24 hours using various different methods. Section five we’ll look at growing your attain while automating your store so that you don’t have to do as much. This will allow you to outsource the easy work to make six or seven figures.

Now I find this section a little bit strange given that the. A creator of the course has not actually made seven figures himself. Uh, as you would know, or six figures, $100,000 is not $1 million.  sorry. That’s a bit of a misleading statement. Section six then goes on to set up your email marketing and how you can generate an extra $10,000 per month.

Using email marketing, which again is fairly misleading given that he is providing a case study on zero to $100,000 in 30 days.

Then you have the bonus case study, which is revealing the exact store that went from zero to $100,000 in 20 days with a total of $21,000 profit. .

eCom Wizard Review

I’m on the waitlist so as soon as this course drops on November 29th I’ll be right across it and first to update the eCom Wizard review.

Is it going to be another huge course or simply a rehashed case study from someone else’s course?

Only time will tell.

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The best beginner dropship course is called eCom Elites and includes 180+ videos on the entire A-to-Z process of eCommerce. 

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Plus the best part is a community of like minded people. Currently there's over 6,000+ other students that bought the course.

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  1. Ecom wizzard is a fucking joke a scam iv been waitig for someone to contact me for a year now and you guys keep stealig money out of my accout and you guys can see my ecom wizzard acount has not done nothig ..but you keep stealig money from my bank account …anothe online scam


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