eCom Wealth Academy Review: Brandon Louis Course Worth $497?

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a drop shipping course but this week it’s Brandon Louis with his course, eCom Wealth Academy which costs $497. The course claims to show you everything you need to start your very own eCommerce business with social media advertisements.

Who is Brandon Louis?

Brandon claims to be a 22 year old Shopify drop shipper who owns numerous online businesses. His claim to fame is that he made $67,000 in a single week from selling products on his Shopify store.

Now he needs to launch a course for $497 to share with you the entire process. Brandon claims to have been featured in Inc Magazine, Buzzfeed and other media agencies for his online business achievements but I struggled to find anything about him online.

He offers a free webinar over at his personal blog and his Facebook page simply shows student success stories.

His Instagram account is just a series of famous quotes with 17,400 followers and only 6 posts. It’s obvious he doesn’t use this marketing channel as most posts are nearly a year old.

Brandon claims to make over $750,000 per year through a women’s clothing drop ship store.

eCom Wealth Academy Review

eCom Wealth Academy Review

The course costs $497 and doesn’t actually offer that much content. You can be your own judge as to how much content a course should have to justify the price but this course has less than 50 videos with most videos being quite short.

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform meaning videos are HD and load fine on all devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

Audio quality was decent.

Once inside the members area you get access to 7 modules.

Module 1: Store Setup

The course gets straight into the action, no messing around with dodgy mindset videos or upsells.

You get videos on how to open your Shopify store and install Oberlo which connects with Aliexpress to automate your drop shipping store.

There’s a wide range of videos such as adding logos, themes, adding product listings, product reviews, setting up legal pages, adding sales pop’s, configuring shipping and adding those all important pages such as terms, disclaimer, privacy and FAQ.

The course then goes on to discuss Facebook page setup, creating your pixel and setting up Google Analytics. It also discusses Conversion Pirate which no longer works (2019) and adding a custom domain name.

Module 2: Fulfilling Orders With Oberlo

Three short videos on how to fulfill orders with Oberlo and avoiding problems with Aliexpress.

Module 3: Using Twitter To Drive Profitable Traffic

I haven’t seen many courses promoting Twitter but this course does offer a section on it, all be it very short section.

You’ll learn how Twitter Influencer marketing works and the difference between fake and store accounts.

There’s videos on how to make tweets, reach out to publishers and opening direct mails on your account.

Module 4: Instagram Influencer Marketing

Another short module with two videos on the basics and how to do Instagram Influencers on autopilot.

Module 5: Online Advertising Domination With Facebook Ads

There’s a complete run down on Facebook Ads. It’s far from detailed but does give a good overview.

You’ll learn how to setup your first campaign, video view ads, creating lookalike audiences, retargeting campaigns and scaling your ads.

If you compare this to other courses, it’s a very short introduction to Facebook Ads.

I also noted the videos were not relevant to the 2019 changes.

Module 6: How To Quickly Find Winning Products

You get three videos on how to find winning products with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There’s no mention of products such as Sell The Trend.

Module 7: Miscellaneous

Lastly there is a section on FB Ads tips and tricks and the right mindset thrown in at the end.

Refund Policy

To get a refund you must watch the entire course, take action and see no results within 7 days. You must have also shown proof of your live store and have at least 3 days worth of Facebook Ads training. Personally I think Brandon is shooting his own policy down, does he honestly expect someone to give up after 3 days?

I much better policy would be 30 days, that actually gives people a chance to implement what they’ve been taught in eCom Wealth Academy.

Final Verdict

It’s a short and sweet course on Shopify drop shipping but given the price tag it’s simply not worth the money. You’ve got courses out there that include 4 times the content that cost much less. There’s no private mastermind group and the content is fairly outdated, especially in the FB ads section.

It’s a fairly basic overview on Facebook Ads. Given the price tag I’m stunned that there is no other marketing methods mentioned such as Google Ads, Instagram Ads or even another social media platform such as Snapchat or Pinterest.

If you compare this course to other drop shipping eCommerce courses such as eCom Elites (read review) ($197-$297) that offer four times the content at a much lower price and look at half a dozen promotional methods including Google Ads, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Influencers you’ll notice just how short eCom Wealth Academy really is.

Would I buy this course at $497 No. I’d buy eCom Elites and actually spend the $dollars I just saved on running my first Facebook Ad campaign and then look at Google Ads as well.


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