eCom Uprise Review 2.0: Sam Jacobs Shopify Course

Are you looking for an eCom Uprise review? This is the latest course, version 2.0 of Sam Jacobs Shopify course and whether it’s worth the $497 or $997 price tag he charges for his course.

Version 1 was launched last year, version 2 has recently been launched over at and includes a sales page of flashy cars, luxury travel and parties. All of which, Sam Jacobs claim you can get from Shopify drop shipping.

Videos on his Youtube channel include a bloke who went from working at Wendy’s to making over $300,000 per month (revenue) from Shopify. Then there’s his own videos claiming to have made over 1.2 million dollars from 3 stores.

His Youtube channel only has 1,300 subscribers with most videos getting less than a thousand views. Videos are the usual clickbait ones that other gurus like to use to drum up clicks.

eCom Uprise Review 2.0

eCom Uprise Review

The course currently includes 55 eCom training videos as well as an eBook called, ‘6 figure drop shipping success’ and a Facebook group with the total cost being $497.

Course Content

This course actually shows you everything you get on the sales page so there’s no need to go into detail about which modules and video content you actually get.

The modules are pretty short and the course only focuses on product research, store setup, Facebook and Instagram ads. There is no mention of Google Ads, Google Shopping, SEO, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter or any of the other big techniques such as native advertising, sales funnels etc.

Given this is version 2.0 of the course I’d have expected to see something more than FB and IG which is what appeared in courses in 2017/2018.

The videos are pretty short too and there’s a real lack of detail such as an A-to-Z store setup process, installing apps, theme selection (I recommend eCom Turbo) and general setup videos.

Facebook Mastermind

The Facebook group appears to be dead with few posts in 2019. Most are dating back to February or March and there appears to be few responses from Sam Jacobs to posts in the group.

Final Verdict

The course does offer value but at $497 it’s a short course and the Facebook group doesn’t seem very lively. I suspect buying the course you’ll be one of the very few people who actually does given Sam Jacobs small social media following. If you compare the course eCom Uprise to courses such as eCom Elites, there really is no comparison in price and value that course offers.

eCom Elites (read review) is $197 and offers 175+ videos and a large Facebook inner circle with 4,000+ members.

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