eCom Turbo Review: Best Shopify Theme For Drop Shippers?

Are you looking for a powerful, high converting and easy to edit, Shopify theme? If so then you've come to the right place, this is my eCom turbo review and whether it's the best Shopify theme for drop shippers?

The biggest reason most Shopify drop shippers struggle to make any sales despite having thousands of visitors is their theme looks awful.

They've spent hours making sure it looks great on a laptop but then on mobile (most of your visitors) it looks nasty. This ecom turbo review will show you the benefits vs other premium themes.

Here's an example of a supposedly 'Premium Shopify Theme' on a mobile device- Why do you think there is no sales? It looks awful. 

What is eCom Turbo?

eCom Turbo is a theme created by Franklin Hatchett who is an aspiring drop shipper behind the course called Ecom Elites. It's very similar to other themes such as Booster Theme, Shoptimized, Jetpack and many others.

These themes are designed with mobile optimization in mind so look great on both mobile and desktop. The ideal theme should have the title, photos, price and add to cart button above the fold, i.e. no scrolling required.

They also offer powerful features to add scarcity, boost conversion rates and optins.

eCom Turbo Review

ecom turbo review

eCom Turbo theme is available to purchase from $97 with the multi site license the best option ($127) allowing you to install on many of your stores. With instant payments and downloads you'll be ready to roll within minutes.

Thankfully Shopify makes it very straight forward to install new themes and if you've never done it before you only need to download and re-upload the .zip file/s.

Once you've got the theme installed you'll be able to take advantage of a wide variety of features.

Firstly you'll be able to edit just about anything including text colors, fonts, sizes, locations. You can completely customize the layout, add a custom header, change the logo, add a currency converter and many other features that would cost you hundreds of dollars in addon apps.

Fast Load Times

The theme loads very fast indeed which will assist with your page load times. It's been reported that late 2018, Facebook will be adding page load times to their algorithm so for better ads you'll need a fast store.

When you start adding Shopify apps your store will slow down. The reason is all the apps are hosted externally so your site has to query additional domains and web URL's to load.

eCom Turbo includes built in apps and the default page load time was around 2 seconds. Researchers suggest your store should load within 3 seconds for best conversion rates.

Scarcity Timer

The first major feature that most people take advantage of is the scarcity countdown timer. This is a fake timer and to be honest as more and more Facebook users click on ads, it becomes clear to them these countdown timers are inaccurate.

There's also a feature where you can show a fake 'left in stock' option, I particularly like this option as it's far more believable.

The add to cart button can be edited including background color, text color, font and size. You can also add a comment under this such as 'Get Yours Before It's To Late.'

There are apps in the Shopify app store that cost around $5-$10 per month so you'll save money already just by purchasing the eCom Turbo theme.

Related Products Upsell

Another app that you'd need and have to pay $5-$10 per month but is included by default is the related products upsell which appears after they click buy now on your front end product.

You might add complementing products here such as batteries to a remote control helicopter or another few bottles of vitamins to match the original product.

Sales Popup Notification

The next feature is a popup notification that you can set to appear in the bottom left or right of the screen. This doesn't integrate with real orders however your customers don't need to know that.

You can customize the text and colors and how often it appears and updates.

Coupon Code Upsell

Now you can catch all those visitors that try to leave without purchasing by including this cash boosting upsell. You can choose how this popup appears by customizing all text, font and colors.

You can give them a coupon code and collect their email address during the process.

Custom Footer

Many Shopify themes don't offer much in the way of Shopify footer customization. Fortunately you can completely customize everything within eCom Turbo.

By default you can include satisfaction guarantees, free shipping, guarantee boxes and a whole range of social media profiles. It's entirely up to you what you include here, I chose Facebook and Instagram.

Trust Badges

I'm not one for adding a ton of trust badges to the sales page, personally I think it looks a little tacky however it's an option you can implement should you wish.

In my opinion putting trust badges on the cart or checkout page is a much better option. If you want to know how to do it on the checkout page it's simply adding an image to the logo field.

Why You Need eCom Turbo?

Shopify free themes suck and the premium themes cost $180 which doesn't actually give you very much. Even themes such as those on Templatemonster look great on desktop but look awful on mobile.

eCom Turbo only costs $97 so is a great theme at a very affordable price. Compared with themes such as Shoptimized, Shopify Booster and Jetpack it's definitely the cheapest Shopify theme for dropshippers.

If you factor in the cost of all the apps, they would easily cost you $600-$900 per year. I grant you most people won't need all the apps and I'd exercise caution if you do, you'll look like every other drop shipper out there.

This theme is definitely unique however it looks very similar to Konversion theme (I did a review) so I'm unsure who copied who. Franklin has been around for quite a while so maybe he was first?

If you're looking for a theme that will boost your conversions and is easy to edit pretty much everything then you really need to get a license for eCom Turbo.

In terms of support they offer a fairly impressive support service with email and ticket support. They also have a Facebook group where you can ask questions from other users.

They also offer a full training video portal.

Cons Of Ecom Turbo

eCom Turbo is a great theme but there is some things that do need to be updated. For example when updating the theme it would be very helpful if you didn't need to update the entire site again.

Also additional features like one click upsells, custom page layouts and Facebook bot integrations are missing however these may be added in the future. I assume the price of the theme would have to go up to accommodate this.

How To Buy Ecom Turbo

You will find many themes and ecom turbo reviews online. Be aware of coupon sites that claim that they have discounts for the product as there is absolutely no coupons or discounts.

For $97 - $147 with a full 14 day money back guarantee it's a great way to install and configure on your store and see if it's the perfect theme for you. If not you can get a full refund.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing a wide variety of Shopify themes I can say I am very impressed with eCom Turbo. It's definitely a theme I'd recommend using to boost your conversion rates. If you liked this ecom turbo review be sure to checkout my other Shopify reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eCom Turbo?

It's a premium Shopify theme for dropshipping, created by Franklin Hatchett and can help you make more sales with the same traffic.

Can eCom Turbo get my store more sales?

Yes, the theme is designed to boost conversions by offering various scarcity and optimization features. It also loads super fast.

Is there a demo store for eCom Turbo?

Yes there is, please click here and checkout our demo store we created. 

How much does eCom Turbo cost?

Currently a single license costs $97, multiple $127 and unlimited stores is $147. You can't resell these licenses, they are for your own stores only. 

Where can I buy eCom Turbo?

You scan buy from the official website but read this review first to see if it's the right theme for your business or not. 

How can I get a refund for eCom Turbo?

Yes you will need to contact their support team using the email provided during checkout. You get 14 days to cancel for 100% money back. 

Last Updated on April 18, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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60 thoughts on “eCom Turbo Review: Best Shopify Theme For Drop Shippers?”

  1. Thanks for the detailed review of ecom turbo.
    Love reading your reviews, they are very detailed, informative, impartial and honest.
    You genuinely wants your readers/visitors to benefit, in order to make an informed decision; based on the information you have provided.
    Thanks for the good work.

  2. Hi Jordan I really appreciate all the info regarding all of these AMAZON seller courses However, I notice that you never seem to mention anything about SHOPIFY, or any type of “SHOPIFY COACHING PROGRAMS, or online courses, nor have I read any posts from you even on the subject of SHOPIFY. I”m curious, because I”m reading a lot, and I mean, a lot of posts, and viewing a lot of YouTube posts about how great SHOPIFY is for beginners, and how much potential there is for making money on SHOPIFY. Any comments or opinions regarding SHOPIFY, and any suggestions at what, or rather who I should check out for coaching/online courses for SHOPIFY? Thank you for your time, Raymond F Dillon,

    • Hi Raymond,

      This comment seems to be copy and paste from a blog you commented on in 2016. My name is Rhys and my blog is filled with Shopify tutorials, courses and themes. I recommend Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

  3. I have LINUX because of past security problems etc. Will this work with Linux? Is it a direct download– as in EXE file? If not- is there an alternative- like installing it on a host and using it there?

  4. Hi Rhys,

    Is it possible to customize a thank you page, and the order page with upsells and delivery time estimation with an Ecom Turbo theme ?

    • Hi Sophie,

      No it’s not as the thank you page is supplied by Shopify, I’m not sure if you can customize this through Shopify, I’ll have a look. As for the upsells and delivery time estimation, not with this app (currently anyway) you’ll need an addon like carthook or zipify which are about $50-$300 per month. These apps also use their own checkout system rather than Shopify’s. I’ve used Zipify and it’s actually quite good, everyone says carthook is better though, maybe a future review I think 🙂

      You could add delivery time estimation using a few lines of code on the cart page or product page?

  5. ‘would be very helpful if:
    – didn’t need to update the entire site again.
    – additional features like one click upsells,
    – custom page layouts
    – Facebook bot integrations are missing
    however these may be added in the future’.

    Do you know if any of these have been added since you wrote this in Feb 2018 or only one way for me to find out 😉 ?

    Perhaps these can be purchased as add-ons?

    • Unfortunately the Shopify limitations mean you do need to still update the theme each time however you shouldn’t need to do this often as the theme is quite well produced and there’s not many updates needed.

      One click upsells is included but before the checkout rather than post-checkout. You could use a third party plugin for this but quite expensive (Carthook).

      The other two features still haven’t been added either, it’s still a good theme for starting out though 🙂

      Let me know if I can help anymore.

    • Hi Mark,

      Only seen this when a nulled theme has been used instead of a genuine copy. It’s loading fine for me with the latest version.

  6. Hi Rhys, I purchased an unlimited license for the theme but never received the login details in my email inbox (including spam folders) even after giving it at least 15 minutes after I made the purchase (I paid directly via credit card). I tried to reach out to Frank about my login details; while I understand that he has a lot on his plate to deal with right now, I’m frankly unimpressed by his lack of punctuality in resolving my issue (on a business day, of all times) – the only response I received so far was a message to confirm whether or not his reply went through.

    What do you advise I do at this stage?

  7. Hi Rhys,

    I seem to have the same problem as Nelson, I have paid for the ecom turbo theme, however I have not received any follow up regarding login etc. Is this quite common?

  8. Is this theme still updated regularly ?
    Someone offered me a ripped version (i guess its called nulled) of this theme. What would happen if I actually paid and started using it ? Do I get auto detected and banned from my store ? My store is doing well and I just want to update the theme and setup a bit.

    • Hi Rolo,

      If your store is doing well, surely you could support Franklin and pay $97 for the benefit?

      The theme is regularly updated, If you’re using an older version that slows your store down so might be worth while updating.

      I don’t know if you’d be banned but you’re leaving your store open to backdoor access the guy who nulled the theme probably added to the theme.


  9. Trying to make the decision between BoosterTheme and ecom-turbo. You tried both correct? Which would you advise leaning towards?

    Also, what theme do you currently use today?


  10. Hi Rhys,

    Thanks for the in-depth review.

    As someone new to e-commerce, if I were to purchase the ‘Standard’ package would I able to upgrade to the ‘Pro’ or package should I choose to start another site? Or would I have to pay an entirely new fee?


  11. Hi Rhys,

    I don’t understanding regarding the updating of the eCom Turbo.

    Do you mean that each time the eCom Turbo site needs to be updated, all the products and descriptions and the interface of my site would have to be done all over again?

    Also, around how frequently does the eCom Turbo update?



    • Not the products and descriptions, just the theme colors and styles. You don’t have to update and it’s rare for the theme to be updated these days. Maybe once a year.

      • Thanks Rhys for the reply.

        Just another question regarding about the Ecom turbo theme. Since it is a third party theme which is not sold in Shopify, is it legal to use or will Shopify freeze my website if they find out that I’m using a third party theme?

        Thanks in advance,


    • I can’t recommend any one for personal coaching as most guru’s falsify their claims. If they were making 100k a month why would they need to coach someone for $97 an hour?
      I recommend Franklin’s eCommerce course, it’s a great insight into the world of eCom, 175+ videos.

  12. I bought this theme but haven’t received the zip files? I got an email with credentials for a training course, but not the actual theme files. I’ve raised a support ticket as well. Does anyone know what the issue is?

  13. Hi Rhys, thank you for all your posts, you deserve all the success for all the hard work you’ve put in – answering all the questions here in such great details. I’ll buy the course through your link for sure.
    I have a question, would you say eCom turbo is only suitable for drop shipping business? I have just one, maximum 3 products to sell (traditional family run business), would it be suitable? If not, do you have any Shopify theme for me to consider?

    Thanks a bunch, wishing you a good & prosperous day! Cheers.

    • Hi HKT, eCom Turbo can work for 3 products yes 🙂 you don’t need to dropship products. Most people use eCom Turbo with one product for starting their store so it would work for you too.

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  14. First of all thank you for taking time to do these reviews I along with others have found them very helpful. I to was going to buy Dropship Lifetstyle until reading your review, and now will be gettig eCom Elites and eCom Turbo. Just one question, how does eCom Turbo blend and work with eCom Elites? Is it seamless,do I need to codes to install and run together? Also I believe you said Franklin does affiliate marketing as well with Savage Affiliates, is that correct? If yes is there a package deal to buy all 3 programs? Do I need multiple websites to do both eCom and Savage Affiliates?
    Thanks again for the reviews and keep up the awesome work.

    • Hi Greg, There’s no package to buy all 3, it appears they are different companies by Frank and don’t integrate.
      You can buy eCom Elites and then Turbo right after your purchase. Installing the theme is a matter of uploading it and then following the customization process which is included in a video tutorial platform. Yes you probably need different websites, one will be hosted on Shopify and the other will be hosted with WordPress.

  15. Hi Rhys,

    Thanks you so much for your honest review. I have a question before I make a purchase, please.
    I want to create a store selling different types of products related to mobile phones. As I understood I can NOT use eCom Turbo for many products. Am I right?
    For instance, if I’m going to sell about 30-40 different types of products, may I use eCom Turbo? Or it doesn’t work with so many products?
    And if I am going to sell many products on my online store, is your number #1 recommendation Konversion theme? Or something else?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi..

    I have read your articles more than ten. All are having clear point to understand and to take the further steps.

    My question is that while buying the theme i have seen that it’s included with ecome training. What is that?? Can you give the info about ecom training??


  17. Hello can i use Ecom turbo if i have around 100 products in my shop ? Have Ecom turbo new update ? when have been the last update ? thanks for your reply

  18. When I go to the site to buy the theme, it says it is closed and there is a new one coming soon. Is there any idea of when? I’m going to have to get another theme now but maybe I’ll get eComTurbo in future


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