eCom Tom Review: Real Businessman or Cashing In On Courses?

Are you looking for an eCom Tom review on his latest courses, an eBay dropshipping course and an Amazon dropshipping course? If you're unsure which one to pick, or simply want more information on who he is and whether his courses are worth it, stick around.

If you're interesting in dropshipping videos on Youtube you'll likely have come across eCom Tom on your travels. Maybe you're wondering if you can make money with eBay or how easy Amazon FBA is made out to be?

Well in the next few minutes I'll help enlighten you on a few of those topics.

eCom Tom Review

Real name, Tom Cormier, he goes by the stage name of eCom Tom on his Youtube videos and has been around for a few years in the make money online space. In that time he's managed to launch three of his own courses, capitilizing on the latest trends of eCommerce, Amazon and eBay.

According to his own success stories he claims to have earned over $1.4 million dollars on eBay and runs a number of successful stores that are earning $200,000 per month. It quickly becomes clear that this is revenue, not profit, which ultimately is the figure you probably care about.

From my experience eBay stores usually run at 5-10% net profit after taking into account all expenses which is still a healthy number if those figures are accurate.

At the time of publishing this article he has a little over 12,500 subscribers and a large number of videos on topics such as eBay, selling tactics and Amazon.

Alongside some of his clickbait videos he does offer live streaming among other topics.

While many guru's such as Biaheza are sketchy about showing you dashboard screenshots, it's clear that eCom Tom is trying to be as transparent as possible and actually reveals these figures. In a recent video he had a dashboard of $20,000 revenue.

eCom Tom Scam?

Tom comes across as a very relateable and knowledgeable person and it's clear he makes money on eBay himself. The question that always comes up is why do guru's such as Tom spend so much time on Youtube video creation, course creation and marketing to sell a course when they are doing so well with eBay and Amazon themselves.

Diversity is often the answer, having multiple income streams, but if you're telling people your business model and how to replicate it, I'm always skeptical as to whether that's a cover story or if you just make money from selling courses.

Any popular course that claims to use Shopify is subject to a manual inspection from Shopify Inc's fraud team. I know that from an insider, but with eBay and Amazon courses that simply doesn't happen. Anyone can create a course and claim to be a coach with little to no inspection or confirmation.

But does that mean that eCom Tom is a scam? Of course not.

Ultimately it's up to you to decide by purchasing the course. Yes you get access to course content and bonuses but does that make it a scam? Of course not. If you get something that wasn't mentioned or you don't get what you did order then that's a scam.

From looking at the course content, both seem to be perfectly legitimate.

ecom tom review

Amazon Dropshipping University Review

This is the first of eCom Tom's courses and is all about Amazon, coming in at $497 for 15 hours of content. You get additional guides that back up the video content.

The course focuses on selling on Amazon's marketplace using the FBA model.

You get access to 14 modules on various topics such as:

  • Getting started with Amazon dropshipping
  • Sourcing highly profitable items
  • Listing and inventory management
  • Processing sales and customer service
  • Feedback, tracking and organization
  • Mazimising margins and tax exemption
  • Advanced topics.

Additionally to the course content you get over $2,000 worth of self rated bonuses including:

  1. Top 15 secret suppliers
  2. International tax exemption guide
  3. Profit margin calculator
  4. Exclusive software discounts
  5. Bookkeeping and accounting templates
  6. Amazon suspension appeal templates
  7. Product sourcing sheets
  8. Customer service scripts.

The course currently retails at $697 but you can get a $200 discount by using one of his promotional links.

You can get a 14 day refund provided you've watched less than 20% of the course content. You'll also be invited to join the private Facebook mastermind group where you can ask questions, get support from other students and share your successes.

Alternatively you can purchase access to the first 2 modules for only $1.

Manual eBay Dropshipping Review

Tom's eBay course claims to be designed as the #1 course for successing with eBay dropshipping in 2020. You'll get access to over 13 hours of video guides in an over the shoulder approach. Additionally there is access to a list of top 20 suppliers and additional bonuses such as dropshipping spreadsheets, tutorials.

Like the Amazon course you can get a refund if you're not completely satisfied provided you've watched less than 20% of the curriculum.

Additionally to this course there is a Virtual Assistant Mastery course upsell which costs $97 and goes through the process of hiring and managing virtual assistants for rapid expansion and automation through outsourcing tasks to remote workers.

The course provides content on the entire process of starting an eBay business dropshipping from platforms such as Walmart and Amazon.

You'll learn how to automate your processes and optimize for conversions.

eCom Tom Veridct

It's rare to come across a guru who is promoting both Amazon and eBay dropshipping. Usually guru's stick to one platform. From his Youtube videos it's clear he's making most of his revenue from eBay firstly and Amazon secondly. He's very transparent and does know what he's talking about. 

However, both of these platforms are notorious for being incredibly difficult to master and include lots of competition and the costs of business are rarely mentioned in such courses. 

It's probably why so many people look at starting their own eCommerce business using platforms such as Shopify or Bigcommerce as you can hold on to much higher profits. 

For example eBay and Amazon can take up to 20% of revenue in fees, storage and shipping. Most eCommerce businesses operate on a 20-30% margin so how can you realistically make much profit?

Start A Profitable eCommerce Store

Want to start your very own online business or scale an existing store but not sure how?
Get actionable over the shoulder coaching. Course taken by 15,000 students.


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4 thoughts on “eCom Tom Review: Real Businessman or Cashing In On Courses?”

  1. I did the facebook drop ship course, all I can say is massive waste of money.
    I asked before enrolling how relevant the course was to non US based businesses and was informed the course would be relevant. After purchasing and carrying out the first few sections I realised it was not. Contacted tom for a partial refund and asked why I was told it would be relevant. Received little to no acceptable response. Even the course content itself is all basic you can find out for free online.
    Borderline scam merchants in my view.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience with the course Jim. I appreciate your comment, I was considering paying for his FBMP dropshipping course too and it would have been a waste as I’m not US-based either. Wish you the best of success with dropshipping in the future.

  2. Same issue. Not focused outside EU. Was told it was relevant. Was not relevant in the end.
    Wish I had seen a review like this before I dived in.

  3. I’m currently 85% through the eBay dropshipping course. I’ve found it to be extremely useful information. It would have taken years to learn everything in this course on my own. Likely, I would not have succeeded. From starting your store to taxes and business policies, he covers every single step. In fact, I’ve found this course to be so in-depth and beneficial that I dare say I’d have paid more.


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