eCom Thunder Review: Chirag Sharma Course Worth It?

Today we are going to be looking at a new eCommerce course called eCom thunder which currently costs $150 and was created by online entrepreneur Chirag Sharma who claims to have created multiple successful stores and has taught more than 500 students worldwide into starting their very own e-commerce store.

Is it going to be an awesome course or is it another incomplete overhyped course?

Let’s find out.

Who is Chirag Sharma?

Chirag Sharma read currently offers a free YouTube channel where he creates many videos around drop shipping, Shopify and e-commerce. Most of his videos include click bait titles which are geared towards getting you to click on onto his videos and then he will up sell you on his course.

Chirag is a Hindi Shopify expert, catering to our friends in India. Currently he has over 20,000 subscribers with average video views being around 3-6,000.

You won’t find fake videos of Lambo’s or someone selling dreams which is good.

eCom Thunder Review

ecom thunder review

eCom Thunder is currently hosted on the teachable platform. This means videos look great on both mobile and desktop and it’s pleasing to see that the quality of the videos and the audio are quite high.

There currently is no refund policy. You need to ensure you are buying the course because you want to buy into. She read brand rather than the quality of the course because if you do not like the course you will not get a refund.

The course is split up into multiple modules.

The first section is an introduction into what is Shopify drop shipping. This is a one minute exaplanation into the course and a brief overview of what drop shipping is and how it can be beneficial to you.

Given you’ve just purchased a course I would assume you already know what Shopify drop shipping actually is.

Course Content

Module one is called product research. This includes five videos. The first being finding competitors which is a 15 minute video that gives you a brief rundown on how to find competitors that are making a lot of money with e-commerce and using their product for your own inspiration.

This is being accompanied by two videos on manual product research using Facebook and Ali Express. This then goes on to show a paid research tools video.

Lastly there is an important apps section. These are all the apps that you read is using his own stores

Module two is on Instagram Influencers. You get an introduction into what this is and how to create an Instagram business account. There is a five minute video on finding Instagram influencers using Chirag’s process for tracking these people down.

There are videos on verifying influencers and then there is a video on finding products using Instagram.

There is videos on Instagram account setup content posting and choosing different types of promos. Then there is a video on paid network for finding influencers. It’s a bit strange a back and forth here between these different videos around Instagram..

Lastly there are videos on ad creation and there is a life case case study of Chirag going from zero to $140 in one day with a single influencer. It’s a 11 minute video and is actually quite interesting. Remember $140 of revenue is not that amazing.

It’s a bit of a mish mash of videos if I’m honest.

Module three looks at store creation. There is five videos in this section which goes through the basics of starting a Shopify store, connecting a domain name customizing your store, creating a logo, choosing a payment gateway, adding your first product and how to create a U.S. address.

Module four looks at Google Ads. There are currently nine videos in this section. This includes creating your Google account, setting up your conversion tracking, pixel setup and different types of Google ads that you can use creating your first Google Ad.

There is also two videos on Google text ads, negative keywords and Google optimization.

At this point the course ends.

I’m not sure if she read has not completed the course yet. Maybe there is more content to be added further in the future. However it seems a little bit strange that we’ve only got Google ads and Instagram Influencers.

There is no mention of Facebook ads or other types of marketing such as Twitter Pinterest Google Shopping, SEO, Snapchat and email marketing.

There is also no mention of chatbots, scaling, automation and high ticket drop shipping.

Final Verdict

It’s a quick insightful course into store setup, Instagram and Google Ads but in my opinion there is far too much lacking. I’m not sure why there is no mention of Facebook Ads or whether this will be added in the future.

The course looks incomplete and it shows. For $150, given most of his followers are Indian and that’s quite a lot of money for most, I’m slightly disappointed to have to tell you it’s not worth the money. For an extra $50 there are courses that offer over 150 extra videos on the entire eCommerce process.

If you compare this course to other drop shipping eCommerce courses such as eCom Elites (review) ($197-$297) that offer five times the content at a much lower price and look at half a dozen promotional methods including Google Ads, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Influencers you’ll notice just how short eCom Thunder really is.

Would I buy this course at $150? No. I’d buy eCom Elites

Oh and the no refund policy adds insult to injury. 

Last Updated on May 8, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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