eCom Shark Review: David Ying Course Worth It?

David Ying is a Youtube entrepreneur who talks about eCommerce, drop shipping and making money online. Now he’s recently launched his newest course, eCom Shark and today I’m going to show you what you get and whether it’s worth $997.

David’s first course was originally called eCom Superheros but it’s been rebranded into eCom Shark. Probably because Marvel own the trademark to that word but it’s just a guess.

Who is David Ying?

Referred to by his Youtube channel as Dave Ying, he claims to have cracked the code to escape the 9-to-5 and is going to show you how to do the same. After watching his videos you can see the usual clickbait titles such as, ‘How to Earn $50 Paypal Over and Over Again.’

David has a relatively small following of only 3,900 subscribers with most videos getting 1-3k views.

I do like the way David speaks on camera although sometimes it’s hard to understand.

Currently there’s no Lambo’s and flashy cars being paraded in front of the camera to sell his course.

Currently he’s creating and posting a few videos per week to build his following.

David claims to be making $414,831.27 per month from drop shipping so now needs to launch a course and show you how he did it.

eCom Shark Review

ecom shark review

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform and costs $997.

Sometimes there is a discount coupon such as 90% off. It’s unclear why he would need to discount his course by that much.

David claims his self rated course is worth $15,176 and you’re getting it for less than $100.

Videos and audio are easy to follow although you cannot download or save the videos for offline viewing.

Course Content

The course is split up into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • eCommerce Fast-Start Accelerator
  • Winning Product Research Playbook
  • Facebook Ads Expert Masterclass
  • Instagram Influencer Marketing Bootcamp
  • Automation and Outsourcing with VA’s
  • Copywriting Masterclass and Templates
  • Exclusive Resource Bonuses.

The introduction starts with a brief welcome video and a mastermind video on setting you up for success.

1: eCommerce Fast-Start Accelerator

If you’ve ever seen my review for eComm Hacks then you’ll know this course seems to be laid out fairly similar. Zak Folkman uses these wild keywords to describe his course when it’s actually just the same information found in nearly every eCom course.

In this section you learn how to start a general vs niche vs one product store.

You then learn how to pick a store name, build your brand, create your Shopify store – there’s over 2 hours on creating the store. Next is videos on how to use the done for you templates for setting out store pages.

There’s videos on which apps to install and use to get the best out of your store.

2: Winning Product Research

In this section you are shown videos on product research and how to find them.

David then goes on to show you 16 different methods for finding winning products.

To be fair, this is one of the larger collections of product research I’ve seen in any course. Most videos are over the shoulder and are 10-15 minutes in length. Method #4 claims to be the secret weapon David uses.

You also get access to a list of the top 1,000 Shopify stores.

3: Facebook Ads Expert Masterclass

You get access to a few videos in this section but it’s not nearly as detailed as I would have expected.

You get a video on the essentials and fundamentals followed by the Blueprint which is David’s technique for running Facebook Ad videos. This is then followed by videos on creating video ads from scratch as well as scaling.

These videos are all 30-90 minutes long. Personally I’d prefer shorter videos so you can easily learn specific topics rather than one super long video that’s 90 minutes long

Lastly there is a minimum ROAS and breakeven point video.

4: Instagram Influencer Marketing Bootcamp

This module includes David Ying’s five step process for influencers. You get videos on:

  • Research
  • Finding Influencers
  • Qualifying them
  • Contact and negotiate
  • Execution and evalutation.

This module to be fair for an Instagram influencer section was pretty detailed and covered everything in detail.

At this point the course would be concluded but there are three bonus modules as well as a resources section.

Bonus 1: Automation and Outsourcing

The first bonus module includes four videos on using VA’s to outsource and automate your business.

A 52 minute video on hiring your virtual assistant was quite interesting.

Bonus 2: Copywriting Masterclass & Templates

You get access to three videos and a whole bunch of free templates include product titles swipe files, copywriting super words and phrases and the ultimate Facebook Ads template. The videos include content such as creating product descriptions, titles and writing FB Ads.

Bonus 3 is Email Marketing Templates.

Lastly you get access to a few printouts, the 1,000 Shopify stores as well as a store creation cheat sheet and done for you templates.

Final Verdict

At 90% off it’s a great course but at $997 my view is that it’s not worth anywhere near that much. You can be your own judge on how much content is required to get that much value but for me it’s a lower priced course. You also need to look through the great copywriting and crazy valuations of content to see what you’re actually getting.

It’s a Facebook/Instagram Influencer course with product research and store setup.

If you’re looking for other marketing platforms you won’t find them in eCom Shark.. yet anyway.

There’s no mention of basic things such as a refund policy but on the checkout page you are told about a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

It’s clear David Ying know’s what he’s talking about and I’d say he probably did make $400k in one month drop shipping. But he clearly doesn’t know how to show you the expenses and cost of goods sold.

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