eCom Savages Review: Is Leon Green Course Worth $197?

Youtuber Leon Green has finally launched his Shopify drop shipping course called eCom Savages that claims to offer everything you need to get started with your own business. Today we’ll check out a review and whether it’s worth $197.

Leon claims the course is his $0-$100,000+ Step By Step Guide.

The course is currently in version 1.0 so it’s likely there will be subsequent releases over the next few months and years. It’s unclear if you’re buying lifetime access or whether each version is a separate purchase.

The name of the course is very similar to Franklin Hatchett’s affiliate marketing course.

Who is Leon Green?

“Whatsss going on, it’s Leon here” – His infamous tag line, love it.

Leon currently has 3,000 subscribers which is fairly low. He posts videos on topics such as drop shipping and finding winning products. A lot of his videos include clickbait titles such as ‘Revealing $1,000,000 Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products.’

In every video Leon stuffs his product descriptions with keywords of other successful people on Youtube. Probably to try and siphon off traffic to his own videos.

His 65 videos offer value but most are overhyped and are launched very frequently to build his following.

Over on Instagram is a life of luxury, standing in front of super cars, partying and Shopify dashboards.

He claims to be a 7 figure drop shipper but I’ve seen nothing that backs up that claim.

eCom Savages Review

eCom Savages Review

The sales page uses Clickfunnels and has a Stripe checkout form. You cannot pay with Paypal and the price currently is $197.

The course appears to offer 9 modules on various topics however it’s clear, it’s a short course.

Initially there is a welcome video with an overview on the course and mindset. Next the course goes on to show you his SECRET product research method which was nothing you can’t find in any other course.

Next there are videos on creating your Shopify store and how your store should look. You’ll learn via over the shoulder videos how to configure and set everything up. It’s a fairly long section here.

Next you’ll learn what apps you need to install and what ones are recommended by Leon. If you buy a premium theme such as eCom Turbo then you won’t need to add all these third party apps, maybe only a currency switcher.

You’ll learn learn how to write killer product descriptions that really do help to sell your services.

The course goes on to show you how to create converting ad creatives and ad copy. Then you’ll learn how to use Facebook Ads. Personally the level of content in the Facebook ads section was very short. I’ve seen courses offer 50+ videos on this topic.

You’ll learn how to kill and scale winning ads that are performing well.

Lastly there is a section on Instagram Influencers which is another topic Leon talks about in great detail on his Youtube Channel.

That sums up all the content. There’s no mention about key topics such as email marketing, chat bots, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Shopping, Google Adwords or SEO. All of these in my opinion are vital to web presence management success.

Refund Policy

It doesn’t appear that there is a refund policy. There’s no terms and conditions or privacy policies either. Depending on his payment processor that wouldn’t wash if you wanted a refund and simply contacted your bank for one. Courses must offer a terms of service and refund policy, even if they don’t offer them.

eCom Savages Final Verdict

Firstly, Leon Green clearly knows how to make money with drop shipping however he claims to be a 7 figure drop shipper and he’s launching a course for $197.

Given his small following it’s unclear how many sales he’d get at that price to justify the time and effort of maintaining a course when he’s clearly making a lot more from his stores (apparently.)

Next the course content is very simple and basic. If you compare this to other courses that also cost $197 you can see it’s been rushed and lacking a lot of content that you’d expect to see from a drop shipping course.

If you’re a beginner then you’ll probably be disappointed at the lack of detail. There are some good points and if you’re a fan of Leon Green then you might enjoy the course but I think beginners need a complete A-to-Z approach, which unfortunately this course doesn’t offer.

If you compare this course to other drop shipping eCommerce courses such as eCom Elites (review) ($197-$297) that offer five times the content at a much lower price and look at half a dozen promotional methods including Google Ads, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Influencers you’ll notice just how short eCom Savages really is.

Would I buy this course at $150? No. I’d buy eCom Elites

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