eCom Profit Masterclass Review: Richard Telfeja’s Course

eCom Profit Masterclass is a six week online video training and direct mentorship program that claims to teach you every single step needed to create and grow a massive, profitable Shopify e-commerce business.

Update 2019
Franklin ended his business relation with Richard Telfeja so this course no longer features training material from Franklin Hatchett. I’d recommend buying eCom Elites instead where you get the full training taught by him. You can read my review or checkout the course directly ($197-$297).

The course is owned by Richard Telfeja and costs $997 and he claims to show you how you can learn the exact strategies he used to make ​$2,000,000+ in a single month on Shopify and Google.

If you can’t tell already this is a course that is going to throw numbers and screenshots out at you on the sales page to encourage you to signup. If you do drop your $997 into the course then you’ll get access to approx 14 modules (at the time of writing) which are provided weekly across the six weeks.

You’ll also get access to the following:

  •  Fully Optimized, Ready-to-Sell Theme ($997)
  •  Access to Our Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group ($997)
  •  Live Coaching Once Per Week ($1997)
  •  Zero to $780 Case Study ($497)

My first impressions here are that the theme is definitely not worth $997 given the other premium themes in the market that offer ten times the functionality of his theme at ten times less the price.

The other addons are questionable such as the coaching worth, case study value and the Facebook group however just remember those claimed prices are exactly that, claimed not prices he’s actually sold them at.

Ecom Profit Masterclass Review

Module 1: Basics

After signing up, the first module is called ‘Basic’ and is exactly what it says, nice and short videos here starting with the welcome video telling you to go through every video in fine detail.

Next is 7 videos on how to setup your Shopify store. There’s no mention of niche research or choosing what to sell, it dives straight into creating your store. Given you have no idea what you’re actually going to be selling yet, it seems a little strange to build the store first?

The section concluded with a few videos on creating pages and menus for your store.

Module 2: Customizing Your Store

Four really basic videos again in this section, if you were waiting for this module to unlock then you’d be pretty disappointed, thankfully you get access to all modules straight away.

You’ll learn how to install a theme (you can get the eCom Profit Masterclass Shopify Theme) and then how to customize this to your requirements. How to create and upload a logo followed by color schemes and another customization video.

Module 3: Products

Now we learn about choosing a niche and picking our products. The first video starts with installing Oberlo which is very similar to Dropified, a service I recommend using for larger stores.

Next learn how to choose a niche and whether to start a brand or a general store site, then also learn how to find suppliers using Aliexpress and how to add products to your store.

You’ll then learn how to customize titles, images, descriptions, collections, product page theme editing, checkout style shipping and then finally publishing your store.

All very straight forward, short and snappy videos however it looks very similar to other courses I’ve reviewed, I wonder who copied who? 😉

Module 4: Advanced Product Research

This next module includes three videos on how to find products to sell in your drop shipping store. The three videos include Drop Ship Spy (I did a review of that service here), Commerce Inspector and Turbo Ad Finder which is a free Google chrome extension for integrating with Facebook to find competitors ads.

Module 5: Apps

Richard now goes on to flood your Shopify store with additional apps (all of which are included in themes such as Booster Theme or eCom turbo, but not his own theme he includes in the course?

It starts off with a video recommending Abandonment cart protector which is of course a very good feature to have in your store followed by a series of videos on apps such as, Best Currency Converter, Carts Guru, PODs, Conversio, Hurrify, Order Lookup, Paypal Photolock, Announcement Bar and lastly Wheelio.

It’s important to note most of these apps are free with premium upgrades.

Module 6: Order Fulfilment

This module goes back to looking at Aliexpress and Oberlo setup and if I’m honest is slightly out of place given the basics section at the start.

There’s not a lot else to say here.

Modules 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 Google Ads

There are many courses out there that push Facebook and Instagram ads however there are also a few courses that swear by Google ads and Google shopping and won’t touch Google ever (only organic seo).

The problem with this is that if you’re selling products that require viral traffic to convert you’re actually going to be missing out on a ton of training and will likely end up buying a Facebook ads course as well.

In eCom profit masterclass you are only shown how to setup Google adwords, shopping and opimizing these. Given you’re spending $997 I’m not sure if it’s packing a big enough punch for the price.

Google Ads

The first few modules look at setting up your account and getting familiar with the merchant shopping facility before the next module takes you through the overview and how to use the service.

You’re now already into Module 9 and start to learn how to setup conversion tracking which is pretty simple if you ask me but there’s an entire module dedicated to this topic.

Module 10 is out of place as it goes back to product research and starts talking about finding winners on Facebook and Google. Remember this course includes absolutely nada about Facebook, you only use it for product research.

Module 11 goes on to discuss Google shopping, how it works and setting up your first campaign. Module 12 goes one step further and shows you how to optimize your campaign and remove non profitable keywords, campaigns and budget scaling.

Module 13 is short and includes two videos on how to use Google search and leveraging shopping data. The final module looks at international expansion which is a little biased towards US businesses, given many international students would have bought his course. It is quite an interesting module regardless.

eCom Profit Masterclass Facebook Group

I never join the mastermind groups of the courses I review as my FB feed always gets filled up with beginners asking why their stores aren’t making money and wannabe guru’s sharing their Shopify dashboards with absolutely no mention of the ad costs, product costs, refund rate or other running costs. I can do that too, but it means nothing if I’m losing money.

Money Back Guarantee

This course offers a 30 day money back guarantee, full 100% refund. If you do want a refund then you need to contact their support department to arrange.

Is eCom Profit Masterclass A Scam?

No the course isn’t a scam however I do question whether this course is worth $997 given the content you actually receive. It looks very similar to other courses I’ve reviewed in the past and only touches on Google services such as Adwords and Shopping. The guru, Richard claims to have made $2,000,000 from Google however this is highly unlikely and is probably revenue rather than net profit. It’s not a scam, but exercise caution as the inflated claims.


This course in my opinion is not worth $997 given the alternatives on the market. I’d say the course should be priced at $497 and the over inflated value of the training and the included theme is simply not worth it.

Best Drop Ship Course For 2018
I’ve reviewed a ton of courses over the last year and the best course for 2018 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 100 videos of powerful content on everything from the basics through to product selection and Facebook ads. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.

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  1. I just discovered your site and really enjoy your reviews on these guru courses. May I ask if you are able to do a review about SearchEngineConquest by Adrian Brambil. ?

    Thank you very much,

  2. Shit, I gotta say you are the man. Literally, just got done attending their live webinar training and wanted to know your opinion first, and wondering if you had reviewed this yet or not but here we are. You are the man!!! Appreciate it.

    • Appreciate the comments, Franklin has focused his efforts into his own course. I’m unsure what the new course without Franklin looks like.

  3. Shit man. I was looking for reviews but couldn’t find any and I bought the course for $997.00 and now i regret it. I have contacted Laz and Richard about how I would like a refund on Instragram but they leave me on read. This is nonsense, However Richard did send me an email to contact but there is no response. What do you recommend I do?

  4. Yo, you are the man for all the reviews you do!!! Really appreciate you!!! These clowns have upped the price of this course to $1,997 LOL. Gabriel Beltran’s course is another one to avoid. All the info in his course is from like 2017 or 2018 & he did a testimonial for these clowns talking about how google ads is a lot better then facebook ads but he only teaches Facebook Ads in his course. Bunch of clowns doing cash grabs & providing free youtube value. Shit I learned more from free youtube videos then I have from Gabriel Beltran’s course


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