eCom Profit Formula Review: Michael Christ Course Worth It?

Thinking of buying eCom Profit Formula course? Before you do, read what I have to say about this eCommerce course and whether it's worth $997, or whether it's another overhyped print on demand course. 

Looking for dropshipping? This course is not for you.  

Who is Michael Crist?

Michael started experimenting with eCommerce in 2017 and initially struggled with Facebook ads. After finding his own mentors, he gained experience and recently went from $0 to $578,359 in just 16 days. 

Michaels' pretty open about his history and this included selling ShineOn jewelry between December 2017 and December 2019. He's made over a million dollars selling these products in December last year alone. 

He claims his best day was $92,000 and he's developed a Facebook ads strategy that no one else has heard of. You'll just have to purchase his course to find out what that is. 

eCom Profit Formula Review

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform and videos look and feel great on whatever platform you're using. This is split up into various modules which I'll go into detail about below.

The course offers 70 videos and 10 hours of content. Michael reveals his product that he used to scale to $578k in 16 days during Christmas rush. This also includes a live scaling video (now pre-recorded) and access to his exclusive Facebook group. There's also a weekly newsletter called Campaign Envy. 

ecom profit formula review

Module 1: Introduction

Initially this section includes a thank you and short case study on Michael's business model. There's a disclaimer and a course overview video. Michael then makes it clear you should focus on ShineOn. So this course primarily focuses on using this platform's products to sell. 

In a way it's good to see a different course than the usual Aliexpress dropshipping. ShineOn offers 100'000's of different one-of-a-kind items from independent artists that you can sell. 

Finally there's a reality check video. 

Module 2: Winning Mindset

This is a fairly short section on winning mindsets, I've always sceptical of courses that spend too much time on these topics rather than the actual business building skills. Michael's included seven videos. 

These include aggregation of marginal gains, the ability to endure pain for long periods of time and buying data is not actually losing money. 

This is followed up with videos on taking action, the four stages of learning and the reality of not giving up and results will eventually come. It's a fairly short 15 minute overview in this module.

Module 3: Finding/Creating 6 Figure Products

You then start getting into the bulk of the course. This is a product research topic and starts with guidance on how to find winning product concepts. This includes ideas on what to look for and various methods for implementing your research. While other courses can use these research tools, Michael recommends a different platform which requires manual research. 

You'll learn about the Facebook method as well as using Facebook pages to find ideas. There's also a manual Pinterest method that's recommended. There's also a Facebook ad spy method and you can use other tools for finding ads on various social media platforms.

The next method is using Etsy and Gearbubble which are two platforms that usually pop up in other print on demand style courses. There's a final video on examples of winning products. 

Module 4: Creating Winning Product Designs

You'll learn how to create designs using Photoshop and Canva. If you're like me, Canva is a cheaper and easier platform to use but Michael has included tutorials for Photoshop as well. 

This module includes a video on how you can outsource your work to designers. 

It would have been great if there was mention of websites where you can buy designs to make customization much easier, especially for beginners. 

Module 5: About ShineOn Platform

You'll learn why Michael recommends this platform and how to use it. There's guidance on creating your account, navigating through the dashboard and how to upload your first product. 

ShineOn is a USA based platform which can put a lot of International dropshippers off as they are often unsure on their tax and legal obligations when conducting business in the United States. 

Module 6: Build Shopify Store

Now you've got some designs you'll want to build a store that converts. Michael goes through the design and branding steps, as well as adding trust elements and badges. You'll also learn how to speed up your store as well as customizing it and adding your products. 

ShineOn have their own Shopify app which makes adding products and automatically fulfilling orders a piece of cake. It's very similar to Oberlo or Dropified for Aliexpress. 

Module 7: Setup Niche Facebook Page

The easiest way to promote custom products is via Facebook pages such as 'I love Dogs' rather than a brand name page. It's also harder for your competitors to track and copy your ads. 

You'll learn how to setup your niche Facebook page. This is concluded by learning how to automate your Facebook page content to keep your followers engaged with your page.

Module 8+9: Facebook Ads & Ad Manager

Learn everything you need to know about Facebook ads including setting up the ads manager, installing the Facebook pixel and creating your very first ads. You'll also learn how to lay out your ads manager to accurately track all your clicks, purchases and engagement. 

Module 8 is the theory and module 9 is the practical side of things. There's far too many Facebook 

Module 10: Facebook Ads Testing

Now that your ads are ready to go, you'll learn how to test them and ensure they are working and how to optimize them for different campaigns. You'll learn how to test new products on a low budget using Michael's preffered testing strategies. 

This also includes creating ads, campaigns, custom audiences, lookalike audiences and retargeting ads. You can easily follow long over the shoulder. 

Module 11+12: Facebook Ads Scaling

The last two modules look at ramping up your Facebook budget so you can achieve those big numbers like Michael achieved in his own stores. You'll learn how to use enhanced Facebook targeting, incubating new pixels so that it gathers data fast and how you can scale fast.

This module includes the winning case study on Michael's exact winning product, landing page and ad copy. It was interesting to see, but like many courses, releasing this information after the fact is always a sign it's now dead so buying this course to 'copy' a bestseller is probably pointless. 

Module 13: Conclusion

The final module is a conclusion and parting words from Michael Crist and how you can seek further assistance should you need. 

Facebook Group

You'll get access to an exclusive private Facebook which currently has 140 members and an average of 5 posts per day. There's a lot of value being shared inside this group and its' great to see the group is active. 

Money Back Guarantee 

One of the strange things is this course mentions nothing about a money back guarantee. There's nothing on the sales page, nothing in the terms and conditions and nothing on Teachable. I can only assume there's no refunds allowed in the course. 

Final Verdict

This is probably the best print on demand course with a difference. There's nothing stopping you buying this eCom Profit Formula course and selling t-shirts or clothing, but Michael focuses on ShineOn POD. You can apply the Facebook ads training to any business, so don't think you have to follow his type of product. If you're looking for dropshipping though, there's not much guidance, it's designed for print on demand users. 

Micahel knows his stuff, and if you're looking to learn from a proven success story, it's a good option. 

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