eCom Nomads Academy Review: Is Google Ads Playbook Legit?

Today we'll be checking out eCom Nomads Academy and their Google Ads Playbook course and what it actually consists of, if it's worth it, if it's a scam, or if it's the best way to learn eCommerce and Google Ads right now.

The course currently costs $497 and offers 50+ videos on how to fast track your eCommerce success and scale your store using Google Shopping, Display Network, Youtube and more.

eCom Nomads Academy Review


Ranked #11 out of 97 dropship courses (See full list here)


Great course with focus on Google instead of Facebook ads


Over 10 hours


$497 (sale) or $697 (normal)


Mid 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #11 out of 97 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Great course with focus on Google instead of Facebook ads
  • Length: Over 10 hours
  • Price: $497 (sale) or $697 (normal)
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 4/5

What is eCom Nomads Academy?

eCom Nomads is a training program dedicated to Google Ads, helping entrepreneurs to start and scale their own stores using Google Search, Shopping and Display. 

ecom nomads academy review

A strong focus on the actual technical ads, rather than boring you with creating the entire store, choosing products and fulfilling them. That said, this isn't the course for you if you want to learn how to start a dropshipping course from scratch. 

My View: eCom Elites is the #1 course to start an eCommerce dropship store from start to finish. It costs $297 and includes over 180+ videos on the entire process. 

Who is Nik Armenis?

Nik is an online entrepreneur who focuses on digital marketing and eCommerce. He's got one of those distinct Australian accents that you could listen too all day. 

But since joining in 2013, he's struggled to get his channel to go viral, despite having plenty of content related to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, sales funnels, chatbots and how to guides, such as finding profitable niches and tools to find winning products

Most videos get a few hundred views from general visitors, as well as his 4,000 subscribers. 

Nik Armenis runs a digital agency called ArmenisDigital which is based in Biggera Waters, a suburb in the Gold Coast of Queensland, and helps other businesses to scale their eCommerce stores through Google PPC and social media video ads. 

eCom Nomads is his training and consulting business and helps entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs to start and scale their own eCommmerce stores using the power of Google. It's good to see as most eCom training only looks at Facebook and Instagram, both of which are expensive these days.

What’s inside the eCom Nomad Academy?

The course is split up into 7 different modules, with the main focus being Google Ads. If you're looking for a full dropshipping course on how to find products, setup a store etc, this is not the course for you. This is purely for Google Ads. 

Course Modules

1. Welcome / Introductions

2. Ultimate Google Strategy & Case Studies

3. Setup for Google Ads

4. Store Setup for Google Accounts

5. Google Shopping

6. Google Search

7. Display Network.

Believe it or not, the course content is pretty short and I was concerned I was watching the free course at times rather than the $497 version. After a quick Google search, some other reviewers mentioned the free course is actually the paid course. 

Module one includes four videos on having the right mindset to success, as well as niche vs general stores and the general dilemma most people face. 

Module 2 looks at the ultimate Google strategy to use, which is backed up with two case studies. One is of a store that goes from $0 to $5k per day. Another is a Google Search Optimisation case study on making $650k. Both case studies are around 15 minutes long. 

Module 3 includes 3 videos on how to setup your store for Google Ads, such as the homepage layout. This might be hard to change if you're using a Shopify template. You'll also learn how to properly set up a high converting product page, cart and checkout sequence, as well as top apps to install. 

Hot Tip: I recommend using a sales funnel for best conversions. You can get a free 14 day Clickfunnels trial and start your very own multi-step sales funnel, fast. 

If you do want to use a Shopify store, you can always install a premium theme such as Debutify which is fast loading, looks great on mobile and is designed and optimised for conversions. 

Module four includes two videos on creating a Google account, then setting up and linking Google Adwords, Merchant Centre and Google Analytics together. Over the shoulder basic training. 

Module 5 looks at the entire process of Google Shopping and includes 12 powerful videos on setting up ads, remarketing, feed optimization, advanced segmentation, writing professional titles/descriptions, smart shopping campaigns, fixing merchant center issues, expanding interests and cold traffic testing.

My View: Module 5 really gets you excited about Google Shopping, which is a fairly untapped advertisement platform for a lot of eCommerce dropshipping stores. There's over 3 hours of content, over the shoulder training here.

Following on you'll get 9 videos in module 6 on Google Search setup. You'll learn everything you need such as how to create an epic campaign structure, how to do effective keyword research, how to do funnel testing methods, how to write amazing ads, rapid fire testing, how to use single keyword ad group campaigns and scaling search campaigns. 

My View: Module 6 really dives deep into Google campaign structures and how you can pull everything together via your Google account. You can have a main account, multiple campaigns that each have ad groups targeting specific keywords.

The final module 7 included one longish 23 minute video on mastering the display network using retargeting or remarketing ads. I was expecting more content here, but it's a nice addition to the end of the course. 

How much does it cost?

There is a free version of the course which is more of an overview into the world of Google eCommerce advertising using Shopping, Search, Display and Youtube.

However this is not the premium training. The full course costs $497 and is usually $697 with a RRP of $1,997 however I couldn't find any thing to suggest it was ever priced that high.

The course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The privacy policy, terms of service and disclaimer pages didn't work.

Final Verdict

eCom Nomads Academy and their Google Ads Playbook course is definitely something to consider but at $497 it's quite pricey for the amount of content included.

Most other eCommerce courses have something similar (maybe not to the same level) included now, which makes paying $497 for a Google Ads course a little off-putting for most. 

With that said, I did enjoy the content and learnt a lot. If you've never touched Google Ads before, or you tried and failed, this is a good place to start with over-the-shoulder training. 


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