eCom Millionaire Review: Gabriel Beltran’s Course Worth It?

Gabriel Beltran’s ecommerce course claims to show you how to start your very own eCom drop shipping business using Facebook advertising.

This eCom Millionaire review will show you the different pricing levels, what you get with each package and ultimately whether it’s the best eCommerce course or whether there are cheaper, more content filled alternatives out there.

Gabriel has launched multiple courses and masterminds in the last year but just who is he?

Who is Gabriel Beltran?

I heard about Gabriel last year when he was promoting his mastermind which I reviewed here. His story starts as a used sales man three years ago who was making $3,000 per month and decided to start learning eCommerce.

It wasn’t long before he claimed to be making $1,000 days and travelling the world, partying and attending other masterminds. By 2017 he’d bought his first green Lambo. Now it’s covered in a sleek army print wrap.

Over the last year Gabriel claims to have made over $13 million from Shopify.

Of course now he has his own courses and mastermind to teach students how to do the same thing.

eCom Millionaire Review

eCom millionaire review

Like many of the short courses that get featured on my blog, this is no different. It’s a Shopify and Facebook Ads course that doesn’t really cover the entire process of an eCommerce business. It focuses on drop shipping with FB.

Gabriel calls his course a ‘mentoring program’

The standard course includes:

  • Setting up the perfect store step-by-step
  • Discovering products to sell on your store
  • Cracking Facebook Ads.

eCom Millionaire Pricing

There is four different pricing points for eCom Millionaire which range from $97 to $5800.

The $97 offer takes you to a different product called, ‘The eCom Millionaire Jumpstart’ which claims to be a $499 course on sale for $97 which gives you access to the online training platform, access to 10 winning products and a campaign set up strategy.

It’s pretty confusing. The $97 offer is not the same course so be careful.

The $498 offer gives you access to eCom Millionaire which includes four weeks of step by step training on store setup, Facebook Ads, scaling and a few bonuses. The bonuses include 250 winning products, a custom Shopify theme, copy and paste email templates and access to the Facebook group.

Gold gives you the same as silver but you get a monthly group mentorship call, access to Gabriel’s million dollar campaign and access to the mastermind that cost $8,000. That’s probably why the mastermind was so full. I thought they had to pay $8,000 to attend.

Warrior costs $5,800 and is an ongoing weekly training module where you’ll jump on a weekly webinar with other warriors who want to succeed with eCommerce too.

eCom Millionaire Course Content

In this review I looked at the course content. I don’t buy the coaching calls from these guru’s as there are so many of them out there. Gabriel talks a big game but if he’s making so much from eCom why does he need to sell coaching for $498 or $998 one time?

Gabriel knows what he’s talking about but this course is short.

It’s about setting up a Shopify store, product research using various tools and then running Facebook Ads.

If you don’t know already, Facebook Ads is becoming very expensive. Most other courses offer other traffic methods such as Google Shopping, Google Ads, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and even SEO.

Regardless of which course you buy, including Gabriel Beltran’s eCom Millionaire course, you still need to spend money to actually start a business. If you just paid $998 for the course, you still need to spend another $1000 on your business to make any money.

Guru’s forget to tell you that.

So would you rather spend $998 or $197 on a course that shows you the exact same techniques and so much more?

If you want to learn store setup, Facebook Ads, scaling and 10 other traffic sources this is the best course out there currently.

Last Updated on May 7, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Gabriel, I am living in Denmark right now and I need to change my life. I choose you as mi mentor. I hope to be lucky enough to be chosen by you to work my ask up to the cima.
    Humbled for your success I am ready to learn.


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