eCom Millionaire Mastermind Review: Gabriel Beltran Miami

While this isn’t exactly a how to course, it’s more of a real life mastermind that was recorded and then uploaded to Gabriel Beltran’s website so that anyone who didn’t attend can buy and watch the training. Is this eCom Millionaire Mastermind Miami worth the $1,997 price tag?

The event was held on December 8th and 9th 2018 from 10am – 6pm with both lunch and dinner provided.

The sales video showed how Gabriel and his team had gone all out and bought high quality camera equipment.

I enjoyed the sales video, Gabriel talks well and his army print Lambo, well that’s impressive.

The original event was priced at $8,000 – $10,000 depending on whether you wanted to stay at the rented mansion overnight. Both plans included access to the event recordings and topics such as this:

  • Live product research
  • Rapid scaling techniques
  • How to brand products
  • Steps for white labeling
  • Setup email marketing
  • Structure for domination

Aside from this you could network with multiple 6 and 7 figure earners. It’s unclear how many people attended or paid full price but all tickets were sold out.

Gabriel Beltan then post eCom millionaire mastermind opened the doors to let anyone access the recordings.

It’s important to note, this is different to his course called, eCom Millionaire.

ecom millionaire mastermind review

eCom Millionaire Mastermind Review

The millionaire was filmed in the Hyatt Regency and the back drop is a drum kit and microphone. There’s also a big EXIT sign directly above the speakers head.

The camera equipment, despite looking amazing in the sales video seems to be pretty poor, a huge zoom and on my screen anyway, it looked pretty blurry. The attendees heads are also blurred which makes watching the videos slightly head sore.

Another huge disappointment is that there is only one camera that keeps flicking back and forth between the speaker and the lecture slides. Gabriel and his speakers will be talking away on the stream and you have no idea what the products are or what they look like. Two cameras would have been better.

Watching Gabriel use the Macbook on the stage is like watching a product research video on Youtube, no planning whatsoever. Long periods of silence and you can see the audience thinking to themselves, ‘have we just paid $8k for this..’

The first hour long video is product research followed by launching products live.

One of the products Gabriel starts working with is an automatic curling iron from China. I tried to load the item mentioned in the video but it appears it’s no longer in his test store. The test store they created is .

They then go through the process of creating video ads, using a ‘tag someone who needs this’ video ad.

This is then followed by a video on the Art of FB sales.

Here’s an example of the video ad they created:

Here I get annoyed at the lack of a microphone given to those asking questions. A bloke in the back of the room tells Gabriel something about why people create long vs short ad copy and there’s some good answers but we are never told what the question was so it makes little sense.

It would have been great if Gabriel used Dan Lok’s technique here.. ‘the question was… and the answer is …”

They use the old Facebook targeting with a $100 budget. They use ProductListGenie to copy the targeting they recommend.

They launch two ads to split test.

Hour five is when Gabriel Beltran makes way for Scott Riley who shows you how to use video recreation the easy way.

It’s clear Scott knows what he’s talking about, he speaks well and crowd orientated. We do get the back story of his life and how he got started.

There’s an interesting part on how Gabriel misspells his ads and people still buy. A good idea I guess?

The first six seconds of the video is the most important.

Scott recommends and shows you how to use a mobile app for creating videos.

Christopher Kai comes in to discuss the art of networking. 

Christopher is the founder and CEO of the Mathew Group, a Beverly Hills-based leadership training company.

It’s an enjoyable 52 minutes of content. This guy talks well. I enjoyed this section.

He gave away his book, ‘Big Game Hunting With Billionaires.’

Richard Telf and Laz Chavez comes in to show you how to ‘make millions with Google.’ 

Richard claims he doesn’t own a Lambo and lives a simple life, yet they are killing it with Google Shopping. But on his Youtube channel you reguarly see him with a red Lambo so not sure on that one.

Last year in one month they apparently did 2 million dollars from Google Shopping.

If you’ve seen my review on eCom Elites, Richard originally worked with Franklin Hatchett but on a course called eCom Profit Masterclass that costs $1,997.

It’s a fairly basic overview on getting started with Google Shopping.

Dave Miz shows you how to setup email marketing correctly.

Finaly there is a closing speech by Gabriel in his ‘final words.’

Final Verdict

The training is less than 10 hours but does offer the basics of Facebook Ads and optimize, product research and the basics of drop shipping. The training, eCom millionaire mastermind in my opinion is missing lots of vital content such as store/funnel setup, Instagram influencers, Pinterest, SEO and advanced scaling techniques.

Maybe you’re suppose to buy his actual training course, eCom Millionaire.

Given the price, $8,000 I personally wouldn’t have paid that much to attend nor would I recommend paying $1,997 to access the recordings. The camera setup was poor, there was lots of messing around such as Dave Miz who couldn’t get his lecture slides working..surely you would test this out at a million dollar mindset?

It’s unclear who this mastermind is for, is it for beginners or intermediates?

If you compare this course to eCom Elites (read review) that offers 200+ videos on dozens of topics including Facebook Ads and Google Shopping you can see the difference. That course only costs $197-$297 which is a huge saving compared to $1,997.

Checkout eCom Elites today.

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